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04-22-14, 8:58 AM
January 8,
Germany, Lucy's room
October 31, 2012
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on semi-hiatus
~replies will be late~

my adorable dork <3

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"I believe that stories are written and read in order to rebel against the fact that you only live once."
- Little Busters, Nishizono Mio

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chaosflame5 | Today, 1:32 AM
MAL got errors again T__T IMG BBCode automatically converts to HTML codes which makes images in club descriptions and profile About Me sections disappear! So do not change anything in both for the time being. MAL is fixing it now...I hope :s

Lyfa | Yesterday, 7:19 AM
Sylph's CardShop Tiny Staff Update
Sended to all active staffmembers
As it says this is a tiny staffupdate and not the actual staffupdate for may. I'd like to ask you all for you're opinion in this small update.
I thought it was fun to base the monthly and weekly edition of may in 1 theme. So I was thinking the theme to be Sport
This means the Monthly Edition's theme will be Sport BUT for the weekly editions I need 4 different sports for each week.
Now my question is, could you all select 2 sports you like pls?:) Then the most popular ones will get an edition we could do 5-6 to if more are popular, much appreciated.

- Lyfa

Lady-Michaelis | Yesterday, 3:40 AM
☆’゜ : * :・Lady-Michaelis's : * :・’゜☆


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Heiwajima_Mayu | 04-22-14, 11:14 AM
Thanks <3

musicalsushi | 04-22-14, 10:35 AM
Aww thank you so much!!!
And a Happy Easter to you as well!!!!

Going back to your earlier message
My neighbor IS getting mad.....but he's an angry person to begin with
I sometimes can't fall asleep either :(

-Luzifer- | 04-22-14, 9:58 AM
aww, so hübsch <3 Vielen lieben Dank!~ Kann zwar nicht mit ner Karte erwidern, aber ich hoff natürlich das du nu viele Ostereier in deinem Körbchen hast *g*

Intertnets | 04-21-14, 10:07 PM

Siion | 04-21-14, 4:29 PM
Almost forgot all about Easter. Thank you ;)

billyq14 | 04-21-14, 2:22 PM
hahahaha how can you not know xD

trust me it will change your life O.O
hahaha am trying to finish this anime xD
yeah it is but what can i do about it :/

DragniMDragnivat | 04-21-14, 1:24 PM
Thank you! \\>o<//
Happy late Easter to you too!
Sorry i don't have anything to give you back. ;_;
Also reply is gonna come soon (i really hope),so just you know i haven't forgotten!

Athalon-Zero | 04-21-14, 12:35 PM
y not LOL
tmi face is fun LOL
*pokes emoticon and removes mouth*

chaosflame5 | 04-21-14, 12:20 PM
I see xD Then take care ^^ Sleep early if possible.
Thankies :33
Ok ^^ And I didn't forget the ultra long reply either, lol xD

Knightwalker08 | 04-21-14, 12:08 PM

Athalon-Zero | 04-21-14, 12:08 PM
lol poking them to the tmi face is fun LOL
from ^^ to >< lol

billyq14 | 04-21-14, 12:01 PM
hahaha how can it be so shocking xD

i shall take a picture and send it to you!!!!!
nope!! i haven't finished the anime from two seasons ago yet :D
because my father is incapable of keeping any promise he makes to his children thats why it fell apart!!!!

thanks happy easter to you too!!!

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