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Five Figure Fridays: Death Note

To many an introduction to the manga/anime world, Death Note remains still talked about even today, and in this week's Five Figure Fridays we show you some amazing figure's the show has inspired.

by rinkya
Apr 1, 2016 1:39 AM | 17,679 views

Death Note Art Rinkya

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, or so the saying goes. One of the best manga explorations of this ancient conundrum and philosophical musing over good, evil, right and wrong and morality in general must be Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s Death Note. This widely popular manga garnered both critical and financial success with around 30 million copies in circulation worldwide, and a number ten spot on the most popular manga list made by the Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs. With a series so successful you can be sure there will be no shortage of awesome figures, so here we will show you our 5 picks for the best Death Note figures.

5. Death Note Misa Amane (White) Moe Art Figure

Death Note Misa Amane (White) Moe Art Figure Rinkya

The figure of lovely Misa Amane opens our list. This Misa Amane figure is part of Moe Art line made by Jun Planning. Released in 2008, this Misa figure is made completely from PVC with the dimensions of 23cm x 31cm x 23cm. The figure has been done in great detail and it features stockings and sleeves made from real lace. With this Amane (which means "sound of heavens") figure, you will also get special jewelry, a bag, and her Death Note as additional goodies. To own the special white edition of the figure you will need to pay up to around 45,380 yen (around 395 US dollars).

4. Real Action Heroes-337 Death Note - Misa Amane Figure

Real Action Heroes-337 Death Note - Misa Amane Figure Rinkya

Misa Amana might be an idol in Death Note, but judging on the number of her figures we can safely say she is just as popular in the real world. This time Misa’s figure comes from Medicom Toy as a part of their acclaimed RAH (Real Action Heroes) brand, which is famous for its highly poseable yet beautiful figures. Like all figures of RAH line, Misa is 30 cm (12 inches) tall and it’s made from PVC. The figure was released in October 2007 and its sculptor is Hiroki Hayashi. One of the distinctive features of this Misa figure is the clothing which is made from real fabric. The stand and Misa’s Death Note are included with this figure which will cost you up to around 63,500 yen (around 550 US dollars) but be sure to check the secondary market for real bargain deals.

3. Real Action Heroes-331 Death Note - Light Yagami Figure

Real Action Heroes-331 Death Note - Light Yagami Figure Rinkya

Once again we have a figure from a RAH line, but this time it is a figure of Death Note’s protagonist Light Yagami. This figure from Medicom Toy was released in June 2008. The figure of Yagami was sculpted by Keisuke Sawada, while the clothing has been done by Mieko Akimoto, and they have done a really good job. Light’s jacket was made from real fabric and is completely removable, while his shoes were made from vinyl. If that’s still not enough for you, the figure comes with 2 pairs of hand attachments, one with fists and another with an open hand and another one for holding his PVC Death Note. This 30 cm (12 inches) PVC/ABS figure can be yours for about 68,800 yen (around 600 US dollars).

2. Real Action Heroes-332 Death Note – L Figure

Real Action Heroes-332 Death Note – L Figure Rinkya

The Death Note world’s most famous detective and fan favorite character L finishes this RAH trinity of Death Note. As a part of Medicom Toy’s Real Action Heroes Line this L figure is 30 cm (12 inches) tall and made from ABS/PVC. L. Lawliet, which is pronounced as “low light” in case you were wondering, comes with a highly-articulated RAH301 Kai inner body and real fabric clothing that has been custom-made for this figure. The makers of this widely popular character are again sculptor Keisuke Sawada with clothing producer Mieko Akimoto. The L figure also comes with 3 different hand parts and a stand. For this figure don’t forget to check our site in case a great bargain pops up, but generally to own this figure which was released in June 2008 you will need to secure about 82,500 yen (around 720 US dollars).

1. Death Note Series #01 Light Yagami Complete Figure

Death Note Series #01 Light Yagami Complete Figure Rinkya

“If we catch Kira, he is evil. If he wins and rules the world, then he is justice.”
Our top place could really be conquered by no one else than Light Yagami. The self-proclaimed God took our top spot with this amazing and highly detailed figure form Griffon Enterprises. This 26 cm (around 10 inches) figure was sculpted by Yuma. This Light figure was released in December 2010. This figure depicts Light holding a scythe with clothing swirling along both the scythe and his hand while he look defiantly onto the horizon. The figure symbolizes more than anything the meaning of Light Yagami’s name - “night god”. This breathtaking image is brought to life by using a high quality cold cast resin. While that makes for an awesome looking figure, it also makes for a brittle one so the figure should be handled with extreme care. To own this piece of art you will have to pay up to around 91,700 yen (around 800 US dollars) or jump to the secondary market for a limited time bargain offer of 14,900 yen (around 130 US dollars).

We come to the end of our list, and we hope that we showed you a figure that you will like as much Ryuk loves his apples. Until next time, enjoy these awesome Death Note figures.

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