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January 9, 1987
April 13, 2007
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Favorite character for 10 years and going strong!

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PGit | Yesterday, 12:44 AM
How are you finding Vivid, as for me, i'm finding it to be the worst series of Nanoha yet. The story is going nowhere, the new characters are unengaging; it doesn't feel like Nanoha.

Kuma-Kuma | 05-01-15, 5:34 PM
oh well. i started it so i'll finish it :)

Kuma-Kuma | 04-30-15, 8:02 PM
i bet lol :)

what? the manga never takes place on the battlefield. so basically there is no bad guy?
i now have no hope in this series.

we'll shall see but from what you just told me i'm not that excited. it'll just remind me of Infinite Stratos minus the harem

Kuma-Kuma | 04-30-15, 7:47 PM
i read the 1st 5 chapters of the manga before i gave up manga altogether so i know what you mean. StrikerS disappointed me a bit probably because it was 26 long episodes and they introduced too many characters. hopefully Vivid redeems itself soon but i doubt it.

i've only seen 2 episodes of Vivid so far and it hasn't excited me yet

even less Fate in this series. i'm sad :(

Kuma-Kuma | 04-30-15, 7:01 PM
why don't you like it?
not enough Fate for you?

Kuma-Kuma | 04-30-15, 5:20 PM
you enjoying the new season of MSLN?

Smexy | 04-30-15, 8:55 AM
ahh i just noticed. MAL breaks img links too easy :<

I'm pretty biased about nanoha stuff so you cant trust me on this. I really like it. Really cute series so far.

Kitsune_Kun | 04-29-15, 6:45 PM
thank you

sirwence | 04-27-15, 9:13 PM
Well I mean the whole Tea somehowmangestooverpowernanoha thing I was like uhhhhhhhhhhh lel Just felt like they made an excuse to Nerf the Yuri Power Duo so the new characters could be .. uhmm.. useful?

sirwence | 04-27-15, 7:17 PM
:3 indeed and my feeling that they sort of just nerfed or tried to nerf Nanoha and Fate to a degree to allow other characters to be 'strong'

aiueowave | 04-24-15, 10:10 AM
About Einhart VA I think that I used to her I think it need time to get used..
My first time hearing her voice in PSP was really big dissapoint.

Hmm I still can't find your comment about Einhart's VA it looks like it got deleted.

Fateism | 04-23-15, 8:17 PM
It's insane that you've been admiring Fate for over 10 years. Truly an inspiration to us all, and what I respect most about you. But then again, it's only natural something like that would happen. I mean, it is Fate after all. I know my admiration for her hasn't waned in the slightest. In fact, it has only since grown.

Your club dedicated to our lovely Fate-Chan is pretty much the only club I bother posting in and feel at home at. I'm sure you've seen many avid Fate fans over the years. I am simply glad to be part of such a wonderful group. It's good to know there will always be a place for me on MAL to feel welcomed at. So yeah, thank you for making a place for all of us to interact in. Better you than some inactive user that would have been gone by now, I'd say!

Apologizes for the random comment out of nowhere. Your 10 year old statement just sparked a fire in me that insisted on posting this. Fate can do these kinds of thing, I guess. A testament of her divine will.

DemonHunterSaya | 04-21-15, 2:12 PM
Just finished Nanoha A's. I've been meaning to get around to it for like 2 years now, but I never did. So your recommendation reminded me :D

It was good. I like the focus on action and all of the new characters. They all blended really well into the existing storyline. Hayate's staff is pretty cool too.

I've just started watching StrikerS now. I love it. I love the older character designs! I may like older Nanoha now the best :D

sirwence | 04-19-15, 10:00 PM
It seems to Force* its way onto the MSLN scene and it just makes me sad that it exists - its why I was happy they went ViviD route wise.. at least its enjoyable and it isnt force

sirwence | 04-18-15, 11:20 PM
Eesh if you arent big on Vivid I can only imagine how much you ... 'like' Force

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