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Deividas - Apr 20, 2015
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May 15, 3:28 AM
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Deividas - Apr 20, 2015
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May 7, 1:13 AM
Sticky: Custom List Maintenance
Half_Bl00d - Feb 28
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May 2, 8:48 AM
Poll: Add the "Hide Recommendations" Button to the Recommended page?
Half_Bl00d - Feb 22
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Club Comments
Half_Bl00d | May 20, 4:23 PM
@Hashimoto_Yuu: they don't update slowly, you simply haven't achieved anything new since the previous update.

Hashimoto_Yuu | May 20, 4:02 PM
Why Achivememts update so slowly? I had updated my list many hours ago but they have not changed

Half_Bl00d | May 20, 1:50 PM
@Mahade4: unfortunately, your guess is wrong because for the Level 1 Romance you need at least 45 completed entries.

Mahade4 | May 20, 1:37 PM
@Half_Bl00d but i completed 40 romance anime by now. i guess i should get at least level 1 achievement

Half_Bl00d | May 20, 1:31 PM
@Mahade4: because you don't have enough completed romance anime to gain it.

Mahade4 | May 20, 1:25 PM
How come i didnt get romance achievement yet?

lanblade | May 18, 11:08 PM
History doesn't mean much when there's a gap between releases. It looks like I watched 47 eps of Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger entirely yesterday but I was just finishing the last few eps b/c someone finally subbed them after years on hiatus. MAL anime history doesn't tell you that, all it tells you is the most recent highest anime episode #. There are also shows like Yaiyai Mori no Comic which I set to complete but I had seen months ago, these are anime I submitted to the database which have finally been approved by an admin (can range from 1 day to 1 year for approvals). Shorts [I run all 3 shorts clubs and there are over 3500 shorts on MAL] also usually have normal OP/EDs, Akubi Girl for example had 45% of its total duration being the OP+ED+Preview+Sponsors. I like most people watch an OP/ED once and then skip over those parts after the 1st episode. These things add up a lot time-wise but MAL documents the whole episode length. If you look at something more holistic like a web archive of my day-count over a wide period of time you’ll see that I watch a normal amount of anime per day, and that value is less than the average number of hours an American watches normal television per day.

animefan0071 | May 18, 8:03 PM
Sorry for butting in and I know I'm pretty late (more than 6 hours late) but I kind of do the same @Half_Bl00d although for myself it's more episodes then series

(since I only put the ones I own on DVD on my list) but I wait until say I finish 1 disc and then update it kind of thing.

(sorry again for butting in and not trying to restart the fire or anything) anyways congrats @lanblade ^^

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