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20 Popular Anime Catchphrases: Do You Even Tuturu?

How do you make an anime character unforgettable? Well, just let it repeat a catchphrase over and over until the anime ends! It will surely leave a lasting impression on the viewer... and it may even end up as a ringtone.

by llezur17
Mar 21, 2016 7:04 PM | 127,414 views

Are you curious to see which anime catchphrases made the cut?

Kininarimasu hyouka chitanda anime catchphrases

Creating this list was hard. We all know the vastness of anime; there are countless anime catchphrases in existence worth mentioning. But personally, these are the ones that stood out the most. Some can be incredibly annoying, while others can be absolutely epic - so iconic, in fact, that you get goosebumps every time you hear them. Come join us on a jolly trip down memory lane!

"Omae wa mou Shinderu (You're already dead)" - Kenshirou

From: Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)

Kenshirou hokuto ken anime catchphrases

Beginning this collection with Kenshirou's killer line, "Omae wa mou Shinderu", I'd say we're off to a good start! This is one anime catchphrase that you would rather not hear in real life, especially when used right after this macho hero has performed the Hokuto Shinken on you. Seriously, he will make your body pop out of nowhere!

"Dattebayo! (Believe it!)" - Uzumaki Naruto

From: Naruto and Naruto: Shippuuden

Naruto dattebayo anime catchphrases

Naruto had a rough childhood. No one would talk to him, so he messed with just about everyone in the leaf village to garner attention. Unfortunately, it made it harder to believe in him. Probably why he's repeating "dattebayo!" in almost every sentence.

"I am a genius basketball player!" - Hanamichi Sakuragi

From: Slam Dunk

Hanamichi Sakuragi slam dunk anime catchphrases

Hanamichi Sakuragi, the original redhead in anime basketball, earns his place in this list of anime catchphrases with some good old self praise. He uses this narcissistic line to introduce himself. Quite the confidence eh, Sakuragi-kun?

"Fukou da! (Such misfortune!)" - Kamijou Touma

From: Toaru Majutsu no Index

toaru no majutsu no index touma fukou da anime catchphrases

Whether it be index's bite or some other misfortune, bad luck seems to follow Touma around. Even if you are having the worst of days, comparing yours with his will help gain you some perspective in life.

"Just who the hell do you think I am?" - Kamina

From: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Kamina gurren lagann anime catchphrases

Never underestimate a human's potential, especially our beloved Aniki Kamina! Don't we all dream of the day we get to say this line in real life?

"I'm simply one hell of a butler" - Sebastian Michaelis

From: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

sebastian black butler anime catchphrases

Imagine all the girls watching and swooning over Sebastian every time he says this. Guess he's not just a simple butler after all.

"Tuturuu" - Mayuri Shiina

From: Steins;Gate

Mayuri shiina steins gate tuturuu anime catchphrases

The infamous tuturuu - used by many as a ringtone, copied by 12-year-old girls to portray their cuteness, and made fun of on the internet. One can say this line has had its own success, separate from the anime itself.

Don't forget to check out the parody video at the end of the article!

"I'm going to be the pirate king!" - Monkey D. Luffy

From: One Piece

luffy one piece anime catchphrases

One piece is one of the most successful, longest running anime of all time. Here's one of the most famous anime catchphrases from our favorite pirate captain, Luffy. It makes you wonder. When exactly will we see Luffy fulfill his dream of being the pirate king? Unfortunately, only Oda knows.

"Cheerio!" - Togame

From: Katanagatari

togame katanagatari anime catchphrases

Togame graces us with her adorable cheerio, an anime catchphrase that she uses as a "take that" expression (although its true meaning is goodbye).

"Ki ni narimasu! (Im curious!)" - Chitanda Eru

From: Hyouka

Chitanda kininarimasu hyouka anime catchphrases

Often combined with a puppy dog stare from Chitanda's purple eyes, here's a line that even the lazy Oreki can't ignore.

"Fuyukai desu (How unpleasant)" - Mirai Kuriyama

From: Kyoukai no Kanata

mirai kyoukai no kanata anime catchphrases

There's no explanation of this line even in the light novel. It's just so cute when Mirai says this!

"I can see it... I can see the ending!" - Keima Katsuragi

From: The World God Only Knows

keima katsuragi the world only god knows anime catchphrases

This anime catchphrase can be heard after Keima has finished visualizing his conquest. Now the only thing he needs to do is visualize winning the girl! Teach me master!

"I am the bone of my sword..." - Archer

From: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

archer fate series anime catchphrases

This line is more of a chant than a catchphrase, but it's worth mentioning. Voiced by Seiyu Junichi Suwabe, the deep sound of archer's voice echoes inside one's head. It also helps support Archer's dark personality.

"Would you please bear my child?" - Miroku

From: InuYasha

Miroku InuYasha anime catchphrases

Miroku, the naughty monk from Inuyasha's party, says this to almost all gorgeous women he meets. It's instinctive that's for sure.

"Mada Mada Dane (You still have a long way to go)" - Ryouma Echizen

From: Prince of Tennisi

Prince of tennis Ryouma Echizen anime catchphrases

Every time I hear this line from the prince of tennis, I know it's about to get real. Maybe saying this anime catchphrase is one of his tactics to get in his opponent's mind?

"Who are you calling short?" - Edward Elric

From: Full Metal Alchemist

edward elric full metal alchemist anime catchphrases

Ed is a friendly guy, That is until you make fun of his height. You see, he is also very short... tempered.

"Gyabo and Mukya" - Noda Megumi

From: Nodame Cantabile

nodame cantabile gyabo mukya noda megumi anime catchphrases

Neither Gyabo nor Mukya have any real meaning. Nodame just uses them as cute expressions, mainly for pain (gyabo) and excitement (mukya).

"I'm all fired up now!" - Natsu Dragneel

From: Fairy Tail

natsu dragneel fairy tail anime catchphrases

Natsu always gets excited in the face of a challenging enemy. He loves a nice fight, always getting all fired up - figuratively and literally.

"Just a guy who's a hero for fun" - Saitama

From: One Punch Man

saitama one punch man anime catchphrases

Saitama's pure intentions are proven by this one phrase. Yes, he uses his hero job to earn money, but he enjoys fighting even more than the compensation.

"Ya Ha!" - Yoichi Hiruma

From: Eye Shield 21

ya ha eyeshield 21 hiruma

Hiruma's signature expression is both inspiring and terrifying. He uses this anime catchphrase when he's ready to rumble. He also uses it to motivate the devil bats to do his bidding.

That's all! Hope you enjoyed this collection of anime catchphrases!

tuturu steins gate anime catchphrases

So as promised, here's an ingenious piece of art using Mayushii's favorite line. Come join the dark side and all hail tuturuu!

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