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February 28, 2010
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SakurasouBusters | 12-16-14, 7:58 PM
:) Yep catching up with anime is always one of the perks of the holiday season! Well you know, my feelings on TG lol, but i watched the previews for next season and while ill still agree it looks pretty weak, there are some promising shows, and i wasnt aware of this until just a few minutes ago.... but there is a YURI airing next season, so that by default is on my watch list...... Can always use some cute Yuri romance! :) Yeah i can understand if you;re still a bit wary of it, im just really enjoying the hell out of it lol! :) Thanks..... Ookami Shoujo is one of my favorites this season and is a really good and cute shoujo :)

Yeah, im a bit dissapointed to hear that its only going to be a movie instead of a full series...... I think it would work perfectly as a 12 or 13 episode series but i have high hopes that its gonna be good! :D
What about you, have any anime next season you're excited for? ^^

SakurasouBusters | 12-14-14, 9:41 AM
Also my top 3 this season are in order:
1) Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
2) Kisejuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
3) Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

SakurasouBusters | 12-14-14, 7:18 AM
Haah :) Chiyo is so damn adorable! I hope there's a second season! :) Yeah, thats always nice :)
Ive been okay, ive missed talking to you..... What are you thinking of the anime this season? I think its been a spectacular season for the most part, im not looking forward to next season though, doesnt look too hot :)

Animekid3 | 12-08-14, 2:49 PM
Hi... I just recheck the Wonderful Day... as I got mix up with other anime... didn't realise Wonderful Day was Sky Blue..... T____T Sorrry.... but have say it was good =)... like storyline though =)

Juhnny | 12-08-14, 5:34 AM
Yuno's just the best character in the series, we can't help it but to like her. xD
Hum I didn't know that. Yes, I'll probably watch it when it finnishes airing. I'm kind of tired of starting to watch ovas and specials and having to wait months for the next episode...

Animekid3 | 12-08-14, 3:42 AM
Oh... see my post, Yike, seem MAC seem not like Enter.... sorry for 1 paragraph as it meant to spilt each paragraph......

Animekid3 | 12-08-14, 3:41 AM
Yh... just don't like one module though.....otherwise it up and down for me at moment... that cool and great... -put smile on, but fail- (explain:....been up all night watch anime Akama kill Ga to catch up with BCU Anime and Manga group on ep 15 8 left to go....- Although....have to say it....Wow 2nd year... hmm you must done well in Year 1...thinking about me how pass Y1.

Okay, then I might just watch it... as I don't see funnier anime often, I think I might watch it ^_^.

HAAHA XD -make smile- Lol true =)

Lol, I just return the DVD back to library, quite/kinda good....but Sky Blue was much better than Wonderful Day =).

Juhnny | 12-02-14, 11:31 AM
Yes I blame the money!

I see Minene's very much liked by the majority of Mirai Nikki's fans. Yeah she's fun and adds some spice to the game. Yes I've been told that Akise = Yaoi and I really felt that vibe from him. Yukki's just boring but I got reminded he's just 14 years old. If I was 14 and going through a death game I would propbaly be feeling the same.

No I just looked it up on Kiss Anime and decided to add it to my list. What's Me! Me! Me!? xD

Animekid3 | 12-01-14, 5:03 AM
Oh, also forgot to say for course, I currently in Year 1 for the course.

Animekid3 | 12-01-14, 3:41 AM
Yeah, it is....especially for exam.....whyyy.... Anyway, Course I do is Information Communication Technology, u?

That good -put big smile- although I didn't like it as much.... plus I watching that with another show soo... yeah, didn't quite like it, if it was bit more wow and good then I think I would have.

Oh Yeah!! Lol, I know because it was soo Funny and make me crack serious Laugh XD

For Kiseijuu I have to say at start of the show... I didn't like it at all especially looking at the hand too scary......T_T but I think I might move it up to 6/7 mostly 6, since I got interested to main character being killed and has change behaviour, like his reaction (sorry for spoolier) for him say something about the dog and put in the bin.....

Bheaze | 11-30-14, 7:11 PM

iblard jikan was pretty damn awesome for me. it was reaally stylised and definitely not for everyone. but basically if someone lieks art they're gonna enjoy it.
some of the features and aspects in that world were amazing and confusing. the attention to detail for some of the scenes was just ridiculous.
feel like i could watch it 3-4 times and still be noticing new thingies.

yeah i also found that an extremely bad decision. she should defs not have approached him.
but that fact that he got found out pretty easily leads me to believe he isn't all that he thinks he is. that parasite thinks hes top shit for sure..

Juhnny | 11-23-14, 11:37 AM
You're very welcome. :) Yes, ofc and I'm one of them as well. It's not that easy since we're not in center of Europe and most people do not have the money to travel.

Ok maybe I'll try it since I love Ghibli's works so much. I've heard about it through a friend but have not watched it yet.

I loved it!!! It was kind of weird (I always find the first episode weird lol) but I really like the concept and I'm hyped for it. Yes, I already like Yuno but I fear her as well. This one was recommended to me by a friend specifically cause he loves Yuno.

SakurasouBusters | 11-23-14, 10:59 AM
Hmmmmm, weird but could be interesting if done well, but im super excited for Koe no Katcahi!
UHHHHH..... That anime still pisses me off!
I like it so far, Its increadably generic and cliche but if done right thats not always a bad thing! so i like it :)

Animekid3 | 11-22-14, 7:02 AM
I would agree too... it really shouldn't happen...

Hmm, might have look/read about your recommendation list =)

Cool, and yeah it happen, but once there break or finish from Uni spend useful time on it XD.

Bheaze | 11-22-14, 12:18 AM
its the minor part of my degree. so basically just on the side.

is it the arc where they keep repeating the same summer? I think I'm like half through it.
starting to get a bit annoying yeaah...

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