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Jingi add
Jigoku Sensei Nube add
The series follows Meisuke Nueno, better known as Nūbē, an exorcist who also happens to be the teacher for a 5th grade class at Dōmori Elementary. While he uses many v... read more.
Ja Ja Uma Grooming UP! add
Kuze Shunpei, a high school student, is on spring break going to Hokkaidou when he loses his wallet. Stranded in the mountains with no money and his motorcycle having run... read more.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run add
Originally presented as an unrelated story, this series was later officially declared a part of the JoJo storyline. The series stars Gyro Zeppeli, who uses a set of steel... read more.
Jotei add
A young girl conquering obstacles after obstacles to become the empress of her industry.
Jin add
As a result of a strange encounter with a mysterious carcinogenic fetus he found inside a patient’s skull, brain surgeon Minakata Jin has slipped back through time.... read more.
Jiraishin add
Kyoya Ida is a hard-nosed detective from the Shinjuku Police precient. He is known in the force as an unreasonable type who would use lethal force to solve cases, making ... read more.
J-Dream add
Akaboshi Taka is a 16-year-old boy who loves to play soccer. After being abandoned by his father, he tries to find a job to support himself. His dream is to become a prof... read more.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable add
The fourth part of JJBA focuses on Josuke Higashikata, the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, with Jotaro Kujo and Joseph Joestar along in a supporting role. Apparently ... read more.
Junk Boy add
Ryohei Yamazaki is a cool twenty-three year old, with an extremely high sex drive. A smooth talker with the lady killing eyes and a winning smile, we follow him in his ne... read more.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo add
Golden Wind is the fifth story arc in the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

It stars Giorno Giovana. Giorno is determined to rise to the top of organize... read more.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean add
The story of Jotaro Kujo's (Part 3) daughter, Jolyne Kujo. She is framed for a murder and ends up in the Green Dolphin Street Prison. She is given an amulet inherited fro... read more.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders add
In a Japanese jail sits 17-year-old Jotaro Kujo: punk, fighter, delinquent...and possessed by a force beyond his control! Around the world, evil spirits are awakening: &q... read more.
Jinnai Ryuujuujutsu Butouden Majima-kun Suttobasu!! add
A comedic fighting (martial arts) series.
Junai Tokkou Taichou! add
Chiemi Yusa's high school record is far from perfect. She's already been suspended twice for fighting, and she's not even half-way through her first year! In danger of ge... read more.
Jinjuu Houretsuden add
In ancient China there exists an alternate dimension called Jusenkai, whose inhabitants, the Senkaijin, possess tremendous powers. One of them, YanLang, fled to Earth alo... read more.
Jesus add
Jesus is about a high profile assassin who plans to fake his own death and lay low to avoid the FBI and all the mafia's hitman. He plans to live his life by using th... read more.
Jinsei wa Kekka All Right! add
"Someday, a UFO will come for you."

Kumon Sei is a 16 year old high school boy with an infamous family. His parents, including his father who wa... read more.
Jotei: Yuna add
Korea in the 1990s. Yuna's life is going really well. She's about to graduate from college and she's dating the heir to a major company. However, one of her acquaintances... read more.
Joou-sama no Inu add
In today's world of computers and cell phones, few people have time for superstition and ghost stories—but that doesn't mean that they aren't real! Amane Kamori is ... read more.
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