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Favorite Anime
Eureka Seven
Eureka Seven add
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi add
Tekkon Kinkreet
Tekkon Kinkreet add
Paprika add
Redline add

Favorite Manga
Bakuman. add
Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke add
The Flowers of Evil
The Flowers of Evil add
Koukou Debut
Koukou Debut add
The Bride of the Water God
The Bride of the Water God add

Favorite Characters
Niizuma, Eiji
Mustang, Roy
Azuma, Yuuhei
Sakamoto, Yuuji
Takasu, Ryuuji
Tanabe, Setsuko
Satou, Jun
Hergal, Azel
Doi, Shinpei
Rammsteiner, Haine

Favorite People
Morimoto, Kouji
Morimoto, Kouji
Kobayashi, Yuu
Kobayashi, Yuu
Sakurai, Takahiro
Sakurai, Takahiro
Yoon, Mi-Kyung
Yoon, Mi-Kyung
Uchiyama, Kouki
Uchiyama, Kouki
Hosoda, Mamoru
Hosoda, Mamoru

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Time (Days) 32.1
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Completed 458
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Plan to Watch 81
Total Entries 646

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Time (Days) 27.4
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Completed 63
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Dropped 9
Plan to Read 9
Total Entries 162

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Favorite Singers from Anime
08-30-14, 1:51 AM Edited 08-30-14, 1:52 AM
Favorite Artists/Character Designers
06-19-14, 11:06 PM Edited 07-11-14, 5:46 AM

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mahirou | Yesterday, 10:29 PM
Happy birthday

Metty | Yesterday, 12:33 PM
Happy Birthday Naru

RandomChampion | Yesterday, 11:33 AM
happy birthday holmes

Kineta | Yesterday, 11:31 AM
Happy Birthday, Naru! I was waiting for you to come online on IRC, but then I realised that this will be my 4th year running of wishing you a Happy Birthday on your profile. Can't miss that :)

I hope you had an awesome weekend and an even better day!

RazorRamona200 | Yesterday, 10:35 AM
Hey.....Hey, hey,hey wat's taking so long for you guys to post the characters info from "Himegoto?"

arsonal | Yesterday, 2:37 AM
Happy birthday, Naru!

cyruz | Yesterday, 2:31 AM
Hi Naru. I wish you a very happy a birthday! I hope you have a great week, get to meet your friends and family, and possibly get a few very nice birthday presents, too! =D

Snakes | 08-31-14, 11:33 AM
Happy birthday, my favourite Naru! I'll be on irc later to say hi too! Take care of yourself and I look forward to talking to you. Hope you have a really solid day.


Mensa_C37 | 08-30-14, 11:26 PM
To Naruleach's

I'm sure by now you've noticed the SSJMaster problem on MAL. I don't know if it's much help, But I've sent in the correct synopsis's for roughly 20 or so of the edited anime. I've listed the correct name of the series/movie (either English or Japanese) and the actual synopsis, taken from Anime News Network.

I hope these will eb useful in solving the issue.

Dunois | 08-23-14, 6:16 AM
Naru, why do you have such a thug profile picture?

Metty | 08-19-14, 1:35 PM
Second season of Kuragehime is needed.

Thanks, I'll look into those. :)

Frost_Kiss | 08-17-14, 7:06 AM
I added one OVA call "No, Thank you" I checked the denied list and it's not there plus it is not in MAL. So did my request reached or should I added it one more time? :O

Metty | 08-15-14, 8:46 AM
I'd enjoy it more if it would finish downloading :(
4 -15 kB/sec hurts
But yes, I am enjoying it. I feel like I'm running out of good anime to watch though. Any suggestions?

Baddie007 | 08-10-14, 10:59 AM
Yeah he already told me, I'm just wonder why you guys haven't posted it yet.

Besides, he did took the time to do it, so give the guy some credit.

Baddie007 | 08-10-14, 10:37 AM
Hey, Miss Moderator, how come the character submission of raijin and Inokawa hasn't been posted on the anime Abarenbou Kishi!! Matsutarou character list?

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