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11-29-14, 4:24 PM
June 7, 2012
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About CarefulWetPaint
I enjoy watching anime quite a bit! I usually try to watch a series a week if possible as I have a lot of free time so if you think theres something Id enjoy and I havent watched it yet feel free to recommend it to me! (Though I do prefer dubs, especially on longer series but if its really great I'll watch it subbed if its not a huge series.)

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Hiryu12 | 08-20-13, 1:05 PM
Hmmm.... I don't know... maybe you'll see me in an event this semester. I haven't been in one though since being a grad student sucks... =(

Hiryu12 | 08-17-13, 7:45 PM
You're the reason why I got addicted to MAL xD

Clue: QUT

iNeon | 07-23-13, 5:14 AM
I have only watched like 1 episode of sword art online xD I really should get more into that but I can't really be stuffed at the moment

Yeah i'm on season 2 at the moment and absolutely loving it :D

Mentalii | 07-22-13, 2:18 PM
I start uni on September 9th :) And I'm going to a Law university.
That's a pity :/ But I see that doesn't preven you from enjoying your holiday :P Surfing, yay, take me with you, I wanna surf too !
What business? :)

iNeon | 07-22-13, 12:02 AM
I was tempted to start Attack on Titan though i'm not sure if I will yet, Is it as good as everyone says?
Umm at the moment i'm not watching any airing anime expect for one piece and naruto.
I'm watching bakuman though at the moment and really really enjoying that :)

Snow_Blind | 07-21-13, 7:11 AM
Yea its funny XD
reading attack on titan manga but they only release one chap per month V_V, blood lad is sweet as! have only seen some of bakemonogatari and only part of season one of dxd
yea feel free to message me whenever i dont talk to many on here

Snow_Blind | 07-21-13, 6:45 AM
Sure i also like being friends with aussies ^_^
been watching Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou, watamote and blood lad wbu?

iNeon | 07-21-13, 5:50 AM
Good point xD

What are you currently watching? :)

Anime_Troll | 07-20-13, 10:09 AM
I haven't had the time!
I'm looking forward to it when I can though :)!

Mentalii | 07-19-13, 8:19 AM
Yes I am ! And I'm indeed having fun, since this year was pretty hard, with the exams and else, summer was a moment I couldn't wait for ! School is over yeah ! And uni is waiting for me !
Nice, did you travel ? :) That must be annoying to work during the holiday though, I hope it's alright nevertheless. What kind of work do you do?

iNeon | 07-18-13, 4:57 AM
Thanks for the friend request :D

Snow_Blind | 07-18-13, 3:45 AM
Hello thanks for the add! how are u?

hitsutoush | 07-17-13, 11:38 PM
Im enjoying Date a Live and Arata Kangatari at the moment, How about you?

hitsutoush | 07-17-13, 4:47 PM
Thanks :)

Mentalii | 07-17-13, 9:10 AM
Hello :D I've been completely fine, and I finally passed my final exams, hurray ! And my holiday is great, I went to the beach with some friends of mine and I plan to go back to it again. So it's great! And you?

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