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Cowboy Bebop Episode 13 Discussion

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Poll: Cowboy Bebop Episode 13 Discussion

08-11-12, 2:09 PM

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So Julia is finally starting to become a plot element, one thing that got me thinking is what did fade(Blue haired girl) said when she mentioned Julia was she reffering to gren or to Julia the actual one
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08-15-12, 12:56 AM

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Knew they'd get back together but thought Spike would get the bounty.. Seems better this way though because it shows Jet is accepting either way... He just wants his friend back.
08-18-12, 7:39 PM

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giraffesyo said:
Knew they'd get back together but thought Spike would get the bounty.. Seems better this way though because it shows Jet is accepting either way... He just wants his friend back.

of course.. I think Jet and Spike are good friends and even though they "argued" they knew they'd get back on as a team again. It's like one of those good friendships that I've seen in many anime's where they say they don't care/won't take the friend back, but in the end (like all good friends) reconcile.

Great episode.. Both parts, episode 12+13. It was.. captivating to say at the very least, I wanted to know more but, it just went on... Upset that he died at the end, wish he could've said more about Julia/whereabouts. But it did explain characters a little bit more.. and it makes you think.
"Who's Vicious.. Why did he have to deal with him? How is Julia tied up with all these people? How is Julia such a big impact on Vicious/Spikes lives? Only time will tell."
By far.. it reveals so much.. but so little. And the ending.. the tear of a warrior. Great saying..(imo)
10-26-12, 4:10 PM

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I KNEW Cowboy Bebop would make this two-parter truly spectacular! Ridiculously deep histories are given to brand new characters that all link to the protagonists in really meaningful ways; the two-parter can stand up on it's own, yet adds more to the overall storyline by hinting to a dark past that Spike is hiding; the tension slowly mounts until it reaches a standoff that results in an all-out dogfight sequence, which is tightly directed and exciting throughout; and it all ends on an extremely emotional note that links back to the seemingly out-of-place opening of the first episode.

And the power of this two-parter is only ever increased when a beautiful new song introduces the credits, and when a question that directly quotes the episode ends it. 9.5/10
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10-27-12, 4:28 PM

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great two parter, the ending credits made it look like it was a film splitted in two parts

giraffesyo said:
Knew they'd get back together but thought Spike would get the bounty.. Seems better this way though because it shows Jet is accepting either way... He just wants his friend back.
liked that iteraction too

11-16-12, 6:14 AM

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Great episode some more back story on spike and this Julia person I do wonder if he'll ever find her! Lets hope that the writers put another arc for her in the anime somewhere! This 2 parted episode was quite lovely with story development!

We're also now in 50% of the Anime so lets see what the second half has to offer!
02-25-13, 10:46 AM

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Loved that ending song.
03-16-13, 11:08 PM

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Great two part episode.
Amazing story telling.
11-28-13, 4:31 PM

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Best episode so far, the way the past is slowly revealed, how the characters' stories wrap up with each other, and that ending was just beautiful, the scene with the Bull talking about the star was amazing now that it made sense.
12-26-13, 7:40 PM

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Great two part episode. The ending really brought everything together. I really liked that ending song, enough that I will go searching for it later, it had a kind of Somber African Chant style in it, which really fit the mood and the direction of the episode. I am finding myself intrigued by Vicious and I really want to get to know his philosophy more and more.

Unfortunately, I won't be finishing this anime by today, some unexpected things came up, I'll get one with this show by tomorrow.

It's been a ride so far, let's hope the second half improves and expands on the story even more.
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01-11-14, 5:39 PM

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Ending song was beautifulll
i wish they cared a bit more about faye though :^(
01-19-14, 9:33 PM

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This was a great arc. Now I'm very interested in Julia and her relationship with Skipe.
I hope we can hear more about her in the future episodes.
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02-08-14, 1:47 AM

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extremely good episode. This show ain't a classic for nothing
03-02-14, 6:05 PM

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An episode with sentimentality and emotions, it was good.
03-23-14, 6:41 AM

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I love the chemistry between the main cast. Jet used the excuse that Faye had stolen a lot of their money as a reason for finding her, but you could see that Jet genuinely cared about her and wanted her back.
04-19-14, 1:49 AM

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I can see that Faye's a little jelly. Jet and Spike should care more for babe like her. I feel bad for Gren, he is going to die a lonely death. ):
06-04-14, 4:48 AM

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That was an unexpected turn of events indeed. The words of the Native American-esque man at the end was so much more touching knowing who he was referring to. Very sad.

