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Beyblade Burst
Beyblade Burst
Apr 26, 2:09 PM
Watching 4/- · Scored -
Future Card Buddyfight
Future Card Buddyfight
Apr 26, 12:54 AM
Watching 29/64 · Scored 8
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker-hen
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker-hen
Apr 25, 12:14 PM
Watching 30/59 · Scored -
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Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist
Apr 26, 12:01 AM
Reading 88/116 · Scored -
Akuma to Love Song
Akuma to Love Song
Apr 23, 3:08 AM
Completed 91/91 · Scored 10
PCP: Kotou no Kodomotachi
PCP: Kotou no Kodomotachi
Apr 19, 12:18 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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M1cTr1x Apr 1, 6:17 PM
Thanks Dragon!! I hope I will :3
Dancho Mar 5, 12:32 PM

M1cTr1x Feb 28, 9:34 PM
Hey Thankyouuuu!!
M1cTr1x Feb 21, 10:35 PM
I can't wait for their comeback as well!
I know it's such a great song o-o
Yeah it is and I love it ;D
M1cTr1x Feb 21, 10:08 PM
Yes since I live in Melbourne ^v^
Yeah he is *~*
I was so happy that I got to talk to him! The line for either pics or autographs was basically cut behind me so I am sooo lucky that I got to see him. They were actually going to cut the line right in front of me which I was slowly dying inside but then they decided to cut it a bit behind me XP
Yeah I hope they all come to Melbourne next time!
I sooo can't wait for B.A.P to come though...
And OMG Feel So Good is amazing!! I'm so happy with their new comeback XD
M1cTr1x Feb 21, 12:10 PM
Hey I've been good! Just busy :/
How bout you?
Haha yeah that's ok I don't mind XD
Well I knew them since all of late last year but this year I only really started listening to them.
Which I love them!! I actually went to Chinatown and I met Prince Mak ^w^
Dancho Feb 1, 4:59 AM

M1cTr1x Jan 30, 6:53 PM
Yeah it would be good to see them live :D
I just find it really hard to pick one fave with everything XD
M1cTr1x Jan 30, 5:13 PM
Oh are you going to the K-Pop Party 2016 by any chance?
Just guessing... XP
It actually wasn't partly your fault it was because I had listed to them before so I decided to listen to more songs since they sounded like my kind of music ^w^
Ha yeah he sure is! I know right he's really amazing *~*
Uh that is a very hard question... but I do listen to certain songs a bunch of times which that includes:
Young, Wild & Free, 1004 (Angel), One Shot, No Mercy, Bang X2 (they sound so much like a rock band in this song!), Badman, Blind & Warrior.
But maybe my faves would be Young, Wild & Free, Bang X2 & Blind?
I really can't decide >~<
It's too hard. I like a lot of their songs.
Which same things goes with BTS which I also have a hard time picking a fave even though I do absolutely love I Need U.
But anyway yeah I'm starting to listen to more Kpop now since before I only really listened to Big Bang, EXO & BTS o-o
M1cTr1x Jan 30, 1:21 AM
Hey Dragon! (Can I call you that? >w<)
How have you been?
Btw I absolutely love B.A.P now... I'm really excited bout them coming to Aus too!!
I sooo wanna get the VIP tickets... they are actually my second fave group now after BTS ^v^
So your bias is Himchan? Mine's Zelo ;D
I really love his rapping *~*
Recuvan Jan 29, 1:52 PM
Boo, what anime is your profile pic from?
lukraiyeol Jan 28, 11:24 PM

Hey fellow staff members!

Just wanted to notify you that there is a Staff Profiles section in the staff chatroom.
Whenever you're free, just go over and fill in your information or correct any information I have typed for you.
The profiles will be used mainly by the layout makers/badge maker, and it might appear on your staff badge/club layout so do fill in the information correctly!
If you'd like, feel free to add any other information you'd like to share about yourself :)

+ Just a heads up, if the layout/badge makers want some other information that is not written there, they will message you so I hope you can reply them promptly!

Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice week~

From your creator,
lukraiyeol (Berry)
miyufu Jan 28, 3:15 AM
HIII! Thanks a lot~ no no, it's just a cute Pikachu XDDD
Yeah I'm Japanese >u<
Ohh you're trying to learn it?
Also Korean? ehh
I never tried to learn anything when it comes to Korean.... now that I come to think of it... but it seems really hard at first sight!
How wonderful that you're trying to learn Japanese ^~^ Keep working on it regardless of being good or not, please!
Kineta Jan 23, 7:26 PM
Happy belated Birthday!!
I hope you had a great day :)
slayerizedcarol Jan 17, 12:04 AM
that's so nice to know. i haven't been keeping up with them lately but i'm happy that they are still doing fun stuff together. i am so sad because i feel like i was missing out on important stuff!! i totally don't remember ever seeing beyblade on tv. i think by the time it came here to the states i was already like not watching too many cartoons lol but now i'm still enjoying it a lot. i really like kai's character a lot.