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+Anima add
Beings who possess animal-like powers walk among humans in this alternate universe. These mysterious mutants, the +Anima, are shunned by society. Four outcasts in particu... read more.
+C: Sword and Cornett add
Belca Noctircus is the son of a commoner and the King of Noctircus. He is the third prince in the royal Noctircus family and is third in line for the throne. Soon after c... read more.
+α no Tachiichi add
Satoki Houma is an imaginative girl who enjoys shoujo manga. She has long comes to terms with the fact she will never be the type of girl that is the heroine of a manga &... read more.
.hack//AI Buster add
In the epic prequel to .hack, the avatar Albireo is a solo adventurer in The World, the most advanced online fantasy game ever created. When he comes across Lycoris, a st... read more.
.hack//Alcor: Hagun no Jokyoku add
.hack//Alcor takes place in the online game 'The World'. Nanase is a shy and naive girl belonging to the newbie helping guild 'Canard'. All she wants is to be with Silabu... read more.
.hack//Another Birth add
While the original four .hack video games followed the tales and travels of Kite, these books tell the story all over again, from the view of Akira Hayami, also known as ... read more.
.hack//GnU add
Raid, a newbie Edge Punisher in The World R:2 decides to sell all of his gear and items in order to buy a rare sword. Unfortunately the sword draws the attention of a gro... read more.
.hack//Legend of the Twilight add
Welcome to The World, the most advanced online game ever created. In The World you can be anyone you want to be, act out your adventure fantasies and through teamwork and... read more.
.hack//Link: Tasogare no Kishidan add
The story takes place in the year 2020, just three years after the events of .hack//G.U.. (The story will take place not only in the new version of "The World" known as "... read more.
.hack//Quantum I (introduction) add
.hack//Quantum+ add
Will follow the story as written for the anime by Tachibana Masaki.

(Source: Wikipedia)
.hack//Quantum: Kokoro no Soushi add
Side story to .hack//Quantum.
.hack//Sora: Sekai no Mukou ni add
.hack//Tasogare no Hibun add
Lara Hoerwick is visiting her uncle Harald, and starts playing a game on his computer while he is away. At first she is excited to find herself in the world of the Epitap... read more.
.hack//XXXX add
In .hack//Legend of the Twilight, Shugo and Rena were given the avatars of the famous dot hackers, Kite and BlackRose... Now learn how their legend was born! While playin... read more.
009 Re:Cyborg add
A manga adaptation of the upcoming movie, 009 Re:Cyborg.
1001 add
A tale of mystery and magic. Naito and Yuki Fuka are twin brothers with very different personalities. While Naito is inelegant and good in school, Yuki is athletic and of... read more.
12 Beast add
From the creator of Monster Musume comes a New Age Cup one-shot entry, 12 Beast! Join Eita on an epic mini-adventure to save the Lizard Tribe from... whatever the hell th... read more.
One Shot-7.19
12 Beast add
Join ninja apprentice Eita Touga as he embarks on an epic adventure searching for his missing brother Kouki and save the Autana (Humanoid Beast) race of "Live-Earth&... read more.
2 Shuukan no Adventure add
Contains 4 short stories, including an extra from Barairo no Hoo no Koro
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