The ending theme was truly gorgeous.
06-06-14, 11:33 AM

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Now I really wanna meet Julia.
07-10-14, 6:03 PM

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Nice episodes.
What about that thing: "The work, which becomes a new genres itself, will be called... Cowboy Bebop".
Ok, ok, I gotta admit: considering the age of this show, it is pretty awesome but aren't they bragging too much?
These were made by my awesomely cool friend illmadz :
07-27-14, 6:40 PM

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[Español - LA/Hispania] (M.M.T)
En éste episodio encaja una sola expresión: Maravilloso o WHOA! La historia en torno a las conexiones entre los personajes y ese final afable con el OST "Space Lion", fue excelente para un final memorable.


[English - US/UK]
In this episode fits one expression: Wonderful! (AKA: WHOA!) The story around the connections between characters and that affable final with the OST "Space Lion", it was excellent for a memorable farewell.

08-09-14, 5:17 AM

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Julia needs to show her ass now and do some talking because until then I will consider her as a slutty bitch.
09-10-14, 12:28 PM

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So Spike's fluffy coat didn't save him, but it was just a tranquilizer. I really like the background music for this episode. Well, all the episodes have great sounds, but I hadn't really paid much attention till now.
10-03-14, 4:18 AM

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Beautiful. It had it all. Hands down 5/5.
Hope we'll see Julia eventually. And Faye
seemed really deep in thought. She may
be a tad more serious from now on. xD
10-18-14, 11:58 AM

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Wasn't there footprints last time? O'well.
12-20-14, 10:10 AM

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That ending was just beautiful.
12-27-14, 12:16 PM

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rewatching cowboy bebop and man episode 12-13 are one of the many reasons why it is a 10 just perfect episodes and one of watanabe's best.
12-28-14, 7:49 PM

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xSanox said:
rewatching cowboy bebop and man episode 12-13 are one of the many reasons why it is a 10 just perfect episodes and one of watanabe's best.

I couldn't agree more.
“If it were a third-rate TV anime, a dead protagonist can come back to life at the producers’ convenience. But the world we live in is not such a convenient place. Lost lives will never return. Because of it, we live in a world where a life is an irreplaceable existence.”
01-24-15, 3:54 PM

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Wow... I don't think there are even words to describe how much i loved this arc... Now we just need to find out what exactly happened in Spike's past
01-25-15, 12:31 PM

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Wow amazing episode!

Lots of twist, action, suspense and dark atmosphere!

So Gren was really man who had a sickness of low testosterone. Still doesn't explain how he develop boobs on it :P

And wow, he was just using Julia's name as a cover up. So let me get this straight. Gren and Vicious used to be war buddies a long time ago. Then out of nowhere Vicious backstabs Gren and framing him as a spy just because he was only interested with the musical piece he heard.

Then sometime after the war, Vicious met Spike and that's how they became buddies until Vicious backstabs Spike once more.

So not only Vicious backstabs two close friends who are there to help him, but also leaves out that Lin guy despite him protecting in death.

I'm actually surprise Spike and Gren didn't knew each other. Then again, Gren did serve time in jail due to Vicious.

Still how did Gren met Juilia? Same thing with Spike?

I'm just glad Faye is finally back on the team! Never leave again Faye :P

Lots of answers revealed, but more questions keep piling up!

Amazing stuff! Though it seems we're back to "Stand Alone" episodes aka Bounty stuff once more.

Can't wait for the next episode though!
03-03-15, 9:06 PM

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Great episode. Best one so far. That OST at the end was amazing.
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03-05-15, 3:42 PM

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So Grim got transplants in order to fool Vicious... I feel like he could have cross dressed without having to go to that extent. Heck why even go that far, just dress up like an old guy with glasses.

03-21-15, 1:06 AM

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God damn. What an amazing ending song.
03-25-15, 8:06 PM

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Before watching this episode, i still thought the series was only ok. But after watching this episode, and that amazing ending with space lion, i was sold for the rest of the entire series
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Yesterday, 6:48 PM

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I hope we meet Julia at some point.

So Gren is a guy. He just has boobs from some drug they gave him when he was in prison. At least he died peacefully.
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