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W Change!! add
High-school student Kisaragi Maki has one dream: to be a normal wife. She’s part of a Yakuza family known as Group Kisaragi and her father is the third generation of th... read more.
W Dessert add
1. W Dessert after 2. W Dessert 3. Impregnate me, Seiryu-kun - A Fight Between Unscrupulous Girls 4. Avatar in the Earth Aliens are planning on invading the Earth, and s... read more.
W Maid de Seitokai! add
W Maid no Harem Gohoushi!! Anata no Seishori wa Watashitachi ni Omakase Kudasai! add
W Name add
A great ero story about the ins and outs of modern love and sex in Japan today, featuring the game of love between man and woman that has no end. (Source: ... read more.
W Princess to Love Dousei! add
W Seitokaichou Docchi wo Erabu no!? add
W Shinkon Ojousama! add
W x Y add
For the entirety of his life, Yokoda Takashi has been drawing erotic drawings and it has been his way of expressing his sexuality. And now, he has managed to become a suc... read more.
W Yome Sand add
1. W Yome Sand 2. Anata no Machi no Burger Shop? 3. Bitchia 4. Shimai Don 5. Kenka suru hodo "Naka" gaii 6. Muchuu ni nari Sugite... 7. Haisha no Okuchi w... read more.
W's add
The story follows Okita Tsurugi a grade three student. Son of two legendary tennis players. After watching his late father's tennis videos he aspires to be a tenni... read more.
W-Body add
Includes two, five-chapter stories: 1. Dear My Master 2. Sister's Body
W-Juliet add
Makoto Amano wants to become an actor, but his stern father has decreed that the only way Makoto can pursue his dream is to spend the last two years of high school as a g... read more.
W-Juliet II add
Ito and Makoto have finally gotten married - but W Juliet is FAR from done! Ito must learn to accept Makoto's dream to become an actor as well as cope with all the disas... read more.
W-Pinch!! add
Timid and shy Kawai Arisa is a normal 14 year old High School girl, except that she is the target of bullies as her family tend to move around a lot due to her parents wo... read more.
W.C: Water Closet add
1-4. Water Closet 5-7. Mito Koumon
W.I.T.C.H. add
This is the manga adaptation of the Italian comic book with the same name. This is the story of five teenage girls who are chosen to be the new Guardians of Kandrakar,... read more.
W.W.W: World Wide War add
W: Hip add
2. Honeymoon 4. A Beautiful Christmas
Wa ga Niku ni Muretsudoi, Kurae add
1. Doku wo Kurawaba (If Poison Is Consumed...) 2. Aa, Nakayoki Koto wa Utsukushiki kana. (Ah, How Beautiful Getting Along.) 3. Rakka Ryuusui (Mutual Love) 4. Oneechan wa ... read more.
Wa Wa Wu Xian Pu add
Colleen and Jing Ping are both dolls that have been returned to their human forms by magic glass marbles. The two were turned into dolls more than 100 years ago, when Col... read more.
Wa! add
One day, being bullied by fans of the idol star, Ha Ra was rescued by Pil Lip Lee and found out that a loner in her class named Ye Myeong Han was Pil Lip Lee's scena... read more.
Wa! add
At Takamanohara School, lots of the students have crushes, but all on different people. In fact, if you trace out who likes who, it makes a full circle! This is the story... read more.
Wadachi add
Collection of short, humorous stories by Leiji Matsumoto.
Wadaiko†Girls add
Wadatsumi add
In a post apocalyptic world covered with water, Wadatsumi, a person who lives in what appears to be the last piece of land, finds a mysterious girl dragged by the waves o... read more.
Waga Hero no Tame no Alchemuls add
Waga Itoshi no Doctor add
Waga Itoshi no Shitsuji-dono add
Because of Lionel’s viscount status, Ms Elena wanted to get engaged with him. However, Lionel was always in love with his steward, Isaac. Before the day of engagement, ... read more.
Waga Na wa Nero add
With the nonaccidental death of Claudius, the emperor of Rome, his emotionally and psychologically unstable adopted son Nero takes the throne. A historically based Roman ... read more.
Waga Na wa Umishi add
Salvors are men responsible for towing wrecked ships and handling the cargo. They are different from rescue teams as they usually ask for money before offering help. Nanb... read more.
Waga Tousou add
A manga adaptation of the autobiographical book Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.
Waga Tsun - Waga Ie no Chounan Tsundere Shachou add
Wagahai no Kare wa Baka de Aru add
The story revolves around the daily lives of Akomi and her idiot boyfriend (kare baka), Ponta Ninoyima, whose only redeeming quality is his good looks. (Source: MAL Ne... read more.
Wagahai wa Neko de Aru add
I Am a Cat satirizes human beings from an innovative perspective! Natsume Souseki's first novel, that has become a timeless story representative of the beginning of moder... read more.
Wagahai wa Vidocq add
Wagahai wa Yome de Aru. add
1. Wagahai wa Yome de Aru (I'm His Wife.) 2. Love Mates 3. Kodomo Salad (Children Salad) 4. Lilac no Hanakotoba (The Flower Language of Lilac)
Wagamai wa Neko de Aru add
Wagamama Chie-chan add
Just before Saho Hanawa was about to matriculate into Seiran Middle School (her mother's alma mater), she meets a ghost girl, Chie, who's wearing the Seiran school unifor... read more.
Wagamama dakedo Itoshikute add
This the story of childhood friends, Natsu and Shuuji, who finally come together. Included one-shots: Volume 1: Please Express it Properly, Noise Nostalagia Volume 3... read more.
Wagamama Gouman Maou-sama!? add
Shizuku is an adorable and spunky high school student, but even he doesn't know the secret he's hiding. When Shizuku comes home from school one day, he's met by a stunnin... read more.
Wagamama Honey add
High school teacher Igarashi and his colleague Ousaka are lovers, but the super arrogant "queen" Ousaka treats him like a slave... How will this romance that ca... read more.
Wagamama Kitchen add
Handsome Kumaki hides a burning secret. This serious salary man appears to be quite the lady-killer, but in fact, he constantly finds himself head-over-heels in love with... read more.
Wagamama Little Witch add
Wagamama Mille-Feuille add
1. Yokubou Parade 2. Aiiro Applause 3. Kumori Tokidoki Ame Nochi 4. Black Mi-mollet 5. Suki-Kirai-Suki Complex 6. Boro-Boro Melancholic 7. Otome Assortment
Wagamama na Butler add
He whom I met in the summer of age 14, Shuuichrou--the only one whom I love. But he is my butler. His attitude always make me worry. Someone please tell me, will this lov... read more.
Wagamama na Jewel add
1. Tenshinchigi (Gods of Heaven and Earth) 2. Fragile but Strong 3. Stray Cat Rock 4. A Wanderer's Love 5. Love Monster
Wagamama na Junai add
Miyo's love life takes an unexpected turn when she loudly and publicly confesses her love... but to the wrong guy!
Wagamama na Karada add
Taguchi fantasizes about the ever-cheerful Kanzaki. Does he have other expressions besides the happy face he shows the world? One day, they get caught at school because o... read more.
Wagamama na Kiss add
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