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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World: Character Analysis

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?) takes game play to a whole new level of excitement. Let’s find out what these problem children and their hosts are all about.

by Ascension1101
Sep 17, 2015 8:15 PM | 42,010 views

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Main

Meet the Characters

Izayoi Sakamaki: Code Unknown

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Izayoi

Izayoi Sakamaki is first introduced as a dangerous, unrefined guy. He owns up to his persona, warning his companions that he’s also crude, vicious, and hedonistic. His gift is Code Unknown although his abilities are portrayed as unbelievably powerful. The power he wields is unique from that of his companions, which creates a sense of hierarchy within their group of three. Ultimately, he’s searching for something fun, something to alleviate his boredom from everyday life. After having passed a test Gift Game, his first question to Black Rabbit was “is this world fun?” to which she cheerfully responds "yes."

One of his favorite activities is making Black Rabbit flustered. As one of his first tricks, he takes off to go see the edge of the world. Fortunately for him, the fun is just beginning as he takes up a Gift Game with a water god. And thus begins the journey to help rebuild the No-Names. The No-Names are a community that has been stripped of their name and banner through the process of losing multiple Gift Games. Upon hearing the community’s tragic history, Izayoi agrees to help Black Rabbit. Even with his frivolous nature, Izayoi extends his loyalty and concern for those of the No-Name community. He can be found trying to rebuild the reputation of the No-Names through Gift Game victories.

Izayoi has a distinct grasp of his abilities, always aware of which challenges he can and cannot win. Rarely does he not accept a challenge, but against Shiroyasha, Demon Lord and Floor Master of the east side, he finds himself out of his league. It can be said that he chooses his battles wisely. His provocative nature finds him caught up in more than one Gift Game throughout this journey. Although he usually charges ahead without a concrete plan, he always manages to make the best out of any given situation, and works with various limitations when presented with a Gift Game. He’s also very unpredictable, in the sense that he can be found taking on a Gift Game with a handicap. It’s not only his powers that make him able to solve the most difficult of the Gift Games, it’s his in-depth knowledge ranging anywhere from mythological to scientific studies. He doesn’t spend all his times on the battlefield challenging foes, but spends his free time reading various books.

Izayoi follows his own code of conduct, never one to stray from his own personal sense of morals and justice. He tends to use his arrogance as a shield to mask the fact that he wishes to help those who are weaker than him. In the same way, he uses that arrogance to mark his resolve when facing an opponent said to be a God or Demon Lord. His main goal in Little Garden is to have fun, which becomes blatantly obvious as he gains charisma when facing an opponent of a Gift Game. Izayoi Sakamaki is portrayed as a vicious and confident character, yet it could also be noted that his humble demeanor helps to ground the harsh aspects of his personality.

Asuka Kudou: Authority

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Asuka
Asuka Kudou has the insight of a tactician, always one to display absolute authority. She takes the position as leader when she first encounters her two fellow companions. Her gift is Authority where she has the ability to control living beings or objects by issuing commands. In this respect, she has a healthy amount of confidence and is never afraid to voice her true opinion. This happens fairly often, especially when she encounters people whom can be considered none other than ‘scum’. For instance, their first encounter with Galdo Gasper left a sour taste behind, especially since he took children as collateral for Gift Games. Unable to stop herself, Asuka challenges him to a game hoping to teach him a lesson. When Gasper attempts to recruit Asuka for his community, she flatly turns him down. Little Garden is the place for her, the place where more fun can be had. One of her main goals in Little Garden is to understand people better, which is partly hindered due to her power of authority.

Little Garden has freed her from a world that simply bent to her will, or authority. As a leader, she has the need to protect her companions and always lends support even when it’s not her battle. She carries herself as a refined princess, always the one to command authority, yet never the one to obey it. Her weapon is not solely her power of authority, but also the tools she wields. The first tool in her arsenal is a sword, which she imbues with power when her authority causes no affect to her opponent. Another tool she handles is Deen, a red automaton crafted by Rattenfanger, a false fairy tale. Asuka exhibits a strong sense of justice, which is observed through her protecting and caring nature. She is the hope of the fairies, who grant her the use of Deen, hoping she will save them. Her compassion shines through as she puts her life on the line to protect the fairies she had just recently met. Asuka won’t hand her new friends over, even if she is under attack. She’s an opponent that won’t back down, nor give up on the people she treasures.

