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9 Date A Live GIFs With Girls That Can Kick Your Butt

The Date A Live series features plenty of girls that are beautiful and can also kick your butt. Give a look at these girls in GIF form do their best (or worst!).

by kami_nomi
Dec 15, 2015 6:21 PM | 45,205 views

Shido Itsuka, Date A Live

The Date A Live series, by Koushi Tachibana, has Shido Itsuka attempt to seal incredibly strong spirits by "dating" them, and then kissing them when their affection for him is allowable. Since being adapted into an anime, 22 TV episodes have showcased why the girls are hard to get -- they can seriously kick your butt.

Tooka Yatogami (Princess)

For example, the Princess, or Shido's main love interest in the series, can kick your butt. She may be obsessed with kinako bread...

Tooka Yatogami, Date A Live

...but you'd best not send her emotionally over the edge!

Inverse Tooka Yatogami, Date A Live II

Origami Tobiichi

Origami Tobiichi, Date A Live

One of the top members of the Anti-Spirit Team, she loves Shido enough to fight to save him.


Yoshino, Date A Live

Let's just say if you make the puppet angry, you have no chance at actually getting to the girl.

Kurumi Tokisaki

If you ask Kurumi to do something, she might do it for you, or she might just do whatever she wants to your detriment.

Like shoot herself.

Kurumi Tokisaki, Date A Live

Kotori Itsuka

Kotori Itsuka, Date A Live

The foster sister of Shido, she loves her brother a lot...to the point that she'll burn you if you're not careful!

Kagura Yamai

Kagura Yamai, Date A Live II
Kagura has sister issues, but it's not until she meets Shido that she addresses said issues -- though it does take some more battling.

Yuzuru Yamai

Yuzuru Yamai, Date A Live II
Even with her weird way of speaking, you'd best not call Yuzuru out on that or she'll make you pay!

Miku Izayoi

Miku Izayoi, Date A Live II
A former idol that quit the business, Miku absolutely hates men, and one wrong move and she'll make you do what she wants...whether you want to or out. And she doesn't have to wield a weapon, unless a voice is considered a weapon!

All of these girls are pretty great, but it's recommended that you don't anger them, or you'll find yourself feeling sore in a hurry.

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