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Diabolik Lovers More,Blood

Alternative Titles

English: Diabolik Lovers II: More,Blood
Synonyms: Diabolik Lovers 2nd Season, Diabolik Lovers Second Season


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Sep 24, 2015 to Dec 10, 2015
Premiered: Fall 2015
Broadcast: Thursdays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Zexcs
Source: Visual novel
Duration: 12 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 6.091 (scored by 28,036 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #71122
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1377
Members: 59,105
Favorites: 363


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Feb 6, 2016
xgreeneyednekox (All reviews)
Ok, so, only me finds that comma in-between “more” and “blood” to be awfully distracting? Like what does it mean? “More” Diabolik Lovers, version “Blood”?


Anyway! With no further ado, let me get into this. I have a confession to make: this season has become a freakin guilty pleasure for me. It’s still bad, consistency committed suicide like any other sense of ethics and morales I could expect, but goddamn it, it’s painful to say that I actually did come to like the Mukami brothers…or some parts of them at least.


This second season makes me actually re-think the rating read more
Dec 13, 2015
Wasshio (All reviews)
I just thought a question towards this show. Why did this got a sequel, when the first season was the utter definition of reverse harem done wrong on so many levels, with almost no redeeming quality to it or any rewatching value, or, the amount of budget or sales this get? It's like there are shows that deserve a sequel (example Spice and Wolf and Panty and Stocking), and there and others that do not deserve it for a lot of reason (Example Infinite Stratos and Tokyo Ghoul, even Maken-ki!). This, right here in front of your eyes and body, is the definition of an read more
Dec 9, 2015
meg2541 (All reviews)
This season was, again, outstanding, that's what I give it.

#1 reason I love this season of the series, the story. The plot of the story, even though I've never played the game, is breathe taking. It captures the imagination of the viewers and they can't stop watching.

#2 is the characters. Each character plays a great roles surrounding the heroine of this story. She has a way of changing each and every one of them in their daily lives. It's not just about them drinking her blood it's more to it than that.

#3 is the music & art. The music they use for each episode is read more
Dec 22, 2015
La_Matona301 (All reviews)
My DiaLover More Blood Review:

Story: Mediocre 5.
Art: Poor 3.
Sound: Good 7.
Character: Fair 6.
Enjoyment: Fair 6.
Overall: Poor 3.

Ok, after watching the last episode, I can't help but wonder and say "WTF, THAT"S IT, NOTHING CLIMATIC THAT GONNA HAPPEN???!!!"But will get to that, so. Story (up) despite of the changes in property possession ( and I' taking about pancake, M neko chan, Bitch Chan or Livestock) nothing has change at all , this still the girl whose being used by another group of property owners as their own personal blood ATM, and as usual there is no one to save her, now forget about the new read more
Aug 24, 2017
sterrebloem (All reviews)
How to have a great night with your fellow nerd friends:

step 1.) skip this damn anime
step 2.) if you happen to fail step one, get yourself some alcohol. This author recommends a dash of malibu coconut rum mixed with some cola.
step 3.) play the following drinking game; http://missfrancesxd.tumblr.com/post/102982668560/diabolik-lovers-drinking-game

Additional rules, in case you really want to forget you ever watched this cinematic crafted piece of well polished but poorly constructed trash can;

1. Drink when:
* Yui is being called any downgrading nickname (e.g. Pancake, Masochistic Kitten)
* Every time you make a noise in suffering because something unfortunate happened.
* For some reason or another, characters are suddenly in read more
Dec 17, 2015
SaraGold (All reviews)
First of all, it's MUCH better than the first season, which was mediocre at best. This one is just flat out better. If you liked the first season at all, even as a guilty pleasure, (which, honestly, is probably what it is for most of us who got this far) give the second season a chance. Though why it got a second season at all is beyond me... Well, whatever!

WARNING: Spoilers for the end of the first season. And I swear a bit.

Story: 6-ish.

It's not anything revolutionary or anything, but it is there, which is more than I can say about the first series until read more
Nov 25, 2017
Kazuto_Kazuya (All reviews)
Normally, I would say spoiler alert, but nobody cares anymore at this point.


ahahahahahahahahahaha... ahahahahahahaha... ahhh....

No seriously, what?


On a serious level, the art is pretty good. The characters are attractive. The colours are nice. Nothing spectacular, but it's all of good quality. The only nit pick I have are the small parts of noticeably bad CGI (which are bearable).

On a less serious level, the art is hilarious. There are parts where clothes are just floating in the air (such as younger Ayato's suspenders from last season, or Yui's shorts from this season). The first episode has a scene where the car was just read more
Mar 29, 2017
Geniusesto (All reviews)
after watching this i had to see a therapist. the story is so weird. in other word the girl is getting raped by sucking her blood from different vampire, and she is the kind of person that's so stupid and doesn't learn from the 1st time. she keeps going to different vampire every episode, and it ends up in the same way. in the end i feel its an anime that should have never got a season 2. and should have never been aired either. its one of the most stupid and annoying anime that i have ever watched in my life. i want refund read more
Dec 28, 2015
TokikoTsukito (All reviews)
I love this story i have always wanted to play the games, the Mukami and Sakamaki family are given more than a few chances to develop their story but it mostly just ends up with them "biting into an apple". Well Yui/Eve's neck. And whats with all the bath scenes?! At least undress Shuu first...

