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galla | 04-06-15, 9:04 AM
I saw Kokoro Connect a while ago, before I actually started my list, but added it when I remembered about it (still a few of things I've watched that I don't remember names of).

I quite like Hyouka, I should probably start watching that after what I'm on currently.

Very glad I continued with FMAB, once I got past the bits that were pretty much the same, some new characters popped up, such as Ling Yao, who I quite liked (and the Fort Briggs characters).

Parasyte was pretty good throughout (before watching it I had my doubts, but was probably just weirded out by handeye pic). I think the last arc was not amazing too, but I think it made a lot of sense.

I liked both the idea of Tokyo Ghoul, and the characters. The first season was a bit meh, as it was really slow, didn't explain much, then had one fairly ok fight right at the end that made you think it was better than it was due to lack of fighting throughout, then just stopped...

Root A was much betterthroughout, explained much more, and gave you the chance to spot a clue to piece together some bits (and made it real interesting). The ending was pretty cool, if it left you with that scene. But because of that future scene, with Touka and a cafe, I got really freaked out thinking that was it, (without finding out about the rest of Aogiri etc), but there should be more to come. As for Kaneki's movement to Aogiri, he became significantly stronger (he said the reason he made the move was so he could become stronger to protect Touka and Hinami).

But yeah, I didn't like the ending either. Being in Aogiri didn't really pay off for the story/Kaneki, as all that happened while he was there, was he became a Kakuja (Or at least, started to?), which I think is just a Ghoul with additional powers gained through consuming other Ghouls. Sure, that would make him really powerful, and did, but he didn't use any of that power, as it would make him losecontrol. So at the end, if he remained in control, he would be as powerful as he was at the end of the first season, which is no progression, but with losing control I guess he would be pretty damn strong. I think Tokyo Ghoul is overrated, people give it way too much credit, but it isn't bad, just a big let down.

I saved talking about Kotonoha no Niwa til the end, as I wanted to end it on a positive note heh.

I thought it was a really nice story, and the art looked wonderful. I had to google ages fairly early to understand the issue (15 on theboy, 27 on the lady, I think), and yeah I guess that makes it somewhat problematic haha. The story was pretty good, and it was just cheerful (at first). Thinking about it, the story wasn't all that special, but just felt so nice to watch. Of course it had the end the way it did, as 12 years is a bit of a dodgy gap (at that age), but it was quite sad as they both seemed to really enjoy eachothers company and they just seemed like a nice couple. I guess it's a more realistic anime to watch, where everything doesn't just magically work out heh.

I see that you're half-way through Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, how are you finding it?

Animekid3 | 04-06-15, 9:01 AM
YUP and agree!

I know... it kinda irritating how it is been done lol. But got to say there was some good part and bad part in Parasyte.....but I think it mostly focus on Migi, Shinichi and Murano relationship.... I wonder how alternative ending would be if Shinichi told Murano about Migi... as that would been better ending... (lol). Still I give it 8 or 7 =/ (but the worse from this anime was opening music as hate it.... but did like ending music, I think somewhere when I was watching it, I must sing along with the ending music as very much like it... just odd put worse start but good ending...hahaha)

Let me know & Sure =)

Byway, did MAL website stop working yesterday? I know somepoint the Website was down for strange reason.... =/... wasn't sure if just me for yesterday, as it working today thought lol.

SakurasouBusters | 04-05-15, 12:47 PM
Hey! Im doing great at the moment, how are you XD
Im absolutely loving what ive seen of the new season, Plastic memories in particular has a ton of potential.
Im actually considering lowering parasyte to a 9 because of pretty much everything you just said.... last 4 or 5 episodes really dissapointed me.
Oh, well im glad i chose not to watch it then!
As you can see the rating for shigatsu went way up, you dont seem to be a huge fan of it

Have you watched any of the new season yet? :)

galla | 04-04-15, 8:15 PM
I REALLY liked the first episode, the story was pretty cool and the male lead was pretty badass. Apart from the story itself being pretty good, I was surprised when I found out the nature of the "king" business (from childhood flashbacks), and I really didn't expect the ending, that was a surprise. The female lead was... Odd? But She grew on me (especially her really terrible jokes)

The second episode however I didn't rate that highly, I guess I might be being to much of a critic, but I just thought that a lot of what happened was a bit meh (Just small things, buta fair few of em), and the general story wasn't as good as the first. I really liked the ending however, the instant karma was quite surprising, as I really expected the worst.

Only thing I am kind of unsure about is the whole past life thing. I gathered that it was just a game they played in their childhood, but then I always thought it was a bit weird how she always knew when he was in trouble. Or maybe she was just on maximum stalk mode 24/7 and it just looked like she appeared at the right times heh

It made it really hard to actually score it, may have been a bit harsh with the 7, but it's only .9 below it's average.

What about you, how'd you find it?

(apologies for essay eek)

Animekid3 | 04-04-15, 4:23 AM
Yeah... I also wasn't expecting that to happen... though it would be slight different view... XD, you will love it =)... come to think again next episode is out today lol... I been waiting see what happen next.

Yeah, very unusually, but again it all depend of the course been layout and how it is run. Yeah and annoying though....because half of time, make me think....what I need to do to kill time =/. You too byway =).

Yup, I agree, got my attention though, lol!

