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Sticky: Support ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Deividas - Apr 20, 2015
735 repliesby n3k0rin »»
Nov 28, 5:06 AM
Sticky: Suggestions ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Deividas - Apr 20, 2015
1,372 repliesby fireflare260 »»
Oct 13, 6:20 PM
Sticky: Custom List Maintenance
Half_Bl00d - Feb 28, 2017
10 repliesby YummySpaghetti »»
Aug 31, 3:25 PM
List of Series Used for the Achievement Badges
Half_Bl00d - May 13, 2020
0 repliesby Half_Bl00d »»
May 13, 2020 6:37 AM
Half_Bl00d - Mar 1, 2017
4 repliesby Half_Bl00d »»
Mar 1, 2017 2:32 AM

Club Comments
Puchkov | Nov 13, 7:43 PM
@AnimechildofGod: go to, click on the blue update button found in the right corner, then click on Favorites.<insert username>/favorites,anime

AnimechildofGod | Nov 11, 4:18 PM
I am brand new to the club. How do I check my stats?

Z6890 | Sep 25, 12:33 PM
Mal recently created their own statistic page for users, but you guys will always be better.

Keep up the good work

PxHC | May 14, 9:14 AM
woah, this is awesome, I always wanted one way to check related entries I might have missed, and I was going to make a thread suggesting it on MAL when by chance I decided to click the stats I saw on a signature to see how to get similar stats for me and found the feature, I love you guys :**

H_Castaigne | Apr 22, 1:22 PM
There should be an achievement for watching a certain number of World Masterpiece Theater titles. More people should watch those.

animenok | Apr 22, 8:20 AM
yo so its honestly time you guys added the 20,000 anime category, spacecowboy is almost there, kinda crazy huh.

TahZin | Jan 21, 2:04 AM
Hello! Is the History part of the Graph not updated for 2023 yet? I know I've completed series in January, but I can't find any 2023 row mentioned here.

Club Stats
Members: 12602
Category: Other
Created: Apr 20, 2015

Club Staff
Deividas (President)
EMPERATRIX (Secretary)
Half_Bl00d (Secretary)

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