Asuka possesses knowledge in financial and economical fields, especially since her family is part of a financial conglomerate. As a child born into money, Asuka is prone to acting entitled, but sometimes she displays moments of compassion. For instance, one of the first things Asuka does is extend her friendship to her companion Yō Kasukabe. Her demeanor also changes as she encounters the unknown, such as Halloween and floating lanterns. Halloween wasn’t a holiday in her world, making her all the more excited at encountering its presence. The joy she experiences reflects her inner-child, illustrating a rare, tender side of Asuka’s personality. Nevertheless, Asuka’s forefront personality is a wall of composure, and one that isn’t easily broken.

Yō Kasukabe: Gnome Tree

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? You

Yō Kasukabe is the silent, but thoughtful, companion to the group of the three problem children. Her gift is Gnome Tree where she can communicate with animals and use their special traits if she befriends them. When faced against a tough opponent, she faces them head-on and doesn’t allow an ounce of hesitation or fear to shine through. Although her approach to Little Garden is different from that of her companions, Yō expresses an impressive degree of courage and confidence during Gift Games even though it’s not obvious based off of first impressions. Not wishing to be a burden to her companions, Yō strives to be a worthy member of the No-Name community even if that means refusing help from others. She sticks to the sidelines when it comes to their trio and isn’t one to speak out, but supports her friends when she’s needed. Yō chooses to side with the No-Name community, and believes it will help her reach her goal. Yō’s introverted style is her obstacle, and one she hopes to overcome. That being said, her goal in Little Garden is to make friends.

Her first challenge arises at Thousand Eyes, where Black Rabbit introduces the trio to Shiroyasha. As a duel, Yō volunteers to ride on the back of a Griffin without falling off. She places her life on the line, going so far as to offer herself up as food if she fails. Asuka and Black Rabbit are shocked, not wishing her to contend with her life at stake. However, her powers are gifted from a wooden, circular phylogenetic tree, allowing her the ability to stay on the beast's back despite the below zero degree temperature. Her success from the challenge leaves her with a new friend and ability to mimic the Griffin. Just as he can fly, so can she.

Yō possesses friends in the way of animals, but her new-found friendship to Asuka is one she promises to treasure. When found in a dangerous Gift Game against Galdo Gasper, Yō protects Asuka and Jin, while receiving injuries. She manages to deliver a sword to Asuka before she faints from her wounds. Her tendency to take on Gift Games and refuse the help of her companions takes its toll. For instance, Yō denies herself a partner in a Gift Game face-off between Ayesha and Jack. As the battle between them wears on, her two opponents tear through her defenses and expose her weakness. She reflects on her choices, realizing that her companions are her friends and that she could never be a burden to them. The Gift Game has ended with Yō establishing two more important friendships. As she continues to travel with her friends, Yō‘s knowledge and friendships grow.

Black Rabbit: Aristocrat

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Black Rabbit
Black Rabbit is an aristocrat of Little Garden and a member of the community No-Names. That being said, she possesses two powers: Judge Master and Spear of Indra. Her ability Judge Master allows her to tune into Little Garden’s central network during a Gift Game to make sure no one cheated and that everything is fair. In that respect, Black Rabbit is often asked to be a referee during Gift Games throughout her travels. The Spear of Indra is a two-pronged, trident shaped piece that employs lightening. When used against an opponent, it never misses its target and detonates like a bomb while emitting a bright light. However, the spear is only used during circumstances that Black Rabbit deems extreme. Black Rabbit is also classified as a moon rabbit, meaning that she’s selfless and compassionate by nature. In the same classification, her hair is blue, but turns pink when she’s in a strenuous or stressful situation. Her goal in Little Garden is to help revive her community, the No-Names, and gain basic resources for their inhabitants to live peacefully.