Laito, Azusa, kou, Shuu and Subaru's voice actors match their character perfectly. However i'm not keen on Kanato's VA... To be honest i would swap out Disuke for Junichi and move Disuke to Reiji but it goes well

Can't wait until Dark Fate comes out and this season has only read more
Dec 9, 2015
HeatGirlJ (All reviews)
I find that the art of this anime really has the ability to capture my attention, with much detail going into the characters to add to their individual character. The plot I feel is more orientated towards the character development and the romance, although from what I have seen I would still say that the other elements interests me. However, this ambiguity of plot may be a deliberate element of the anime, helping to pull you into it as you wish for a better understanding.

I thoroughly enjoy its reverse harem format, as that adds to the character development element. Overall, I have enjoyed following read more
Jul 4, 2017
Ishika_B (All reviews)
Wow! what a season!. Honestly i was even more surprised when they brought back the same plot, concept, characters, blood sucking intent and misogyny in season 2.

Story 10/10
How can i even begin, i have no words. I love how they carried out the same plot all the viewers hated the most and stayed true to its premise of a girl getting sucked on every 4 seconds by 9 guys multiple times an episode, and thats about it. Yeah that's about it, its simple, concise, and you'll most likely relate to how yui feels as you;re gonna get several headaches and concussions hitting your read more
Dec 20, 2015
SailorJenny95 (All reviews)
This is going to be short and sweet because there's really not that much material to review with Diabolik Lovers.

For those who have seen season 1: If you're looking for an improved story line and an actual plot, you aren't going to find it here. More Blood is just as pointless as season 1. So if you didn't like the first season you probably won't like this one either. Don't waste your time unless you're only watching it to see the pretty boys.

For those who haven't seen season 1: If you're looking for some great vampire romance series that has some deep meaning and plot, read more
Dec 29, 2016
Ballira (All reviews)
I'll begin by saying this: I have no real idea why I watched this second 'season'. I hated the first season with a passion. The idea of watching anymore seemed like torture. So... most likely it was morbid curiosity and my own obsessive compulsive issues that drove me to watch this

Thankfully teach episode is still only half the length of most animes, coming in at around twelve and a half minutes each. This includes the intro, outro and 'sneak peek' at the next episode. That made it tolerable enough, I suppose.

Sadly, it's still just this side of being another 'force' hentai. (I'm not really read more
Nov 30, 2016
CrossWiredGarden (All reviews)
Story -3-
The story of Diabolik Lovers: More Blood follows Yui as she continues her life with the vicious vampires. However, this time a new group kidnaps her. They seem to think that her blood is that of ‘Eve’ and by drinking that blood she gives them the power of ‘Adam.' It is never really explained what these powers would do, and if they were, it was glanced over.
That is the whole story, with a lot of biting. There wasn’t real depth, and there truly was nothing unique about the story line. It was clear that it was pulling straight from the game that it read more
Feb 27, 2016
VegetaOver9000 (All reviews)
Diabolik Lovers: More Blood in a word: SuchEdge

As if one season of this wasn't enough, the anime world blessed us with another! Diabolik Lovers: More Blood (or 'Return of the Edge').

The makers of this anime must of been like "Hmm...how can we make this better. Add more vampires with little to no character depth!!! Perfect."

Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did! Why? I like yelling at 12+ edge-y vampire men to staph thinking that they are so cool. It's a hobby of mine.

This is pretty much just like the first season. Flat characters and poor story. All the guys are jerks, the girl is an read more
Feb 6, 2016
SamanthaKB (All reviews)
I'm writing this review for the entire series because you can easily explain one while describing the other.

When I came across the first episode (season 1) I didn't have high standards set in place, I was just looking to kill some time and decided to try out this show because my friend thought it was "sooooooooooooooo good". The first episode revealed to me the typical harem girl (who had an adorable outfit by the way) surrounded by all the generic boys on the checklist of a reverse harem anime.
What interested me was the fact that they didn't all want to be her friend or read more
Jan 8, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)
Well, this was a step up from season one. If I'm being honest, I hated season one. I just found it to b a whole lot of rape and assault with a sudden random story line thrown in at the end. While season 2 was by no means a masterpiece, I would encourage everyone who despised the first season to stick around at least to read this.

To begin with, I have to say that I might be a little biased because I read the manga. In the manga, all the character have more personality, including Yui (if only by a bit), most don't assault her, read more
Jan 29, 2016
milkyvenus_ (All reviews)
An important introduction is that this is DELIBERATELY trash, a poor serie to publicize the game. A lot of people say that the story in the game and the gameplay in general is waaaY better
Basically It's like abuse all the time, like they wanna do an hentai but without sex
THE STORY: (kind spoiler alert)
The story is just pointless, nothing happens till 8th episode
I haven't seen the first season but there's nothing special to know
This girl (Yui) starts living with 6 vampires (all stepbrothers), the Sakamaki, for no reason basically. but in the second season it's introduced another family of Vampires, not brothers (that read more
Dec 20, 2015
0oblivionsoul0 (All reviews)
TL;dr: Better than the first season in character category, but oh wait, lets confuse everyone with this whole Eve ordeal, make you question things and then nothing will be answered and the ending just makes you more confused. Oh and should be called "Diabolik Lovers: More Hornballs" or "More stupidity." Is the actual otome this bad cause apparently it is pretty popular??

Story: This brings a new set of vampires who are like "I want your blood cause your Eve" and yammering about it nonstop. Now what is Eve and why does this make her a special snowflake? Well the anime decided to say, nah you read more
Jul 17, 2016
Blacklegionluv (All reviews)
Well I'm back to review season 2 of this show, let me tell you,I really wasn't expecting much after that horrible first season. And I don't know if it was cause of me doing that that anything would impress me or because it was true, but I did end up liking this more than the first season so I'll rate it one higher than the first season. Now that's not saying much though, going from a 2 to a 3 isn't something to write home about. It was still a pathetic season but I actually enjoyed a couple scenes here and there this time around.

With read more