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The 2016 Presidential Candidates as Anime Characters

You've seen them as Disney, Batman, and Game of Thrones characters, now the 2016 clickbait train for the election season that won't end continues: here are the US 2016 presidential candidates as anime characters! You might be surprise who we've picked.

by removed_user
Apr 6, 2016 9:23 PM | 55,092 views

Hillary Clinton - Ritsuko Akagi (Evangelion)

Clinton Ritsuko
Her brand was big in the '90s and is still going strong. Intelligent and highly competent at her job, yet distant in a way that makes her less likable to the public. Relationship status is complicated. Doesn't want you looking at the contents of her computer.

Donald Trump - Dio (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Trump Dio
An absurd cartoon. Loves gold. Seemingly impossible to defeat. Certain people of indeterminate irony will claim they "did nothing wrong." (One notable difference: Dio, having built himself up from poverty rather than getting million dollar loans from dad, is actually the more cunning businessman)

Bernie Sanders - Hige Oyaji (Astro Boy, Metropolis, etc.)

Sanders Hige Oyaji
A hard-working public servant with radical pro-worker beliefs (whether those workers are human or sentient robots) that find him on the outside of "the establishment." Kind but passionately angry. Looks even older than he is.

Meme-Bernie Sanders - Jesus (Saint Young Men)

Meme Sanders Jesus
If went by the memes of his most passionate supporters, you'd think that Bernie was Jesus, and also that he was going to "make anime real." Therefore, otaku Jesus.

Ted Cruz - Light Yagami (Death Note)

Cruz Light
Secretly Kira.

John Kasich - Canada (Hetalia)

Kasich Canada
Not meant as a commentary on the actual nation of Canada as it exists today (Kasich doesn't seem like Justin Trudeau's type), but rather the stereotype of Canada in Hetalia as continually ignored. Arguably one of the saner characters, but only because talking to bears is relatively less crazy than talking to flying mint bunnies.

JEB! Bush - Naruto

Bush Naruto
Woobie. Really wants to be hokage/president. Will have to wait out a couple long time skips if that's to happen. Cursed by connection to the demon that destroyed the village/world economy. Inspiration for many an emo AMV.

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