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Winter-Sonata May 23, 11:31 AM
Thank you so much for the thoughtful birthday message Fire Dragon! You're amazingly kind ^^.
Taker6898 May 20, 3:33 AM
I swear.. if I get through your reply before going to bed.. xD
Yeah lol.. but I always save longer comments in my notes so I can reply to them when I'm in the mood for typing a lot lol (speaking of being in the mood, it's 3 am right now and I should've been asleep hours ago.. but at least the weekend's here, amirite? XD)
I'm just looking through your entire comment and it looks like you said thanks like 3 times XD

You're welcome! XD Really? I can't wait for you to get to the end of it. When do you think you'll be able to finish Diamond & Pearl? You have to tell what you think about each Pokemon series once you complete them!! XD Maybe you watched it for the achievement? ;p What did you give it?

Someone loves Pokemon so much that that's the reason they became a moderator at a popular site.. that's pretty cool!! >.< Btw, what kinda mod were you here? And how long were you mod? :3 Sorry, I've just been wondering that ever since my previous post. XD Poor senpai.. if only we met up irl and I could've been your childhood friend </3 TwT I can relate; I also moved to different schools.. multiple times tbh. At least you found mal >.< and I found you! :p not trying to sound like a creep >.< LOL

You're welcome again! XD
That dedication.. *applauds* TwT and I believe in you, senpai!! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

I'm glad you chose PlayStation over Xbox :p What games did you want from Xbox? I'm guessing Sunset Overdrive might be one of them?? xD What the.. I wanna play with you, senpai!! :( I left my ps1 and 2 back in my old house because I was obvs stupid at the time and now I'll never let go of my ps3!! xD You never sold a game? Can I live with you just to play the games? XD You even have 2 PSNs? You're like..... a gaming goddess XD What? The old name was too embarrassing? XD Alright, tell me when you find out. My PSN is Taker6898 (my mal name originated from me psn) & here's a list of my games: do you have any mutual games? :p You also have to tell me about DMC 3.. and since you have the collection, tell me which DMC game you find the best. :p If only I played KH.... XD Have you ever played Phantasy Star Universe?? (if you say "yes"............. XD)
You bought it a few years back and still haven't played it yet? xD
Bunch of pets? What pets do you own? besides me >.<

You're welcome again~~ XD
Will be waiting for your next reply senpai <3 >.<
Winter-Sonata May 19, 2:18 AM
:D Oh nice! Where are you heading off to?
Taker6898 May 18, 8:34 PM
S-senpaiii! I miss you! Sorry for the late reply! I've been buried with long comments I need to reply to.. forgive meee!!! *bows* TwT

Ohh, well, that makes sense. xD
From those 3, Pokemon was always popular everywhere for me except that there this one time when my grandma bought a GBA for me and my younger brother and sister (we each got one and different games to go along with them) and I don't remember the games my siblings got, but I got Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku and played quite a bit of it back then. Other than that it was purely just Pokemon. xD LOL YEAH!! I can't even imagine 4th-graders selling drugs in a playground. XD
You can do this!! I believe in you, senpai!! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ But honestly, if you want to watch Pokemon, you should just watch the original for the nostalgia, the ending of Diamond & Pearl, and XY if you wanna see some love going on in Ash's life (but he's oblivious asf XD). I recommend Boku no Pico for you, senpai ♥ ;)

Love for Pokemon got you this far? That's actually amazing lol. I never watched Sailor Moon lol.. I actually never have watched TV too much, back then I used to play about 2 hours on my ps1/2 and then just go play Soccer outside. xD I see.. so basically, you found mal and anime by just surfing the web and randomly coming across it? xD

Damn.. xD I think the guy that gave me my first Pokemon card gave it, but I was into Pokemon and not at all into YuGiOh so I didn't care much at all about it. I'd totally give it to you if you were there, senpai.. >.<
Maybe it's in a suitcase or in an old house? :p

What. WHAT. DAMN LOL! And no Xbox?? WAHAHAHHAAA!! >:DD Do you STILL have all of them????? O.O what's your psn???
Usually when I ask people to guess and they say Axel, I say it's incorrect and they guess again and get it wrong and then tell them it actually was Axel, but you said it soo confidently, that I don't think I even stand a chance against you.. TwT Yeah, I agree! XD
When did you get it??? PLAY DMC 3 OMG YOU'LL LOVE IT!! I MISSSSS HIM!!! <3333 TwT Sweet Dante. Sweet PS2. Sweet memories.... TwT I also have a lot of games and don't play them much.. stupid ps+ giving crappy games.. TwT
Do you live with a roommate? If you don't, you should..

LOL! If only..
if only I could support my senpai </3 TwT
But don't forget the new fans.. though most of them'll get sucked into the Pokeworld, there still are new Beyblade fans being born maybe even by this second!! TwT
And again, sorry for my late reply, I've been soooo tired, and I'm still tired, so it's noticeable that my reply became shorter towards the end, but I wanna reply to you, senpai!! ♥ TwT
Winter-Sonata May 18, 3:56 AM
: ) Oh thank you so much! I just like to write my thoughts down and have fun with it.

Oh I see! What are you busy with? : )

I'm wonderful! Lots of hard work going on but nothing too bad.
Winter-Sonata May 18, 3:44 AM
Hey there Fire Dragon! Thank you so much for the kind words : ).

