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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Manga)

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Akagami no Shirayukihime, Red-haired Snow White, Hachigatsu no Shikisai, Four-Season Color of August, Bind Us, Bokura wo Tsunaide
Japanese: 赤髪の白雪姫


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Aug 10, 2006 to ?
Authors: Akizuki, Sorata (Story & Art)
Serialization: LaLa DX


Score: 8.391 (scored by 6003 users)
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Both stories revolve around a girl with unique red hair which brings her unwanted attention. The stories also share similar fantasy-like elements such as the existence of royalty.
reportRecommended by Enna - Add to favorites
shoujo heroines with a lot of growth potential, gaining strength and independence with the story, while the guys watch over but doesn't over-protectively interfere.
reportRecommended by Aorii - Add to favorites
the art style is kind of the same. while i was reading ZHD, i couldn't help remember AnS. lol. there are both princes in the story (Johanne in ZHD and Zen in Ans) both the main girls are related to medicine in some way. they're both really good stories and really cute. :) i'm pretty sure if you like one of them, you'll like the other.
Somehow they just remind me of each other... both really awesome and with hot guys (:
Both are sweet romances set in a fantasy world (sort of a quasi-medieval Howl's Moving Castle type world) led by strong female protagonists.
In both manga the heroine meets a prince in disguise and they become friends, so she decides to study what she's good at so she can get to the palace and be of help to the prince.
reportRecommended by Canal - Add to favorites
If you like one, you are bound to like the other. Both have strong minded women with several different pressures in a beautiful romance with kind hearted but high-ranking men, and how they overcome obsticles life throws at them. Both amazing faiytale-like reads :)
Both mangas are about pharmacists who work for royalty and have a love plot between the pharmacist and the prince or princess. One distinguishing feature about the pharmacists is the colour of their hair, although it is for a completely different reasons in both mangas. Also, the romance is slightly repressed in both stories, which leads to a slightly different feel than shoujo's typically have.
A young girl in a mysterious land. In both series, you will discover their similarities in the essence of the characters. There is the fantasy setting with a shoujo like mood involving relationships. If you're into series with relationship building along with politics and personal struggles, both these titles should definitely be looked into. Their stories will also attract audience such as myself for their clever way of presenting its themes and style.
Both are about a special girl who needs protecting from a guy that later falls in-love with her
Akagami no Shirayukihime's story line is completely different from Kamisama Hajimemashita. However, in both stories the main characters aren't your typical shoujo stereotype. The main heroines, Shirayuki (AnS) and Nanami (KH)'s personality are almost similar to each other though Zen (AnS) and Tomoe (KH) aren't in the sense that Zen didn't hate Shirayuki.
While reading KH, I'm reminded by AnS even though, as I said, the story line are completely different. Both aren't as predictable as it seems. Don't try to judge this both by just the cover or plotline. If you liked one, try the other too. Both are highly recommended for readers who can't stand mushy lovey-dovey shoujos. Happy reading! :3
The characters look identical, no joke.(but that happens a lot soo...)

Both have the male protagonist finding themselves falling in love with the female lead, with the females taking a little longer until they realize their feelings. Both also have this adorable feel to it as you read on.

Despite Shirayuki Hime not having any rivalry between the male and female, the two mangas are relatively the same:)

I smiled and laughed while reading through both of these<3
Both stories are set in a somewhat historical setting and have elements of steampunk. Akagami no Shirayukihime deals with a prince and a pharmacist while Crookclock is about a rich clockmaker and a maid servant. Akagami no Shirayukihime is focused more towards friendship and dealing with day-to-day happenings while Crookclock is a bit more romance oriented. Both include heart-warming moments and incidents that will cause you to fall out of your chair laughing.
The story lines are different, but both manga take place in an old-fashioned medieval-esque time period where there are princess and princesses within different kingdoms. In both stories, the heroine are of different social status, with one being poor and one being a princess of a prestigious country. They both meet guys, who happen to be princes, and a love develops, although Shirayuki is more of a slow love.

Both loves are innocent and they both face the obstacles of opposition of their relationship and other guys or women who want to get in the way.
Both series contain strong determined heroines who face their problems head on.
Both heroines have a goal and a career they work hard towards despite the challenges and prejudices they face.
Both heroines become involved in the internal affairs of the castle with royalty taking a romantic interest in them.
Specifically, the second prince of Clarines in Akagami and the emperor in Saiunkoku.

Both series contain a strong supportive cast who have their own stories to tell.
adorable, addicting, sweet, romantic, and heartwarming. If you liked House of the Sun then you should be sure to check this out
Both are set in a similar era with the female protagonists coming from a "commoners" background and are adjusting to life inside the castle. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is a bit more serious than Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken however.
The main protagonist in both mangas are teens (Chise is 16 while Shirayuki is about 18ish). Their worlds change when they suddenly encounter and meet someone unique (Elias for Chise and Zen for Shirayuki). They soon start to enjoy their new environment! Both are a good read!

