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Hi everyone ^_^

Best Friend: kaosblack21

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SakurasouBusters | 02-16-15, 4:39 PM
Ahhhhh that explains it!!!!!!
Well if i really really love the anime ill give it a 10 even if its not finished, if the ending dissapoints me then i will adjust accordingly :)

tukky12 | 02-16-15, 10:35 AM
Thanks so much :)
Haha don't worry, I haven't been online much myself given all the uni preparation that's currently going on :/

The OVAs were good but I find it hard to give an OVA a 10, so its less so the OVA but me really. As for my general scoring, I agree it's probably on the higher side, I have a different way I rate shows, I usually go from a 6-7, with 7 being a "meh", 8 being quite good, 9 being wow but something else could be there and 10 being :O

I'm just wondering what show to review next, in fact we are considering doing some general discussion topics too- like why is anime good or bad, what we learn from it etc

Animekid3 | 02-16-15, 5:47 AM
Oh not only that.... Tamura passing the baby over too and protecting baby too....make me cry and why..... =*(

Animekid3 | 02-16-15, 5:46 AM
Hi, I had 1 2 week ago, next exam next week then break until May lol =).

Yeah, although both anime are from Jump...

XD I agreed too! But more questioning about man behind bar looking serious to Main Character hmmm....wonder what going happen XD was to me... when I watch it at start and middle of the season but ending of the season was good. Otherwise...would say 1000% to 10000000% Brutal =P

Have look at it and see if you like it or not =)

Plus I glad to see I coming to end of the light road of Gintama (only 3 Episode left) before it goes black road of Waiting for new Gintama Season =).

SakurasouBusters | 02-15-15, 12:32 PM
Ahhhh, yes god that was some episode!!!! Thd best characters are dying!!!! Im not ashamed to admit that i shed some tears! Shigatsu has gotten really sad recently..... Im loving Kiseijuu and Shigatsu so damn much!!!!!!!
God i love koro senesei! Easily my favorite anime of the season!
Kiseijuu is already a 10 for me, as is Shigatsu for that matter :)

Animekid3 | 02-10-15, 4:05 PM
Hi, good and had first exam in S2 T_T (lol), Yeah... but do get bored of it sometime... when watching it too often... and seen first time of cross over between Gintama and Sket Dance as it was very funny though =).

Lol, that good =), yeah I agree.... hmmm how it end.... beat me?.

Lol, should watch it! But beware you may find it very very x 30 brutal.... but I seen last episode... which left as cliffhanger (so, not sure if there next season or not....???)

XD with smile.

tukky12 | 02-10-15, 7:05 AM
Usagi drops been on my "plan to watch" for quite a while, but now that you say that, I'll make sure to watch it asap!

Refrain is to lb like what after story was to clannad, it ties it all up extremely well =) I couldn't recommend it enough!

Out of interest, what stuff did you not agree with? After all anime is all about opinions and i've love to discuss some of the stuff you thought!

Thanks for your kind words! It's quite hard, since I've only just started, I rely on my own writing style to be a bit different I guess- what did you think?

Animekid3 | 02-10-15, 4:54 AM
Hi, how are you today?

I trying my best to catch up all Gintama before next season arrived (currently on season 5).... also what you think about Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu soo far?

Also have you seen Psychol Pass?

SakurasouBusters | 02-09-15, 6:09 PM
Oh my god! That killed me, at the rate its going i can see Koro-Sensei going on to my favorites list^^ Yeah, his past seems pretty interesting.
Yeah, the yuri is confusing as hell the first couple of episodes but after you get what its about, its actually pretty damn deep, and the score has started to go up.
Yeah, Military is okay, If it wasnt such a short anime i probably would've dropped it.
Death Parade is pretty good, i like Assasanation classroom better though :)

tukky12 | 02-09-15, 12:29 PM
Sorry for the random friend request >.<
I came across your profile from SakurasouBusters and when I saw your top 5 anime, I just felt there is just so much to talk about that I had to add you!

I hope you accept and we can discuss stuff!

SakurasouBusters | 02-08-15, 4:39 PM
Great to hear from you too!!!!
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is probably my favorite this season too! I just adore Koro-Sensei
I am also loving Shinmai Maou no Testament and Saenai no Heriorine also XD
Let me know how Tokyo Ghoul is, if i hear good stuff i might give it a chance^^
Kiseijuu is amazing, i hope it keeps up like that, you defenitally need to get caught up with Shigatsu when possible
Also the yuri anime has gotten pretty interesting, so you might want to give this a shot.
And though this season isnt as good as the last couple of seasons, its been better than i though it would be :)

SakurasouBusters | 02-04-15, 8:46 PM
Hey there! Been a while since we've talked! How have you been?
Hoaw are you liking this season so far? :)

galla | 01-18-15, 8:29 AM
Oh yeah, and about Wolf Children - He was becoming the guardian of the mountain, pretty noble task! :p and he didn't abandon his mum entirely, as she always heard him. As much as he is human, he is also wolf, and his experience in the human world was not a nice one (bullies etc), but as a wolf he was the guardian of the mountain, which is pretty darn cool :p at the end she was happy he went and even cheered him on, it was just a pain to see him leave

galla | 01-18-15, 8:21 AM
Haruhi is pretty entertaining. Rating it was hard as I had to figure out what episodes are connected to what season. I had to give the endless 8 part a lower rating as that was over 50% of the entire season :D but overall it was pretty good. I hope to find some more stuff about Kyon out in the film, though I have read some slight spoilers but nothing too major.

As for Hataraku Maou-Sama, I was hoping for something with a lot of fighting (given he was the devil, and she was the hero), but I was disappointed on that front (with literally only 3 seconds of what I would call awesome fight scene, and some other decent fight parts). However, I did really like the comedy in it, and that appealed to my other anime taste, so I did have quite a few laughs (I particularly liked Suzuno Kamazukis (Crestia Bells) character, and her reactions to everything (like buying a train ticket).

I noticed that you were a part of a lot of clubs, kinda surprised there isn't a society related one :p do you reckon it is a good idea to have one? Nice to see what everyone is watching I guess?

galla | 01-15-15, 11:04 AM
The Girl who Leapt Through time was pretty good, 8 isn't a bad rating really, it is just under its average though sure. Summer Wars however, I don't know... I guess I didn't like the parts where no one had any idea what was going on, but they were all acting as if they did :D like when the battles on the computer happened. Just seemed a bit odd. The story was decent, but it just didn't work for me I guess. Wolf Children was a great film indeed, I liked the path the brother took, was pretty awesome. I am back to watching Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya again, partway through endless eight, oh the pain :p - what did you like about Summer Wars then? I see you gave it a 10 hehe :p

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