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09-14-14, 6:27 AM
June 30, 1993
Tours, France
something at homail d...
August 22, 2010
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Keisuka_Watsushi | 11-06-13, 8:47 AM
Mais oui c'est fabuleux ! *_*
Pourquoi personne n'insulte ma MAL à moi ?

MKG39 | 09-09-13, 2:02 PM
Le mec, il se fait insulter sur sa MAL par des anglophones.

blkmage | 09-07-13, 12:06 PM
total eclipse 3/10
confirmed hitler

Marow | 09-07-13, 12:05 PM
You like Sabas and Teekyuu, so you're a good person.

Disgaeamad | 09-07-13, 11:54 AM
stinky fuckin stinx

hiyori-tama | 09-07-13, 9:24 AM
You have pretty good taste but I'm still gonna call you a faggot.

Zeiadn | 09-07-13, 6:49 AM
Dude,you really need to read the Steins;gate visual novel,get mindfucked 24/7,SNK'S only fucking flaw is that ppl just die,without any progress,come at me with any flaw u find else,i'll object it insta,based on facts.

Zeiadn | 09-07-13, 6:42 AM
Free! : 8/10
Naruto : 8/10
Mahou shoujo nanoha : 9/10
FMA : 9/10 WHILE FMA BH 5/10
Fate/Zero,Kara no Kyoukai(the flawless anime,no plotholes or any lack of developments) 5/10 and 8/10
Kill Yourself.

retepeters | 09-07-13, 6:11 AM
"If you liked

...then you might like
Shingeki no Kyojin"
"you should avoid those shows because they are very stupid in my honest opinion"

in my honest opinnion you are a retard

Flawfinder | 07-11-13, 5:33 PM
*Looks through his MAL rankings*

Your taste is shit, Stinky.

sn0w | 06-24-13, 8:17 AM
Can't green text here, summer.

Souva | 06-24-13, 6:31 AM
Ce qu'on peut voir appelé "génie" dans ces deux animes, c'est essentiellement dans la forme que prend l'histoire ou le rendu visuel en soit. Mais alors, ce n'est effectivement pas du génie, Steins;Gate c'est surtout un gros amoncellement de cliffhangers et de références réalistes, et Shingeki, tout est du au talent des animateurs x)

Ecoute, je te remercie parce que ça fait bien longtemps que j'ai vu et noté Steins;Gate, mais j'ai jamais pris de recul sur la façon dont je le présentais dans mon AnimeList xD

Yatew | 06-24-13, 6:16 AM
Hi, Mr.

I don't know anything about SnK

But I'm curious to know why you say "shit" for Stein;Gate? Plz

Sorry! but this was the biggest shock -_____-

CherryAqua | 06-24-13, 5:58 AM
That recommendation was...too abject -_-
Just say'n...

sn0w | 06-24-13, 5:24 AM
Your moms overrated, last night was nothing like what they said it'd be like.

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