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Ikusa-hime Musha: Kuryuu Ouka add
Ikusaba Animation add
Hachiya Mitsuka has a voice straight out of an anime. In the past she was bullied because of the way her voice sounded and had no friends, thus when she entered High Scho... read more.
Ikusen no Toki wo Koete add
Kei, an ordinary high school teacher, and Haruto, a popular model brimming talent and blessed with an abundance of good looks were raised as non-blood related more.
Ikusen no Yoru add
Sora & Tecchan have always been together ever since childhood. Tecchan says hell always be with Sora but Sora begins to notice the space Tecchan is putting between th... read more.
Ikusora no Iro: Kinue add
Ikusora no Iro: Touko add
Ikuze! Akarui Kazoku Keikaku add
The father is a rugged high school math teacher. The son is easy going. They happen to experience a new "steamy" world together.

(Source: ichikaw... read more.
Ikyou no Kusa ~ Sangoshi Rensaku Shuu add
Ilegenes: Giyoku no Koukyoukyoku add
Through the activity of “Elfenbein” – an anti-government organization that Fon, Jacques and their other classmates established – Fon, now a 3rd grade student in I... read more.
Ilegenes: Kokuyou no Kiseki add
The island of Ilegenes is home to an internationally renown genetic engineering research institution. In addition to their research involving genetic manipulation, a dark... read more.
Ilegenes: The Genetic Sodom Ilegenes add
The original light novels that the Ilegenes manga are based on. This takes place after the manga events when the characters are around the age of 30.
Iliad add
Searching for the lost island Atlantis.

(Source: MU)
Ilias: Kyouen no Utage add
1. Numtum
2-4, 10. Ilias
5. Impedire
6. Fecund
7. Nabure Hime
8. Sis Chemistry!
9. Enzai no Koujo Aria
Iljimae add
The Korean version of Robin Hood, "Il-Ji-Mae" deals with a hero who helped the unprotected poor men by robbing the rich and the powerful ones.

Th... read more.
Illegal Rare add
Supernatural creatures live alongside humans, but these "rares" are being hunted to extinction over time. An organization is being formed to protect these rares... read more.
Illumination add
Twenty-nine-year-old Mikita Ryuuji has been hiding his love for his friend Koya for so long that he can't take it anymore. At his wit's end, he spends one night with Sudo... read more.
Illusion City add
Psychometry is the communication channel hidden in the brain.
It is the faculty of divining facts concerning an object or a person associated with it, by contact ... read more.
Illusion Girls add
1-3. Vampire Girl
4. Redstrings
5. Roomless Love: Next Rooms
6. Change the Heart
7-8. Flower Road
Ilya add
Ima Doki add
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