Dec 9, 2015
meg2541 (All reviews)
This season was, again, outstanding, that's what I give it.

#1 reason I love this season of the series, the story. The plot of the story, even though I've never played the game, is breathe taking. It captures the imagination of the viewers and they can't stop watching.

#2 is the characters. Each character plays a great roles surrounding the heroine of this story. She has a way of changing each and every one of them in their daily lives. It's not just about them drinking her blood it's more to it than that.

#3 is the music & art. The music they use for each episode is outstanding and fitting to each scene. The art is also incredible. Just beautiful.

#4 is the enjoyment. I found that once I or anyone who starts watching this series will enjoy this series from beginning to end no matter how boring they think it is.

Overall this series and 2nd season was just amazing. Can't wait for more Diabolik Lovers.