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Soul Eater NOT!
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20th Century Boys
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DragonBlade Jun 28, 10:31 AM
I'm sorta envious since I only started during High School. Plus to watch that much anime requires so much time and dedicated xD
Taker6898 Jun 28, 3:40 AM
Yeah lol.. keeping up's a real pain. I force myself.. (like I'm forcing myself to reply to you, while thinking up I might even be impressing you, senpai!); I make sure I don't procrastinate (but I do on the bigger comments). When people send me walls of text, I save it in my notes and reply to them for later and the smaller replies get replied to as fast as possible so I won't be so far back. And don't be silly! Ofc you're adorable, baka! >.< You kidding? Why do you think you're one of the few people I tend to reply to as fast as possible? Because. You're. Fun. To. Talk. To. (and also because you're adorable af XD) And it's nearly 3am here, so acknowledge my dedication towards talking to youuu, my adorable senpaii!! I deserve a reward for this!! ><

I'm sure you love it, I mean.. it's what stands out the most. xD I wonder why they made his hair so unique and big though.. maybe they simply wanted something different to intrigue the viewers because normal=boring obvs. Lool I'm sorry! You're just so fun to talk tooooooooo!!! >< Sure, if that's what you want.. :p

Don't if you don't want to. You're still adorable, even if you're not even trying. xDD Together alone ofc! You really are! You just don't have the guts to say it in public! >.<

It did! I was pissed in the beginning but I got new cards and got over them, but I sometimes remember that Zapdos.. that Dark Tyr and Kingdra EX and the few others every time I type about them. *sigh* the nostalgia.. :/ You mean it was an energy card? Oh my, what a brutal way to extinguish a Pokemon card.. :/ Haha wow.. that dedication to anime as a child.. ^^ it's soooo adorable, and don't even say it's not cause lying is a sin!! >.< Using them makes you all the more adorable!! ^-^

Oh.. that sucks. And what do you consider as a day when you'd absolutely have to go there? Maybe you could check it out while picking up a few groceries, or order pizza, go to that shop, and then come back to the pizza store with a large pizza and it'll probably last you about a week.. more or less depending on how much you eat. ;) Just do what I told you to do for the video rental shop for the library and it's all gonna be good. ;))

You watch that many anime and you still rewatch? You're like the anime goddess on this site lmfaooo! *-* Lol, if there's someone that knows what names are common and what names aren't in anime, it's be you, senpai.. xD Wasn't there a character in SAO named Yuki? I'll watch Fairy Tail very fairly soon. Just gonna take down my On-Hold list and then I'll get to it.. or if you bug me about it, I'll start even sooner, like the anime I'm watching right now, one more anime, and the FT. :DD What's your opinion on YuGiOh if you watched it? And have you seen that Sonic anime? xD
I literally watch anything.. even if it's yaoi and I'm not into yaoi.. I aim to watch basically everything a variety of things before I potentially stop watching anime in the future. xD
DragonBlade Jun 28, 2:27 AM
Plan to Watch: 4,620

I like how you aim high :D And over 1k anime completed... I wish I was young again !
-FS- Jun 22, 10:33 PM
I see you're a retired moderator. Which section were you moderating?
Taker6898 Jun 22, 1:49 AM
Sooooo tired these days, not to mention all the replies I have pending.. but.. gotta impress you as usual, senpai!! ><
Lol, I slept from 8-9pm due to over-exhaustion and now it's 1:39 am and even though I'm not too tired now since I power-slept, I probably won't be replying to any other comments cause of procrastination.. but talking to you is soo fun! And you're adorable so there's another big plus for talking to you!! ><

I think he's somewhat adorable as well, but mostly because you're using his pics and those big eyes make him seem the more innocent. xD I'll need to watch the Beyblade anime to learn more about him tho. He looks pretty cool as a grown up.. that hair though.. I'm not sure what to say about that.. XD I like how nice enough you are to put it in a spoiler, but I honestly don't mind them not being in spoilers if that's the reason you put it in one in the first place. I know it's not a big deal, but as the saying goes "the small things make a big difference"

I love how we keep arguing about this in every comment now.. and you are adorable!! You just haven't accepted it yet! >< Yeah, the fact that they don't need someone else do depend on and do things the way they planned it is what makes them seem that way. :p Sooooo adorable!! XD Then how about getting used to being alone with me? >////< Don't deny your adorableness.. actually, go ahead and keep denying it.. it makes you the more adorable!! xD

