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August 1992
July 30, 2011
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FreakyGhost | Yesterday, 6:53 AM
I see you managed to get one working :D for your list!

Stark700 | 02-28-14, 10:00 PM
Avatar on forums or profile?

EliteShadowMan | 02-23-14, 9:19 AM
Dat animation though.

-hydro | 02-14-14, 12:16 AM
It's an Utaite called 96Neko. It's not from an anime or manga, unfortunately.

EliteShadowMan | 02-12-14, 7:48 AM
I've had the bluray for both seasons for a good year now and have yet to watch more than 2-3 episodes lol. I already started watching it subbed, so maybe if i ever do a rewatch i'll try dub.

Ilena | 02-10-14, 5:56 AM
The ending of the first season was very disappointing to me. I think it's still possible for them to make a second season (it would be too expensive to re-do the first season, though). They could just start with the seven ghosts, and perhaps later re-do the ending of season one as bonus episodes. I think the English dub is particularly awful, though. However, there is one episode where I like it (with young Clare and Teresa when Teresa cries. It's a lot more sensitive in English).

I never really liked Rigardo that much. Claymore certainly has some amazing villains. Obviously Priscilla, but the much different Riful is an excellent villain, and Roxanne is just...the worst creature ever! I liked Ophelia in the end, but she is a shocking enemy, especially in the anime. They did a great job with her! The Organization is just so bone-chilling, also.

Ilena | 02-10-14, 5:49 AM

Ilena | 02-09-14, 6:04 PM
I used to have a diverse top 10 character list, but all but 1 spot is filled by can't be helped.

EliteShadowMan | 09-21-13, 4:34 PM
LOL no Love Labs a comedy for sure. I dont add Hentai to my list anyway.

Yeah i saw that trailer a month ago. Would be a great parody movie

SHINOKAZI09 | 05-20-13, 4:59 PM
Been watching some animes but if u havent watched it, i suggest "Guitly Crown" I rather liked it, its very interesting.

Silion | 01-06-13, 5:12 AM
^^ Im fine aswell today is my last holiday day tomorrow school............ ^^

:) glad to hear you are allright (I should come "on" on steam more often I think XD :D )

Silion | 01-03-13, 9:17 AM
Happy New YEAR Immortal :)

hope you are allright :)

FreakyGhost | 12-03-12, 5:54 AM
Got it on dvd ages ago, didnt check the stats tab did you :P

FreakyGhost | 08-24-12, 2:17 PM
Happy B-Day! :P

EliteShadowMan | 08-19-12, 12:53 PM
From what I've seen Shiros voice sucks, but the rest is ok.

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