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Macross Δ
Macross Δ
May 1, 10:06 PM
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
May 1, 7:15 PM
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Madan no Ou to Vanadis
Madan no Ou to Vanadis
Apr 26, 2:36 PM
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Apr 25, 12:26 PM
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Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Apr 22, 10:48 AM
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Ethereid Yesterday, 5:13 AM
Yeah Melty Blood is great. There are a few characters that are Melty Blood exclusive in the game though (but it is the sequel to Tsukihime more or less).
About that anime...don't watch it.
It can get pretty dark, yes. I highly recommend the visual novel if you have time. It is old in terms of art, but it's fantastic otherwise. Probably my second favorite VN behind MLA. There is also a remake of the VN in the works with some new designs for some of the characters already revealed.
The manga follows one of Arcueid's routes and adds in some extra stuff not shown in the

Nice! I will definitely keep an eye on it then. I will probably read it first.

I was referring to MLA Chronicles.
Ah, ok good to know. Well good luck learning Japanese, I only know a bit, but damn that is a hard language to learn. At least for me.

Well I believe most of that stuff is getting localized thanks to the kickstarter right?

Ethereid Apr 28, 11:36 AM
Ok I will check them out when I get some more time.
That would make sense.
Damn, nice video there. Is it fully translated yet?

How are you liking Sousei no Onmyouji? I was thinking of starting that when I get some more free time.

I also see you are reading Tsukihime...liking it so far?

Sorry for the awfully late response.
link9us Apr 27, 2:25 AM
Another one is Kuroko no Basket, ive seen in this way to many recommendations list to pass this one up.
link9us Apr 25, 6:45 PM
I told you my reasons already for that. I am not very fond of a series that is purely comedy for the most part. Not only that but episodic in nature. I just can't see my self watching 100's of episodes.

Or so i thought.. recently i have done more research on it and found that the major selling point of the series is how it can switch gears unexpectedly, providing you a more broader outlook at a mix and mash of various different genre's kind of rolled into one. So its not really the pure comedy that makes it worthwhile but rather its ability to be dynamic and to incorporate virtually every genre in anime.

I have also heard that when gintama makes that sort of shift to drama, mecha, shonen, slice of life, mature rated, etc. It really knocks it out of the park. Now thats hard to imagine honestly, i mean watching a series you can't really take to seriously due to the lightheartedness and more mild undertones, but suddenly when you get to the more serous arcs and its like watching a clash in Fate zero quality. Yeah that honestly intrigues me.

But its still something i have to get into some how and there is alot of other anime series i really want to watch. Well one piece being the major next large series since i finished all other long running shonen's. I really want to catch up with that show considering what is going on now. I will get around to it eventually though.

So with that being said, it could be something that i could gravitate towards, i would actually planning on watching it
link9us Apr 25, 11:32 AM
The one bout one punch man. Yeah i saw. I also saw a review on another video for anime suggestions, indicating one punch man is not just all bout the action but has a great story to. Well i don't know. one day i'll check it out but its not on my top radar right now.
link9us Apr 25, 8:29 AM
link9us Apr 23, 9:46 AM
Naww, im not really fond of the manga. That is why its taken me forever to finish it. Its a bit draggy in places and the art style leaves alot to be desired. I do really enjoy the anime though and i feel that the anime did a much better job with its pacing and the animation it self is vividly much more cleaner and colorful then the manga.

Oh and incase your looking at my list. i did NOT just watch Shichinin no Nana lol. I saw this quite along time ago how ever i guess MAL incorrectly labled it as 26/25, so i had to update my entry to fix that. I was showing my sister one of the worst anime's that i have seen.
Ethereid Apr 11, 6:44 AM
I played Muv-Luv originally quite a while ago, so I have been somewhat out of the loop in that regard. Yeah I remember those characters.
Ah I see. I will definitely play that when it is done!
I knew about the kickstarter, which is why I mentioned a few comments ago that I'm waiting for the localized release.