Aha! That's awesome! I remember I lost my first few Pokemon cards.. I had nearly 50 in the beginning since that guy always gave me a good bunch every time. I was in an airport (this is when I was little) and my family was planning on going to the other side of Canada (the west, where I'm living now.. I was in Toronto at the time) so I was young and stupid, right? Even after leaving the ps2 and ps1 in my old home, and just when you thought I couldn't get any stupider, my parents had a second bag and they were filling it up cause the amount of weight they could have in their luggage was over the limit (it was either that or they were making more space in our luggage or something) and I didn't really know what they were doing and thought I'd be helpful and put stuff in that bag as well and I even put a few cards in there, like most of my cards.. I lost my Dark Tyrannitar, Zapdos (remember how rare these were back then? xD), and a few other ones.. we left the bag and my family was rushing to the plane, and I couldn't tell them anything since they told me to come quick with them and I ended up never getting them back lol. But that's old news and I've gotten over it a while back. You made a lot of Pokemon related things wen you were little? Sucks you can't show it. Those are the few adorable things I'll never be able to see in life.. >< Lool, how can you not be adorable when you use >.< ^-^;; << these two faces frequently throughout your comment? I mean, when you use it, it's adorable! xD

That's quite a while ago. How far is it from your place? Why's that? Hmm.. maybe they still have the N64 games but in a box at the back because the demand for N64 games has obvs gone down over time. And why haven't you gone there for such a long time? :p

Holy crap.. compared to me, that's a crazy huge difference! I think.. it's the complete opposite for me lol: only 3-5 of my friends watch anime, the rest don't (or maybe they very secretly do, which I doubt, but who knows? xD) It's amazing how many friends of yours watch anime though.. I just remembered your story of how people liked anime because of you and all that.. now it's all beginning to make sense! xD Ohh lol right. Have you ever rewatched the entire Pokemon series or do you ever plan on doing that? But it's a nice and elegant name to give to a bird. Also makes sense to name it Snow cause of the color. Lmao that'd be funny though.. I'd give you an award for the most thought out name for a pet. xDD Why would you think of a random character from a random anime? Yuki seems like a common Japanese name to me lol. I haven't seen MAR.. would you recommend it? What genre(s) is it? Nice pick. xD I haven't watched either, but I'll be watching Fairy Tail in a bit. What's your opinion on hentai/ecchi/yuri/yaoi? Sorry to ask, but I'm soo curious.. especially to get an answer from someone as humble as you. xD
-FS- Jun 21, 11:38 PM

it's ok >_<.

Australia is a nice place, I like kangaroos.
-FS- Jun 21, 3:02 AM
I'm studying Finance. Final year in my university.

BTW, did you get my friend req?
-FS- Jun 21, 2:39 AM
Oh, sweet, you live alone? and what what type of Job you're doing?
-FS- Jun 21, 1:13 AM

You did not go to college?
Taker6898 Jun 20, 6:22 PM
It's always that same excuse. xD Do you know how old he'd be right now if he could age? Does he look sexy as an adult? Candidate for the most adorable mal user!! XD So you know how there are stereotypical "lone wolf" badasses in anime? Like Lelouch from Code Geass for example. Ad. Or. Ab. Le. That's what you are!! BELIVE IT! xD

Wow, that's a lot you found. Were they good cards? You made when you were little? And there's more you made when you were little??????

holy shit.. you can't stop being sooo adorable, can you? You're good at this! Being adorable, that is.. >///< Do you mind showing some of the stuff you made when you were little? It'd be nice to see kawaii stuff made by a kawaii person. xD

When did you last check? Lol wow.. do they still have N64 games there? xD
Yw and you are!! You're just too modest!! >< Same tbh.. that's why I admire you >w<

LOL. I can see where you're coming from. For me, no one else watches anime except for a few friends. I don't remember if we talked about this before or if I'm just making out from what I know about you, but you started watching anime because of your love for Beyblade, right?; You used to watch it on TV when you were little and that's what got you into anime, right? Was the bird white as snow and you got the kitten at Midnight or something? XD Lol wow, since Primary? Can't begin to imagine how many memories you've had with Cherokee. :p Ohh, so that's who Snow and Midnight were.. if you didn't show this, I'd ask in this comment about what anime you named them from lol. Why did you name them from those anime? Were those your favorite anime at the time or something? :p Haha aww.. how sweet. >< OMG that's soooo adorable!!!! ><
-FS- Jun 20, 4:17 AM
Just finished my exams and am on vacation xD

what did you study, btw?