How is life going for ya?
-FS- May 13, 1:27 PM
-FS- May 13, 12:48 PM
same 18yrs. First anime was on 1998. you've been here for so long.
-FS- May 13, 6:11 AM
thank you. how many yrs have you been watching anime?
-FS- May 11, 7:35 AM
damn, 86% compatibility.

And KAI and Dranzer <3. My fave blader and beast.
Taker6898 May 10, 11:29 AM
2 weeks? Damn lol.. that's dedication! XD Hopefully you will.. but I can relate: I left a lot of my old Pokemon cards back in my old house lol.. :/
WOW really? XD 3 lol damn. In my school, not everyone talked about Pokemon cards.. it was always just a select few of my friends. xD Speaking of buying starter packs, I never bought a starter pack until maybe 2-3 years after I started "collecting" Pokemon cards. My friend used to give me them every now and then and for some reason it feels like he was a dealer but instead of drugs, he's hooking me up with cards. XD The Pokemon TV.. just recently I finished all the completed Pokemon anime (in KissAnime) because me and some chick were racing: she had to finish all the Bleach episodes without skipping fillers (I also didn't skip the fillers when I was watching Bleach in December) and it took me from March 11 (when I started the original) until when May 5 just began (when I finished that Genesect movie) to catch up with Pokemon. Even though I enjoyed watching it, the amount of time it took for watching it made me feel like dropping it, even though I enjoyed it!! The only other anime I felt like dropping was Boku no Pico and if you're asking why I even started watching that was because for the achievement!!! I'm not gay, I swear!! :(

And you got into anime like that, huh? I got into anime just last year lol.. I was playing on my PS3 and I met a guy I saw on YouTube (I was playing PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale) and asked him to 1v1 me but he said he can't and I asked him why not and he said he was too busy watching hentai. I asked him why people watch that shit and then he told me to watch Highschool DxD (I only KINDA heard about it at that time). I watched it and enjoyed it a lot (I'm more into comedic or romance or romcom anime these days lol) and we discussed a lot about it and about the chicks in it. XD He then recommended some more anime to me, like Baka to Test and Majokoi Oh! (we were obvs friends at that time) and then my cousin told me about MAL last year when I went to visit them in Toronto (last time I visited them was when I was like 1-2 XD) and then I started coming to MAL more and more a bit after. How did you find MAL? :p

OMG YES!! THE NAME SOUNDED FAMILIAR, AND I CHECKING IN GOOGLE IMAGES <<< THE ONE ON THE LEFT LOOKS SOOOOO FAMILIAR, I SWEAR I THINK I HAD THAT ONE!! FINALLY!! AFTER YEARS AND YEARS OF NOT KNOWING WHO IT WAS, YOU HELPED ME FIND OUT WHO HE WAS AND WHO I HAD!!! TwT Senpai! I am soo grateful!! *HUGSS TIGHT* TTwTT and umm.. was it.. rare/strong? XD Sorry, I don't know much about Yu Gi Oh! If I were you, I'd just throw them inside a box and keep it in my room lol. :p

LOL I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I WAS MORE FOCUSED ON SELLING THE GAMES AND I DIDN'T REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF THEM MAYBE? I. JUST. DON'T. KNOW. TwT Do you have a ps3/2/1? Is it? Guess who the character in my dp is. ;p I actually never played Kingdom Hearts, but my favorite game would be a tie between Devil May Cry 3 and Phantasy Star Universe. :3 THOSE WERE BOTH ON MY PS2 LOL! I WISH I HAD MY PS2 OMOMG0GOMGOMGOGMGOM TwT

Lolol.. that's.. good and bad at the same time! XD If only I could help the senpai out a bit.. :(

You are!! >.< XD They are slowly becoming extinct, I think.. except for you ofc. :p But you're a dying breed. XD
Taker6898 May 9, 2:50 PM
Oh really? What are some of the really good ones you have? I started back in like.. grade 4 and my first Pokemon card was like Nidoqueen or something. xD Do you remember your favorite card and how you got into collecting the Pokemon cards? I got my Nidoqueen from an after-school activity. I was learning Tae-kwon-do and I fought with someone and won the match and then after the class was over we met up outside and I think he gave me that for respect? But he gave me it anyways. xD And for Yu-Gi-Oh.. I had one card. A 3 headed dragon is what I remember and everyone keeps telling me it was rare but I lost it a loong time ago LOL.
Oh, I see. Back in my parent's place, we have like 2 Bakugan on the fridge but that's it. Years ago we used to have more, but I think we left it back in our old house. :/ I also left my ps1/ps2 back there because I'm an idiot.. *sigh* :// At least I have my ps3.. XD Do you play video games?
Damn, that's dedication! ^^ :p

Does that mean you're special? :o
Taker6898 May 9, 2:50 AM
Wow really? xD What about Pokemon cards or Bakugan toys? :p
Damn. I've never met a Beyblade like you. Actually I've never met a Beyblade fan on MAL LOL.
Taker6898 May 9, 2:34 AM
ME NEITHER AND I AGREE LOL! I like that black and white edit a lot lol. Definitely makes him look sexier. ;)
You're welcome! ^-^ Ohhh... Beyblade. I haven't seen that name in quite a while now. Reminds me.. I used to collect those Beyblade toys years ago lol. Did you? :3
Taker6898 May 9, 2:06 AM
Hi ^-^
Really? :o It was really random and I found the picture really quickly on Zerochan. :p
I like yours too. Definitely more detailed compared to mine. ^^ Where's the character in your dp from? :3