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Whalelala | 04-22-15, 9:36 PM
Nice Moribito was a nice surprise!

EvenJellyOn | 04-19-15, 3:39 PM
It's by the guy who made high school of the dead. Just seemed weird that it's one of the rare newer anime you want to see and not something praised.

EvenJellyOn | 04-19-15, 1:18 AM
Why do you want to watch Triage X?

secretofmana | 04-10-15, 6:39 PM
Oh! Yeah right, I didn't even thought about de art, sorry! I was just thinking about the story (that is really really good).
Your welcome, sorry that it wasn't that useful.
But hey, if someday you change your mind about the art, you know =)

_Friend | 04-09-15, 12:21 AM
More reviews,please. :T

secretofmana | 04-07-15, 3:57 PM
Hello! I saw your anime list and is really good. I also saw that you don't have Higurahi you know this anime? If you don't know i think maybe you should give it a try. The first season you don't understand very much what's going on, but in the second you have the answers. There's some parts that may be a little violent but the story is really good!

DoctorWasabi | 04-06-15, 6:13 PM
Here u go beaty, nice catty wompers to go with your snake mittens you got from ricky boby jr the 3rd. All ye u got 2 du es get in yer batmoible with no wheels and drive to the Po le Po

wlundgren | 04-04-15, 12:36 PM
Love your reviews. Deep and thoughtful.

Sedrick | 04-01-15, 5:24 PM
You're excellent.

Tengai | 03-21-15, 8:57 AM
Nice Tropical Citron review.

Ghiffaris | 02-16-15, 7:47 AM
Ok. Thank you don't force yourself to remember it :D I'll probably just go with Rasen Mekyu first.

Miskude | 02-16-15, 5:33 AM
I absolutely love your reviews, thanks for your work!

Ghiffaris | 02-12-15, 5:51 AM
Okay Thanks. Another question, Why A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights, got rating R+ on MAL, did it has rape or sex scene on it? I plan to watch the rest LOGH installment though. Thanks in advance

Ghiffaris | 02-11-15, 9:18 AM
Nice review for star wars, I mean Legend of The Galactic Heroes. Say, is seirei no moribito is that good since it's the only anime I haven't heard about.

Tsukiaki | 02-10-15, 1:41 AM
Hey =D

For some reason I just keep on stumbling on your comments or reviews in quite a lot of MAL pages. At first I thought it was paranoia and since Spike is a popular character maybe there were two or three people with the same avatar, but no, it's been you all along.
Since it seems our interest are quite similar and you look like a nice person... want to be friends? :)

P.s: Sorry if i'm being to blunt ^^UUUUUUUUU

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