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How did you join the club?
chibuki - Oct 30, 2008
43 replies by cloudsaber »»
Aug 9, 6:10 AM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Kotegawa Yui
chibuki - Nov 7, 2008
35 replies by chromescarlet »»
Jun 30, 9:11 AM
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Ankkuli - Jul 2, 2010
1,622 replies by Ankkuli »»
Mar 15, 4:04 PM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Aisaka Taiga ( 1 2 3 )
chibuki - Jul 7, 2009
127 replies by Murijane »»
Jun 29, 2015 8:20 AM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Shirayuki Mizore
chibuki - Dec 31, 2008
44 replies by Chloe-tsundere »»
Jun 15, 2015 3:51 PM

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Club Comments
joey101937 | Aug 11, 3:02 PM
I saw it. Quite good actually, nice animation just a shame it's for something so ecchi lol

Chloe-tsundere | Aug 11, 11:18 AM
Tbh im not interested if your name is itsfaptime ^^"

And dxd doesnt have tsunderes?? Oh wait S2 has

ItsFapTime | Aug 11, 6:56 AM
I've made a High School DxD Layout!
Come and check it out, when you guys have time:)
And Send a Friend Request my way, so I can hear all your comments and suggestions, LATTTAA XD


Chloe-tsundere | Jun 29, 3:08 PM
Cranberries are nice in cookies. But cranberry drink is mehh xD
Its good for the bladdar tho.

Thats ok joey ^^ thought maybe someone is, but it seems not.

I like cranberry oatmeal cookies :)

joey101937 | Jun 29, 11:47 AM
oo very nice chloe :3
tho as i said before im not really one to collect figures or anime merchandise much

i also like cranberries :p
white chocolate-cranberry cookies are my fav x3

Chloe-tsundere | Jun 28, 8:30 AM
I also sell all the op/ed cds of ZnT with very nice art, i say yes isnt in this review but i own it as well

Chloe-tsundere | Jun 28, 8:29 AM
If anybody is interested in tsundere goodies, im selling some all legit :)
I sell 2 shana glasses (25 cl i think each) for 5,- each , louise figure from chara-ani for 87 tho i accept offers but not below 83, tsiga chara-ani 87 euros , ZnT drama cd with louise and saito 10,- but accept offer from 7,50 plus some maybe sales http://myfigurecollection.net/list/24224

Please check out my ads to see the figures http://myfigurecollection.net/sales.php?mode=list&page=list&search=user%3AChloe-tsundere

Help me out please >.< before i move out (23rd of july)

Chloe-tsundere | Jun 27, 3:57 PM
Thats popin cooking or happy kitchen

Yup i love white as well, raspberry is my fav it was white with raspberry filling mmm

Yeah sone is cheap like ramune whistle candy for 50 yen or candy of 100 but kitkat and cookies are expensive most of the time. Besides kosla bears with chocolate xp

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