Lol, sure see if you like it or not....but I do agree with your view though. Well put in this way... a very good Start of show but very Bad of the show lol! that I see it for Parasyte.

Well have to say, when I last saw on Flim 4 list, show The Wind Rises is shown but not two recent show, But I think they will show it later on either next year?
I know I can watch The Tale of Princess Kaguya Sub online as I found it other day... but didn't watch it as I was too busy watching GTO Drama, but might watch it and wait longer for When Marnie was There to arrive. But need to watch one of old film for me say I see them! XD.

Well this season... hmm too many....really be working on my exam for coming week T_T... need start soon! but Sure... I would say must see The Tale of Princess Kaguya!

Animekid3 | 04-02-15, 10:14 AM
Yeah I am.... and should be revising for exam though which after Easter lol...

Yeah it was same to me as well.... though I pass it... never though I actually watch it... plus it 50 episode.... I don't see that often... usually episode finish at 12 or 24.... that biggest I ever seen XD.... Well I wouldn't say it children.....but surely it mature...almost like Psycho Pass but different...

Wow... meet my world of sad reality too =/.... same with me too... but mine is I finish from Uni lesson on 1st May... then it exam week from 4th to 11th May and Completely finish on 11th or 18th May... lol...

HAHA XD, well it only for April Fool Day... just saw it now that they change it again... would be nice if they have something new... as I didn't mind having Kitty MAL Day =P.

Yup! I have.... start it was bad... but last 4 episode (expect actual last one) was good... score raise from 4 to 6(I think... I have look what I put on lol) then Ee? for last episode which sounded like last episode of Parasyte making me want to say "W****T**F****" -_- worse ending =/

Also having look on Film 4 to see if any Anime from Studio Ghibli I miss out... as I seen majority, but do know I not seen last two Anime from Studio Ghibli which came out in Cinema "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya" and "When Marnie Was There".

Animekid3 | 04-01-15, 6:42 AM
Been a while =) Hope you having good Easter Break =).

Have you seen World Trigger? It actually very good =D.

Seem Year 1 coming to near to end =)

Oh, you may notice lots Kitty today on MAL XD

SakurasouBusters | 02-16-15, 4:39 PM
Ahhhhh that explains it!!!!!!
Well if i really really love the anime ill give it a 10 even if its not finished, if the ending dissapoints me then i will adjust accordingly :)

tukky12 | 02-16-15, 10:35 AM
Thanks so much :)
Haha don't worry, I haven't been online much myself given all the uni preparation that's currently going on :/

The OVAs were good but I find it hard to give an OVA a 10, so its less so the OVA but me really. As for my general scoring, I agree it's probably on the higher side, I have a different way I rate shows, I usually go from a 6-7, with 7 being a "meh", 8 being quite good, 9 being wow but something else could be there and 10 being :O

I'm just wondering what show to review next, in fact we are considering doing some general discussion topics too- like why is anime good or bad, what we learn from it etc

Animekid3 | 02-16-15, 5:47 AM
Oh not only that.... Tamura passing the baby over too and protecting baby too....make me cry and why..... =*(

Animekid3 | 02-16-15, 5:46 AM
Hi, I had 1 2 week ago, next exam next week then break until May lol =).

Yeah, although both anime are from Jump...

XD I agreed too! But more questioning about man behind bar looking serious to Main Character hmmm....wonder what going happen XD was to me... when I watch it at start and middle of the season but ending of the season was good. Otherwise...would say 1000% to 10000000% Brutal =P

Have look at it and see if you like it or not =)

Plus I glad to see I coming to end of the light road of Gintama (only 3 Episode left) before it goes black road of Waiting for new Gintama Season =).

SakurasouBusters | 02-15-15, 12:32 PM
Ahhhh, yes god that was some episode!!!! Thd best characters are dying!!!! Im not ashamed to admit that i shed some tears! Shigatsu has gotten really sad recently..... Im loving Kiseijuu and Shigatsu so damn much!!!!!!!
God i love koro senesei! Easily my favorite anime of the season!
Kiseijuu is already a 10 for me, as is Shigatsu for that matter :)

Animekid3 | 02-10-15, 4:05 PM
Hi, good and had first exam in S2 T_T (lol), Yeah... but do get bored of it sometime... when watching it too often... and seen first time of cross over between Gintama and Sket Dance as it was very funny though =).

Lol, that good =), yeah I agree.... hmmm how it end.... beat me?.

Lol, should watch it! But beware you may find it very very x 30 brutal.... but I seen last episode... which left as cliffhanger (so, not sure if there next season or not....???)

XD with smile.

tukky12 | 02-10-15, 7:05 AM
Usagi drops been on my "plan to watch" for quite a while, but now that you say that, I'll make sure to watch it asap!

Refrain is to lb like what after story was to clannad, it ties it all up extremely well =) I couldn't recommend it enough!

Out of interest, what stuff did you not agree with? After all anime is all about opinions and i've love to discuss some of the stuff you thought!

Thanks for your kind words! It's quite hard, since I've only just started, I rely on my own writing style to be a bit different I guess- what did you think?

Animekid3 | 02-10-15, 4:54 AM
Hi, how are you today?

I trying my best to catch up all Gintama before next season arrived (currently on season 5).... also what you think about Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu soo far?

Also have you seen Psychol Pass?

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