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.Forbidden Love.

This club is where the people who absolutely adore Student x Teacher Relationships (or wish they were in one) can get together, share their experiences, manga/anime titles, and more.
Most Student x Teachers Relationship were created not too long ago, but some otakus, like some who joined this club, just love to read/watch them.

What anime's/manga's can be in the club relations?

To start off, any type or form of manga/anime is accepted (OEL, Manhua, Manhwa, OVA, OAV, ect.) is always accepted. To be added to our club relations, it has to really be a type of relationship that shows love rather than friendship between a student and teacher. :/ We are fans that really want to see "doki doki" on a series, but of course... when a student and teacher have feelings. xD We accept all demographics. So please, if you see yaoi manga's in our relations, we have an organized version so that you don't accidentally search for a yaoi manga and blame us.
As of January 18, 2009, we do accept minor student x teacher relationships. This means you can put help us add any anime or manga that have any minor characters falling in love with the story or just when the main character is in love with one part of the story. We DON'T accept student x tutor relationships. :/ Sorry, but tutoring is more like helping you learn something you don't know a lot of, not real teaching. Plus, teachers teach more than one student. :/ You can basically call anyone "sensei", but the only one we want are teachers. Not tutors. But, we will add them to the Organized List... just not to our club relations. Doctors/principles are now accepted cause they usually teach you valuable lessons.

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To be an officer, please ask Maora or inuyashashotty and state why you want to be one. Currently not accepting Admins!


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Club Discussion
Male teacher x female student manga recommendations
2 replies by Mooney21 »»
09-16-14, 8:38 AM
Female Teacher x Male Student Anime/Manga
4 replies by greed2 »»
05-31-14, 1:35 AM
Sticky: Missing Titles from our Relations List ( 1 2 3 )
105 replies by kentick »»
05-28-14, 6:38 PM
Best Student x Teacher Relationship Manga?
10 replies by thisguy2011 »»
08-01-13, 4:34 PM
I'm looking for manga
1 replies by LillyCait »»
04-23-13, 1:28 PM

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Club Comments

Nur1999 | 08-28-14, 1:42 PM
could someone recommend a good male teacher and female student anime. :)

RenaPsychoKiller | 07-16-14, 6:14 AM
It does seem inactive, just like most MAL clubs. D:

HELLSATAN | 06-08-14, 8:00 AM
hey is thia club dead or something I don't see any activity

Lyos18 | 07-01-13, 1:32 PM

Please Join us

QueueQ | 12-28-12, 2:18 AM
Just wondering if, Kiss X Sis should be on the manga list for teacher relationships.

abdelhamid474 | 08-01-12, 12:47 PM
that's right its lacking in that area Ms x Ft and i don't know the reason but really there a lot of fans in that area manga and anime
and I don't see Asa Made Jugyou Chu! i will watch it because your rec.
and about gokusen i really love that anime i watched it before but i don't read the manga i will get it and read it because from what you say it will be awesome

thisguy2011 | 08-01-12, 8:43 AM
I completely agree. Thats an area that's completely lacking. And i'm not into hentai so Onegai Teacher is all there is for me.

I've watched one called Asa Made Jugyou Chu! its pretty good the manga is too.

If you liked gokusen then i really really really suggest you read the manga. even though you say you don't like to read manga it brings the story to the conclusion that we SxT fans look for. I wont spoil it for you but it goes way past the anime. I think you can skip to chapter around chapter thirty since you already watched the anime

mS x fT isnt very common in manga either but there are far more than in animes

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