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Sticky: Support ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Deividas - Apr 20, 2015
421 replies by radimir_kun »»
3 hours ago
Sticky: Custom List Maintenance ( 1 2 )
Half_Bl00d - Feb 28
76 replies by FruitlessJuice »»
10 hours ago
Sticky: Suggestions ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Deividas - Apr 20, 2015
1,214 replies by Mealstrom_1 »»
Nov 6, 4:15 PM
Poll: Add the "Hide Recommendations" Button to the Recommended page?
Half_Bl00d - Feb 22
9 replies by AnimeHonor »»
Apr 28, 5:15 AM
Half_Bl00d - Mar 1
4 replies by Half_Bl00d »»
Mar 1, 2:32 AM

Club Comments
Puchkov | Nov 14, 5:49 AM
@MarryMeSenpai: The achievements are a fun way to encourage people to diversify the stuff they watch, and you would automatically obtain them once you meet the criteria.

Just be sure to update your profile on

MarryMeSenpai | Nov 13, 6:14 PM
So uhhh new here... What are the achievement badges and such for. And do I just automatically get them?

EMPERATRIX | Nov 10, 3:13 PM
People have been bitching about the static recommendations for months now so...lmao. Is it really surprising he compromised and reduced their number so as to not remove the legacy altogether?

Ramaladni | Nov 9, 6:14 AM
@Half_Bl00d: Alright, thank you.

Half_Bl00d | Nov 9, 1:53 AM
@Hakaro: could you be more specific on what you mean by that? Also, judging by your watching history, there isn't really much change anyway.

@Ramaladni: Why did it change? Because of Deiv's whim, also probably to speed up the loading time of the page. Will it stay at 10? Most probably.

Hakaro | Nov 8, 7:18 PM
Umm i have this for a while but i dont see or feel any changes. someone tell me whats the change.

Ramaladni | Nov 8, 4:08 PM
So uh, staying at 10 or going back to 20? Why did it change to begin with?

YuriLover666 | Nov 6, 12:10 PM
It's fine just letting you know in case you had to update manually

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