Sorry for the late reply btw, been VERY busy lately.
Indigo-san Apr 8, 3:26 PM
Konbanwa, comrade!
I just got here by chance and decided to leave you a message.
You've got some insane list and a lot of treasures in it.
Sadly your ML spoiler section seems to be down. I was pretty interested in it......if it wasn't chomp gifs all around.
By the way, since I've missed the kickstarter - do you know if there will be a retail (collector's) edition of the trilogy on amazon or anything or was it exclusive?
Last thing to say is I share your opinion about the routes.
I started Extra in February and found it pretty amusing and lovely sometimes. Especially Sumika, Meiya and Tama routes were very much fun for me. Unlimited totally got me with the first ending, which was also Meiya for me. Just finished MLA yesterday and right after that roller coaster ride of feels the ending hit me like a fckng Stratos.
Now wishing for Extra-Marimo to cheer me up thrice, but instead I'm treating myself with Total Eclipse, Schwarzesmarken and the side-story VNs, *sigh*...
Well, I'll take my leave now.
Take care!
Legendzerox Apr 6, 11:25 AM
Blahblahblah the Band is named Fuuka. Yeah I know. You can say all you want, you like it, good for you. From his other works, this one early on was poorly done and rushed. You can accept that I detest his latest work.
Ethereid Apr 4, 5:55 AM
No worries. I've been pretty busy lately, so my I haven't had much time to respond myself. Oh I will for sure and I don't bother looking into or about a series til I've finished it to keep from spoiling myself. Interesting, I'll keep that in mind when I read it. What is KGNE?

I was hoping to watch more MSG this past weekend, but got totally side tracked with other stuff :/
Legendzerox Apr 1, 4:43 AM
You seem to not understand why I'm pissed off. The whole manga for which I read was half assed, including Fuuka's death. No buildup whatsoever, things just happened. How Fuuka got killed by a truck going 5 mph and why the fuck the truck driver decided to push on the accelerator instead of wait is beyond me. So no I won't finish this crap fest of a manga when Seo himself doesn't even take it seriously. Also about all his mangas sharing the same world, I know.
Ethereid Mar 29, 8:56 PM
Eh I'm not so sure ending it there would have been the best option. Right when he gets his powers and stuff and the other characters wouldn't have gotten as much development. Not that they didn't get shafted or anything later on lol...

I've listened to the Ocean dub back when they first came out with it (before I even knew DBZ was a Japanese show.) I was not a fan at all of it compared to the Funimation dub.

I heard that that game wasn't very well received, then again I've never played a game in that series (it's a mix of two series though right?) If you have a Vita you should check out the Danganronpa franchise and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Both are fantastic and are by far and away my favorite games for the Vita.
I've never heard of Omega. Whenever I see games from that series though, they always have low scores and yet I see people raving about them, so I get confused. Low scores don't dissuade me from buying/enjoying a game however.

That's more than I have haha. Yeah the tbs are pretty cheap these days.

I just started MSG and man I was thrown off guard by how old school and goofy it is. I mean that in the best way possible though. It definitely reminds me of Battleship Yamato a bit, though I don't remember which one came first. It is certainly different from 0083 in scale, at least where I'm at, but I'm sure it grows larger later on.

Ok, once I'm in the mood to read some more manga, I'll definitely hit those up first.
Twice? Damn you have a lot of spare time my friend.

Yeah I almost spit out my drink when he yelled that.

The movies are just recaps from what I understand with only a some extra bits thrown in there. I'm not expecting them to expand on much if anything.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the characters to be the weakest part of the series though, nobody memorable whatsoever, except maybe Cima who I found badass (and got a shit end which made me mad lol.) I found Nina to be slightly annoying throughout the show, but man the last episode made no sense with her. She nearly shoots Uraki and then it's all fine and dandy in the last scene when they reunite. Like what? Also, all the infighting confused me at first, especially since I didn't know who the Axis fleet was for the longest time (just me being a Gundam newbie and all.) So when all the double crossing started happening I was lost for a bit.

For real.

I agree with all your points, though the negatives irked me a bit more so I couldn't give it an 8 (I rate fairly hard though.) I was SUPER pissed they fucked up Beatrix's...

She was also just completely flat as a character throughout the show, as I have said before. Apparently she is Kouki's favorite character from the series so here is to hoping she gets more screen time in part 2.

Regarding KNIM, I'll plan to finish it, if for nothing but the art. I'm right near the end anyways. I enjoyed Suzuka way back when I read it years ago. I never liked Eba so that really turned me off when I was reading KNIM. I haven't been in the mood to read manga lately, but along with reading the Muv-Luv stuff I'll finish this. I just wish it wasn't quite as haremy and was more like Suzuka.
CynicalBritannia Mar 28, 4:09 PM
"Is it just me or is your first four favorite anime meant to bait people into watching series that borrowed/ripped off or feels suspiciously like Muv-Luv? xD"
Nah, I just liked those series genuinely lol.
But yeah I'm fine with SM's scoring right now, even if it's a little behind total eclipse. We both know if it's 2 cour, it can be potentially a 10/10 material haha.
Temujjin Mar 24, 3:37 PM
I'm glad to hear that. Then i can assume you're a native english speaker.