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5 - This character displays every tsundere persona at any time
12 18.46%
4 - Considerably a tsundere - she possess the traits but not always giving the impression
18 27.69%
3 - Somewhat a tsundere - either she falls more on her tsuntsun side or her deredere side
25 38.46%
2 - This character has little qualities of a tsundere and rarely displays the characteristics
8 12.31%
1 - This character is far from being a tsundere
2 3.08%
Voters: 65

07-09-08, 7:38 PM

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Welcome to the Tsundere or Not poll #33. Decide the character's level of tsundere-ness and give them a score in the poll rating meter. In scale of 1 to 5, rate them according to what you’ve learned in the anime, manga, novel, etc.

A tsundere character posses similar qualities and traits which defines who they are. The simple definition of this character archetype is available in our club page but you can read further at the Wikipedia entry for the broader definition.

Don't recognize the character? It's cool, just say so in your post or skip the thread. One day when you recognize her, come back for this poll. If you want to see the result without voting, click the "View Results” link in the bottom right of the poll.

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Teana Lanster
from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

07-10-08, 4:09 AM
DB Administrator
Joined: Jan 2007
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Tia was my fave character in StrikerS. Really liked her, not enough dere dere though I think. She gets a 3 from me.
08-20-08, 8:43 PM

Joined: Jul 2007
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3. Too tsuntsun, very little deredere. Subaru/Teana would probably be far more popular if she showed even the slightest hint of deredere.
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08-21-08, 2:47 AM

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I'm not sure whether deredere has to be a romantic from, but from what I see...She's quite a tsundere.
08-21-08, 3:19 PM

Joined: Oct 2007
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I don't think she has the romantic deredere side either. What I see is that her normal personality would be deredere but she gets particularly tsuntsun at Subaru or towards anyone who might tease her. I'd give her a 4 for non-romantic tsundere.

If we got 80% or higher let me know! :)
09-13-08, 2:04 AM

Joined: Jun 2008
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I think she is really tsundere.
09-25-08, 12:59 PM

Joined: Jun 2007
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3.5 for me
but since tea was awesome, i will round it up
i also agree, not deredere enough, but when she showed it, it was cute, and what deredere should be like.
09-25-08, 6:32 PM

Joined: May 2008
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Splitter said:
3. Too tsuntsun, very little deredere. Subaru/Teana would probably be far more popular if she showed even the slightest hint of deredere.

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06-18-10, 8:41 AM

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Seems that way to me
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