Other points:
-Both red-heads. Somehow they look similar to me (both have short hair, though it grows..)
-Romance and Fantasy (although Mahoutsukai no Yome is more supernatural and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime leans more into Romance!)
-Both are definitely interesting!
In both mangas, a girl meets a prince from a country, and falls for him. Both girls are "orphans" (or so they say?). An opposing force hinders the two and something is needed to reverse something that has been done (poison in Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, and a spell in Tobenai Washi Ouji). As the opposing force attempts to find those two, something happens, and a plan is put into action (not really a plan in Akagami no Shirayuki-hime). All ends well, opposing force is punished. However, Akagami no Shiraykui-hime is ongoing (what was described was just the first chapter) and longer, whereas Tobenai Washi Ouji is a oneshot.
Sweet and heartwarming romance/comedy
Both heroine has red hair and has always been the center of attention when they don't want to
Sweet, pure love stories. Both girls must leave home for some reason and end up living with a "prince-type" character (sorta..they have their quirks). Both have fighting, but is not action-packed. For both girls, their parents are out of the picture. Both stories have great, almost enchanting art styles.
So, I will say that Blue Ramun is not nearly as great as Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, but, you will more than likely enjoy one if you like the other.

- Both heroines have something special about them. (Blue blood, Red hair)
- Both heroines are doctors.
- Both heroines have to overcome their status when it comes to being with their love interest. (Blue Doctor/Captain, Royal Pharmacist/2nd Prince)
- Both heroines have to deal with being targeted for their looks. (Blue eyes, Red hair)
- Both heroines are guests in their new cities. (Nomads)
- Both heroines are slightly naive when it comes to love or people with bad intentions towards them.
- The male love interests are super protective of the heroines.
Okay both these manga are great! i nearly cried of happiness at the end and was grinning all the way thru, they sacrifice themselves for each othr nd ther so nice! the art is great too...AHHAHAHAH anyway READ IT!!
P.S. if u like happy romance stories these are great!
okay, i found the two main girls to be similar. both of them are girls that aren't going to cry in every chapter and in general don't need to depend on their guy for everything. both of the girls are strong and depend on themselves to achieve their goals. but don't worry, the guy still saves them when it's important :)

other than that, they're both romances?
i don't really know, i guess the main characters are really alike, they both have beautiful stories of love, and they are both my favorites, they really got to me.
Both have a protagonist named "Snow White" (ShiraYuki), and while in AnSH the protagonist has Red hair like an apple and knows the cure to poisoned apples, in S.A., the protagonist deeply hates apples and has Red eyes.
Both have bold main charcters, that are women, that are ready for adventure and a change in their lives. The storylines surround the friendships of the main characters and their development, and intertwine with legends or folktales. Also, apples are a common theme.
Both have a similar feel. A strong female lead who in most cases isn't particularly conventional. The pace of the stories is very similar, the chapters are connected yet are somewhat episodic, in every chapter a new thing happens. I'm sure if you liked one you'll like the other too.
They have a familiar feeling, both female leads are strong and independent while trying to reach their own goals and are connected with a prince/king in some way and life becomes more interesting...
Tender affection guaranteed to you smile :)
Similar in the sense that the girl is always being watched over by the handsome, caring guy. Lots of perilous situations that lead to cute, romantic scenes. Beautiful artwork and heart-throbbing moments!
They are both really really cut stories about love, except akagami no shirayuki hime is a bit longer and takes place in the past.
A sweet and innocent love story with kind characters in which one of them is a prince and the other a nice girl with different haircolor and special ability to cure with plants.
Both stories focuses on a 'royal' family member and their friend/parter (in each manga respectively) in a fantasy world where kings, nobles and servants serve as the political structure of this world. +C has more action in it while Shirayuki Hime is obviously more romantic. But after reading both I enjoyed them both immensely and felt a similar feel to it (largely due to the beautiful character designs and art both of these manga contain).
These two are similar because in both there is a person that everyone want but they are also complete different because Black Bird is about demons wanting Misao for there own reasons and is protected by Kyo just like how Shirayuki is wanted for her rare hair color and Zen protects her at the time. In both the Protecters and Protected fall in love with each other
Both are parodies of a classic (Snow white for this one), have the main falling in love with a guy from a new country, have pretty good art, and have a nice story line
Both have a spinn off of european fairy tale feeling and the main girl characters gave off sort of a similar feel. Both have monarchy, castles and such. Also, both deal with family/social pressure for them to not be together. The male leads are different even thought they are both hot. Sweety Gem's male character gets angry easier. Also, SG starts in the past and takes place in the present. wile Akagami all takes place in the same time period.
If you are a fan of the shoujo fantasy Akagami no Shirayuki-hime try The Thief and the Jewel Girl. Similarities are that the girl has special features that make her hunted, also they are both sweet fantasies in the pure fantasy genre. The Thief and the Jewel Girl is a one shot and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is an ongoing series, so you can read this one shot while you are waiting for new chapters. This is mostly suited to shoujo lovers.
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