Black Rabbit is the one who summons Izayoi, Asuka, and Yō from different worlds. They were summoned because she believes that with the help from all three, she will be able to revive her community. She initially hides behind a tree as they arrive, but is quickly forced from her position as they attack her with their powers. After introducing herself and explaining the basics of Gift Games, she tests them to see if they have what it takes to make it in her world. Of course, they didn’t go easy on her and quickly won the game. When asked if Little Garden was fun, Black Rabbit responded with a resounding yes. The trio tease her every chance they find, especially the first time they notice her ears. Her cheerful and earnest outlook keeps her in high spirits, but she becomes easily flustered by what she deems the ‘problem children’.

Black Rabbit sometimes underestimates the power and good will of others. For example, she was blatantly shocked when Yō bet her life against the Griffin’s pride by claiming that she could remain on his back throughout a challenge. Yō proved successful, befriending the Griffin and gaining his ability to fly. Another example is when she doesn’t trust Izayoi to be able to take care of himself when he encounters a water god. Her concern was palpable, but Izayoi quickly put those fears to rest by defeating the water god and gaining a water tree. Black Rabbit broke down and told Izayoi the troubling history of the No-Names, explaining her excitement at the prospect of having water in their community. In this regard, Black Rabbit cares greatly for her community and easily becomes upset when someone tries to threaten her home. Although her nature is gentle and compassionate, she does have moments of intense emotion, where even violence is an option. As she travels with the trio, she gains more hope that they will be able to restore the community and take down the Demon Lords.

Shiroyasha: Demon Lord of the White Night

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Shiroyasha
Shiroyasha resides at Thousand Eyes as its senior official and is also Floor Master on the east side, with her headquarters located at a four digit gate # 3345. She has the ability to control heat blasts from the sun up to seven thousand degrees Celsius. Her hyper qualities lend herself a cute persona, but her wisdom hints at her years. Shiroyasha has a soft spot for Black Rabbit, and forces her to dress-up in scandalous outfits. She possesses that innocence of frivolity, but is also highly dependable, especially when planning out the future of the east with Izayoi. Shiroyasha’s laid back nature also comes with consequences if anyone dares to anger her, which someone did. Perseus owned Leticia, and wanted to call of the Gift Game that held her as a prize. Shiroyasha was angered, knowing that the No-Names wanted Leticia back; however, she had her hands tied and waited for the No-Names to come and claim victory. Shiroyasha debated unleashing her power, but decided against it since the consequences were too heavy.

At the Rise of the Fire Dragon Festival, Shiroyasha lures the No-Names under the pretense that they are there to keep things running smoothly. It isn’t until later that they find the real reason to their summons was that a Demon Lord might appear during the games. Shiroyasha acted as a second judge and host to the games, while also the one to announce the new leader. She was unfortunately trapped as the Demon Lord appeared and had to wait until it was defeated before she was able to be freed from her confines.

Leticia Draculair: Vampire

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Leticia

Leticia is known as Knight of the Little Garden and is a former Demon Lord. However, since the downfall of the No-Names, she had been a slave and put as a prize for Gift Games. After being rescued by the No-Names, Leticia commits herself to being their maid. She doesn’t assert herself, but takes pride in the fact that she was a former Demon Lord. In the same respect, she exhibits a reserved demeanor and takes after Yō in that she is quiet. As she still possesses a strong bond with the No-Name community, Leticia still puts in her two-cents when it comes time to battle.

After the battle with Galdo Gasper, Leticia is concerned for those of the No-Name community as she hears Jin’s proclamation to defeat Demon Lords. Later that night, she drops in on the No-Name community, but when her presence is known she attacks Izayoi. Black Rabbit puts a stop to their fight, and Leticia explains how she was testing their ability. Finding it to be lacking, Leticia advises that the No-Name community disband and join the other, more successful communities. After the No-Names rescue her, Leticia makes her pledge to stay with the No-Names to be their maid. This development changes Leticia’s mind about the trio’s abilities, and makes her have more faith in the No-Name community.

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