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How did you join the club?
chibuki - Oct 30, 2008
43 replies by cloudsaber »»
Aug 9, 6:10 AM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Kotegawa Yui
chibuki - Nov 7, 2008
35 replies by chromescarlet »»
Jun 30, 9:11 AM
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Ankkuli - Jul 2, 2010
1,622 replies by Ankkuli »»
Mar 15, 4:04 PM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Aisaka Taiga ( 1 2 3 )
chibuki - Jul 7, 2009
127 replies by Murijane »»
Jun 29, 2015 8:20 AM
Poll: Tsundere or Not: Shirayuki Mizore
chibuki - Dec 31, 2008
44 replies by Chloe-tsundere »»
Jun 15, 2015 3:51 PM

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Chloe-tsundere | Aug 31, 3:57 AM
Not much.. Its waaay too hot to do anything so im being lazy..

But i still need to go grocery shopping and cleaning but perhaps i wake up early and go early when its still do-able ^^" and clean during the evening..

So for now im just chilling watching sakura trick atm.

1234babu | Aug 31, 2:32 AM
What's up

joey101937 | Aug 11, 3:02 PM
I saw it. Quite good actually, nice animation just a shame it's for something so ecchi lol

Chloe-tsundere | Aug 11, 11:18 AM
Tbh im not interested if your name is itsfaptime ^^"

And dxd doesnt have tsunderes?? Oh wait S2 has

ItsFapTime | Aug 11, 6:56 AM
I've made a High School DxD Layout!
Come and check it out, when you guys have time:)
And Send a Friend Request my way, so I can hear all your comments and suggestions, LATTTAA XD


Chloe-tsundere | Jun 29, 3:08 PM
Cranberries are nice in cookies. But cranberry drink is mehh xD
Its good for the bladdar tho.

Thats ok joey ^^ thought maybe someone is, but it seems not.

I like cranberry oatmeal cookies :)

joey101937 | Jun 29, 11:47 AM
oo very nice chloe :3
tho as i said before im not really one to collect figures or anime merchandise much

i also like cranberries :p
white chocolate-cranberry cookies are my fav x3

Chloe-tsundere | Jun 28, 8:30 AM
I also sell all the op/ed cds of ZnT with very nice art, i say yes isnt in this review but i own it as well

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