Mirajane "The Demon, Mira" Strauss

Mirajane Strauss

Fairy Tail
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Fairy Tail OVA
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Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko
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Fairy Tail (2014)
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Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry
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Fairy Tail OVA (2016)
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Fairy Tail: Final Series
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Fairy Tail
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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
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Mirajane Strauss (ミラジェーン・ストラウス)

Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: S-Class Mage, Fairy Tail Head Waitress

Mirajane is the cover girl or drawing point of Fairy Tail. She is 19 years old, an S-class mage, model to Sorcerer Magazine, and the older sister of Elfman and Lisanna. When Mirajane was an S-class mage, she was known as "The Demon." However, due to a past incident involving the death of her younger sister, Lisanna, Mirajane somehow lost much of her magical ability and her will to fight. Given the recent event of Elfman regaining his lost abilities and Mirajane's increased confidence, Mirajane may someday regain her abilities and move forward with her life.

Mirajane plays a motherly role within the guild, and is often seen running the bar at the guild hall. She has rarely been shown to be in a bad mood, and can tolerate all of the guild's eccentricities. However, there have been a couple incidents that have disturbed Mirajane, including her discovery of the stealing of an S-Class job by Natsu, Happy and Lucy, and her later disappointment with Laxus following the destruction of the guild building. When she was younger, she was also very bold, brash, and temperamental, more specifically to her comrade Erza. She was described as infamous amongst guilds and criminals alike. However, this changed after her younger sisters death.

Mirajane got her name from an online video game Hiro Mashima was playing while he created her.

Voice Actors
Rial, Monica
Ono, Ryouko
Song, Do Yeong
Saddy, Flávia
Portuguese (BR)
Mitsching, Lisa
Marot, Kelly
Damasio, Emanuela
Andrés, Eva

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