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May 11, 2020
In short: The only redeeming point of this manga for me was the art. There was some good sex, but overall Inuzuka is just such a horrible male protagonist that I remained dry as a bone. If you like rape fantasy or like forceful boyfriends you might like this, if you expect something wholesome, stay away.

There's not much else to add besides that tbh, just that maybe I wouldn't have even written a review for this if it didn't have such a high rating and such good reviews. I just fail to understand what is fun about a guy coming off at a girl read more
Feb 8, 2020
I'm absolutely shocked and outraged this anime got only a 6.62 rating on MAL at the time of this review. I can only explain it with two reasons:

1. People gave this a try and dropped it the moment they figured out it was a reverse harem.
2. The comedy just didn't work for them.

Both of those reasons are fair in a way, you are free to not like reverse harems, even though I think they always come with an unfair prejudice I don't feel harem shows (generally directed to straight men) are subjected to the same treatment even if they can equal in read more
Dec 5, 2019
Honestly. there's really not much to say about this manga besides that it's a pretty standard typical ghost story that works a lot more in rpg format, how it was initially meant to be experienced. You can find the game for free under the name of Forest of drizzling rain if you're interested, but this is a pretty fair adaptation, that even expands on the game, at least from main male protagonist Suga's perspective which was very welcome on my part. (More Suga is never a sin *coughs* stan BTS *coughs* <- no they have nothing to do with eachother besides a BTS member sharing read more
Aug 7, 2017
In short: Entertaining, but don’t expect too much out of it nor attempt to try thinking too much about it.

Let me get this out of the way first: from an Entertainment point of view, it would probably get an 8, really. It’s lighthearted, it’s fun and if you don’t think too much about it, it’s really a must-watch for reverse harems/otome fans. I don’t think it’d be a waste of your time anyway, since it’s so short. What are you waiting for?

But since this aspect is what counts the least for me, let me get to the juice.

From an overall perspective, I seriously read more
Dec 21, 2016
<<In short: It's an overambitious anime that doesn't manage to keep up to its potential.>>

Story & Characters - 3

So, i've been following this anime from the very beginning and I'm not gonna deny, i did get charmed quite fast. Viktor was adorable, Yurio was adorable, Yuri and Viktor's relationship was funny and started to be quite adorable as it progressed and it's a friggin story about skating ! How awesome is that?? But ultimately it's just a story that tries too much with an absolutely atrocious pacing.

It doesn't always manage to express what it wants and there is also a lot of telling instead read more
Dec 14, 2016
I decided to write a review just out of the lack of them this second season has and the lack of different reasons as to why I think somebody that watched the first season of this might enjoy this season too, maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more, but definitely "enjoying".

Story & characters - 8

My experience with this anime introduced from first season started maybe like most of yours did: an anime about magical boys is assured to get some laughs, at worst, it'll be just something cheerfull to watch when you want to shut off your brain, at best it'd be something that's read more
Nov 3, 2016
In one sentence: What is with this OOC-ness?

Story and Characters: 2 (Dreadful)

I'm seriously not trying to be mean, but I feel like I just read an average fanfiction with characters that just resemble the Heart no kuni no Alice ones. Yes, Julius is stubborn and pessimistic but he would never push his reponsabilities regarding Alice onto somebody else or even less try to make her be overly-depedant of him, Ace usually tends to either make me daw or creep the hell out of me, but in this case he did none, he was just used as plot device to be there at the right time read more
Oct 31, 2016
<<In short: it might be one of the best Heart/Clover/Joker no kuni no Alice mangas>>

Before starting though, for those who don't know, this is actually a spin-off manga from the original Heart no kuni no Alice, so I recommend you read that one before this manga to have more context and be able to fully understand this one. Actually, I do strongly recommend to read this after the first Alice manga! So...Off you go to read that one and then come back here! Ok? Good.

Now..I must be honest, when I started this manga, I was in only for the pretty art which Mamenosuke Fujimaru read more
Oct 22, 2016
My story with the Alice in the Country of Hearts series is long, I've been following Hoshino's manga from 2010 when it was initially released and I'm a big fan of the games as well, for as much as I was able to play and it's a great series with great characters and a great concept...However, I have always had an issue with Ace in the manga adaptations; I kinda dislike him. In the games, he comes out as bearable, his personality is justified and delivered quite well, despite him creeping me out for most of his route before that, but he is an interesting read more
Jul 29, 2016
<<This is a review from somebody that has never yet watched the actual NGE series, so I'm mostly writing this to warn people like me that dive into the movie thinking it's ultimately the same thing just with newer animation.>>

Avoid this movie at all costs ( and potentially the next ones if you didn't already like or get intrigued by this one). At best, just go watch the actual NGE and if you like it then only THEN come back and watch this movie. Don't under any means watch it without knowing anything of NGE.

Why? Was it that horrible despite the very high ratings read more