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N add
One Shot--
N-Ship add
N.G! add
Collection of oneshots :

1) The first one-shot in this manga features a theme park, cross-dressing and mistaken identities! What's not to love? High school... read more.
N.Y. Komachi add
The story is set in the Meiji Times, Japan's opening door to the world.

Shino has been brought up as the inheritor of an old and famous comestic shop in T... read more.
Na mo Naki Hana wo Mederu Hi ni add
One Shot--
Na mo Naki Tori no Tobu Yoake add
Part of the angelic bureaucracy, Karasu is sent to earth to retrieve a demon living among humans. However, he's surprised to discover that Shirasagi only wants to th... read more.
Na no Nai Shisha add
A boy who knows a persons' "time until death" and has the special ability to give away life; an existence known as Shisha (Messenger).

This name... read more.
Na*Na*Ki!! add
The youngest of seven sisters, Nanaki's goal is to "grow another 20cm and become an adult." Now she's a senior in high school and still baffles her friends with... read more.
Nabari no Ou add
All Miharu Rokujou wishes for is a simple life. Unfortunately, he soon learns that he is in possession of a sacred and secret ninja art, the "Shinra Banshou". With this... read more.
Nabi add
The series begins as a guest visits a temple where Myo-Un and Ryu-Sang are living along with many other orphan children. This guest turns out to be an assassin who came t... read more.
Nabi: The Prototype add
A collection of one-shots, mostly centering around a rough boy, a girl who he is close to, and what happens as they grow up.
Naburaretai Watashitachi add
Naburi: Do S Joshi Kousei ni Rinkan sareru Boku add
[b]Included one-shots:[/b] Shiorenai Hana (A Flower that Cannot Wither), After School
Nacchan's Self-Assertion add
One Shot--
Nade Pro!! add
This manga chronicles the lives of voice actors from Nadeshiko Productions, or Nade Pro for short.
Nade² Shiko² add
1. Wanwan Panic
2. Idol Power Up Up
3. A Tale of Lost Items
4. Flying Summer
5. Passed Out Drunk Game
6. Love Study
7. After School Sk... read more.
Nadenade Shikoshiko. add
The main character "Totoki" is an ordinary high school student who leads a mundane school life. One day, a mysterious, primitive girl, "Cherry" appear... read more.
Nadeshiko Club add
Reo-chan, a first year girl, gets dumped by her boyfriend because she's not skilled in the home economic traits women should possess in his mind. Her ex tells her th... read more.
Nadeshiko no Kiseki - Kawasumi Nahomi Monogatari add
Manga of the life of Nahomi Kawasumi, the 26-year-old goal-scoring member of Japan's World Cup-winning women's soccer team.
Nadeshiko Prima add
A collection of short stories, including:
Nadeshiko Prima
Ningyo Ichya
Pure♥Drop Honey
Koisuru Kimochi Utaekata
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