-FS- Jun 20, 3:34 AM
yo, long time no talk, sup? not sure if you remember me.
Taker6898 Jun 15, 3:29 AM
Pffttt. Being in love with underage boys isn't right, senpai! xD LOL I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY...... and you are adorable, baka! >< So you and him are like badasses that can relate? :p Omg you forgave him and then used that smiley!! Literally dying from your adorableness!!! >///<

Haha figured. And I'm glad you found them too! :) Exactly how much what did you find? I heard there were some Pokemon cards, what else? :p

It doesn't? What does it even have? You are such a great person.. :o I didn't even have that in my mind.. you truly are on a whole new level!! You have to teach me your ways!! How are you so adorable and kind????? We need more people like you, like, a lot more people like you on this planet lol.. ><

REALLY? :O Wow, that coincidence is amazing lmao! Those are actually really good names! Who thought them up? You? And how long have you had your pets for? What anime characters are they? I don't recognize any one of them.. xD

And what kinda birds do you have? :p
Taker6898 Jun 14, 6:08 PM
Oh, that reminds me of Masquerade from Bakugan for some reason lol.. but it isn't an uncommon thing. How old is he in the anime? And what's his personality? He looks soo innocent and adorable to me.. just like you! ^-^
I can see what you mean but now, it's just that I haven't been watching it cause I lost the interest after starting it.. :/

You're welcome!!!! <33 Keep saying you aren't when you are, it's soo adorable to watch! xD

I can easily see why people would want to be your friend lol.. xD

They were? I thought you already checked there.. don't go to your mom's room often? :p Put that box in your room and like you said (as you were using your acumen), put it in a place where you can see them. ^^
Haha really? I'm honored! ^-^ Haha true.. the more I get to type to you, the more satisfied and honored I feel. :p And also, I noticed you using ^-^ << that face quite some in that part of your comment lol.. SOOO ADORABLE!!! XD

What if it was some kind of bug? That'd be funny. xD Yeah! There are 2 libraries nearby, like, the closer one (which has the games) is about a 15-20 minute walk while the one farther away is a 30 minute walk and is the bigger library (but without games). It is really amazing to have games you can borrow in a library, and there games are only in a very small section of the library.. my brother was the one that showed me them and come to think of it, we never really told anyone about those free games.. x'D At least you have anime and manga that you can borrow from there, but why don't you just watch the anime online? :p You really have to play Sly!! I swear, you're not even to the least going to be disappointed. The game is sooo fun! Get the trilogy!! All the Sly games are awesome!! That sucks.. I'd buy it for you if you here, senpai.. >< but you're not so you have to buy it!! :p It's like a more childish version of GTA V! XD

Ikr??!!! >w< Her name's Snowy lol (my dad named her). May I ask about the names of your 2 birds and 2 cats? :x
Taker6898 Jun 11, 10:03 PM
No worries. Now let me try to impress you with a really quick reply, senpai! (already have so many replies pending.. TwT)

Is he, like, some kind of OP badass? Like Ayumu Aikawa? xD
Because someone told me to watch it and I never really tried yaoi, I think, and I was.. uncertain if I'm bi cause I find Ayumu so hot.. TwT
The art in Love Stage; the way the 2 protagonists look is weird for me.. :(
Oh yeah.. I forgot about that thread. xD

No way! I find it adorable rather than annoying.. >.<

Pfft. Stop being so modest, senpai! >.< You said that wayy too well omgg.. <3 that's a neat little way to make new friends. c:

Wow congrats! xD I wonder tho.. where were they? I'm soo curious now.. XD And where do you plan on putting them?
I meant like the most words in one text box sent to another person.. so it's me?? :o I'm honored!! :o :o Well, I'm glad I get the honor to talk to you, senpai :p

Really? I always thought that.. o.o I just read this and it says "to play many games online" so maybe you play the few games that don't require using PS+ to play online? xD I see.. they used to have really good games on there.. I think they even had Persona 4 a few months back and I think it's still in my PS3 waiting to be installed but installing takes some time so I just let it sit there. I probably should play that game tho.. xD LBPK was out 3 years ago for Plus.. so you can kinda see how all the good games used to come out back then for the ps3 and now it's just been trash.. they're just pushing us to buy a ps4 but I'm not gonna go next gen for a while unless I win it or something.. xD OMG YOU SAID THOSE 2 GAMES!! You want those 2?? I don't own either one of them.. they're one of the very few games in our public library (we have 2 libraries not that far away from here)! I got those very two games from there! Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing was really fun! I'm sure you'd love it even more! AND SLY TRILOGY WAS SOOOOO GOOD!! YOU HAVE TO GET IT!! Seriously.. it's gonna be soo fun! And it's also easy to platinum in case you're a trophy hunter. :p

That's totally alright. I can only imagine how adorable they'd look.. >.< I should take more pictures of my pet rabbit.. idk why but I've stopped for a while now.. (I just realized as I was typing to you xD) I don't mind showing you my pet rabbit though.. here she is! She's a blue eyed Netherlands dwarf rabbit c: