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15 Important Life Lessons You Can Only Learn From Anime

Anime is not just great entertainment: hidden between the action and the Plot are nuggets of knowledge. Pay close attention, and you'll come out from your anime viewing a bit wiser.

by Littoface
Aug 18, 2016 4:23 AM | 39,406 views

Life Lessons We Learned from Anime

Idiots make great heroes

Gintoki GintamaLuffy D Monkey One Piece
They might be lovable, and even powerful, but there's definitely not much going on up there. And yet, despite (or maybe because of) their clueless nature, these protagonists are fiercely loyal and have strong morals and values. Maybe that's what makes them so perfect for the protagonist role.

Wearing a pretty dress gives you power

Sailor MoonKore wa Zombie desu ka
Take any magical girl anime. In addition to getting weapons and special powers, magical girls look absolutely amazing. Look at those well-coordinated outfits and cute dresses! We could walk away from this with a negative message about society's expectations for the way girls should look and dress. But we won't. Instead, the lesson to be learned here is: the better you feel about yourself, the more powerful you become. Now own that outfit.

Power always comes at a price

Light Yagami Death NoteKyuubei Madoka Magica
Before you put on that dress, though, keep this lesson in mind. What did you do, or what will you have to do to get this power? Before you sign a contract, always read the fine print.

Walls are obstacles, not boundaries

Attack on TitanHaibane Renmei
If there's a prominent wall in an anime, you know it will be broken or scaled at some point. What's the point of putting up symbolic barriers, if not to surpass them?

It's not incest as long as she's not your real sister

Kirito Leafra Sword Art OnlineDance with the Devil
She's not your sister, she's your cousin? Go for it bro.

And sometimes it's okay even if it is your sister

No Game No LifeOreimo
Oh, she is your sister. Well…

The saddest people are often the ones with the biggest smiles

Vash the Stampede TrigunKenshin
Just because someone is always happy doesn't mean they're actually easy-going. In fact, sometimes it seems that the happier someone seems, the more pain they are bottling up inside. Anime has shown us that the strongest people keep smiling for the sake of others. Think of the person in your life who smiles the most. How happy is s/he, really?

Anything can be made cute

UpotteArpeggio of the Blue Steel
Cute guns, cute battleships: you name it, anime can make it cute. The next time you see something you don't find cute, just change your perspective. Or maybe add a bow.

Anything can be made sexy

Nisemonogatari toothbrush

Everyone should have a mascot

Aria the animationCardcaptor Sakura Kero
If you already have a pet, you're nearly there. All you need to do now is start taking him wherever you go, and maybe teach it to speak or at least make a cute sound over and over. If you don't have a pet, the possibilities are endless. Snatch a stray cat off the street and make it wear wings: you're done! Many anime have a mascot, and while most clearly exist just to look cute, they also provide some much-needed stress relief. Maybe not fish, though. They're not very cuddly.

Never judge a person's age by their looks

Detective ConanHagu Honey and Clover
Someone's age is not always reflected in their outward appearance. A 10 year old girl might really be 18, or a demonic entity that's over 200 years old. You just never know.

Your worst enemy hides within you

Hollow Ichigo BleachMelodius Nanatsu no Taizai
You can overcome many obstacles, and fight against countless enemies, but the worst enemy you'll ever have to defeat will be the darkness in your own heart.

High school is the best or worst time of your life

Yuki Yuna is a heroKuromukuro
There is no middle ground here: nearly all important life experiences will happen to you when you're in high school. Whether that means finding true love or piloting mechs to save the world, everything will happen during those all-important years.

Clueless guys are attractive

Baka to Test YoshiiInfinite Stratos
That must be why so many girls flock towards completely oblivious protagonists in harem anime, right?

At the end of the day, friendship trumps all

One PieceK-on

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