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This club is for fans of serious and cute romance, and prefers it with less comedy. One important thing: this club is a haven for heterosexual romance only. No shounen/shoujo ai or yuri/yaoi New experimental Skype club Rentah has started a new Skype group for this club. Join in, have a chat, maybe watch anime together or something. Give it a try! If you're interested, add Rentah1 on Skype, and he'll add you to the group. We want to try and get a reasonable amount of people onto the group to kickstart it, so please, if you are even a bit interested, give it a shot; it might turn out to be fun! New club activity I thought that maybe we could make a sort of Romance or Not event here, like in the Tsundere club. I'd open topics on anime on our list or anime wanting to be on our list and discussing the anime or manga. There will be specific aspects everyone is encouraged to analyze and give a rating between 1 and 10, and such things as "Epic level of kissing scenes", "Active romance", "Reality" and stuff. It would be rather simular to the event in the Critics and Connoisseurs club. What I am asking you all here is #1: how do you like the idea? #2: what would you name the event? #3: ideas for the "aspects" #4: should there be a separate "You Decide" like a week after an anime/manga discussion when everyone persuaded each other that the anime is or is not romanctic, where everyone says yes or no as have the anime put in the relations list with a certain % of yes required? #5: how often should there be discussions opened? #6: how much time should we give everytone to watch a specific anime/manga before the discussion is opened? #7: I like turtles #8: How should we decide which anime/manga should be the spotlight? If you like the idea, please discuss it in the Romance Analysis topic. Banners: by viesiu Achievements:
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  • Anime - Anime which have a good amount of romance in them get on the list. Indirect romance isn't prefered.
  • Manga - Same as above, except for manga. Manga which have an anime version won't be added (unless the manga version has significantly more romance than the anime). If you want to know if an anime has a manga version, check it.
  • Characters - For now, no character relations.
Relation Explanations: Explanations for each anime/manga relation for why it is approved, under judgement or rejected go here. INCOMPLETE.
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Recommendation: Looking for specific types of couples
Apasher - Nov 5, 2016
4 replies by amandamiria »»
Apr 11, 1:40 PM
i need suggestion
17monkeydluffy - Feb 26, 2014
2 replies by amandamiria »»
Apr 11, 1:38 PM
Recomendation Specific Anime!!!
supertitao - Apr 7
1 replies by amandamiria »»
Apr 11, 1:36 PM
Love triangle, MC doesn't chose the obvious boy
Kya_Foxy - Mar 28, 2018
1 replies by roronoazoro128 »»
Aug 30, 2018 12:51 AM
Forgot the anime title, plz help me!
Fryz3 - May 9, 2015
9 replies by Maj93 »»
Dec 27, 2017 8:54 AM

Club Comments
Wizy | Apr 13, 4:01 PM
Horimiya was quite sweet

Lef7 | Mar 4, 7:45 AM
Response to ManuKnot:No but you should watch I want to eat your pancreas you wont regret it bro

ManuKnot | Feb 25, 10:02 AM
I'm currently watching Adachi to Shimamura, i'm liking it so far, i'm on episode 10, any of you watched it?

JP_1 | Feb 23, 8:32 PM
Its romance or nothing!!!

ManuKnot | Feb 23, 6:43 PM
Hey, big same, love me some good romance anime!!

Natsuh | Feb 11, 11:20 AM
Hey i just joinned massive romance anime fan.

ManuKnot | Feb 2, 2:47 PM
Yeah i'm already on episode 6, if i'm not mistaken, and it's really amazing so far, great comedy and good romance, so far that is :D

amcsi | Feb 1, 11:35 AM
Absolutely, it's fantastic.

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