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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Alternative Titles

English: Maoyu - Archenemy & Hero
Synonyms: Maoyu Maou Yusha
Japanese: まおゆう魔王勇者


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 5, 2013 to Mar 30, 2013
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Score: 7.451 (scored by 44672 users)
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Apr 3, 2013
Maoyuu was one of the anime that I was most excited about, having to read one of the source (manga, someone translate the novel, PLS!!). It was a twist on old stories with a different theme that really struck a chord in me, so having an anime was like the icing on the cake.

Maoyuu starts with the usual the classic fantasy setting of the Hero on a journey to defeat Maou, whose realm is at war with mankind. It starts at the end as he reaches the castle and enters the final battle, he ended up founding himself in a university introductory class, listening read more
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Jun 11, 2014
This will be my first review. Thus I shall make it very simple. I will tell you what I liked and disliked about the anime.

The positive things I have found in this anime:
- Beautifully animated
- Good sound quality
- Interesting story
- A handfull of nice characters

It is because of those things that I think this anime deserves the judgement of a 6.

The negative things I have found in this anime:
- Anoying use of bouncing boobs(the main female character). Dont get the wrong idea tho. I dont always see bouncing boobs as a negative thing.(have seen highschool of the dead and really liked that anime). But in read more
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Apr 5, 2013
This entire series is a giant deus ex machina. Yuusha seems to have every power that is required by the scenario or just cool for the moment, while Maou just pulls from thin air one convenient invention after another. And if that's not enough, Onna Mahoutsukai just shows up when she's needed (being lost the entire time and found apparently by accident) with exactly the required deus ex machinas (not that we learn anything about her i.e. why there are three of her).
While the point of the story is that world can by changed without brute power, I cannot understand what stopped Yuusha from read more
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Feb 13, 2014
There's a somewhat infamous textbook that's used to teach Discrete Mathematics in some colleges called "Discrete Mathematics With Ducks". It sounds silly, but the premise is effective: if you pour raw information at a person it can bore or overwhelm them, but if you mask it in metaphor it can be a lot easier to understand.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is the "Discrete Mathematics With Ducks" of anime. It explains the importance of some really boring historical innovations like the use of potatoes and dual currency economics by making them elements in an engaging story. If you were reading a history book on the importance of read more
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Jun 16, 2013
I've been wanting to watch this anime since it started but i don't enjoy waiting weekly for a episode so i put it off until it was finished but then still only recently watched it. I'm a big fan of anime with romance in it which put Maoyuu Maou Yuusha above plenty other anime that i want to watch but i felt really let down upon finishing it.

From the start, the first episode got me hooked and i put a little ending in my mind of how i would like it to turn or or what i expect it to turn out like. Even read more
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Apr 2, 2013
In a war against demons, a hero rises to fight and defeat the Demon Lord and bring peace to the land. However, the Hero is made to realize that demons are just like humans and not all of them are bad. To see what is beyond the hill of conflict between humans and demons - that is the proposal that the Demon Lord has conveyed to the Hero. With that in mind, they formed a contract in order to end the war with neither victory nor defeat. And we see from this anime how their plan progressed as well as the challenges they encountered.

Overall, it read more
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Feb 16, 2013
(based on 7/12 episodes, show still airing)

"After a long and treacherous journey, our Hero finally arrives at the Demon Queen's castle only to find himself being asked for help. Queen explains to the Hero that actual war between Demons and Humans is beneficial for both factions, since it boosted economy, banded humanity together against common foe, improved society overall ... furthermore, ending the war is not a option as at their current situation it would cause more damage and suffering than actual war ever caused. So Hero accepts Queens proposal to assist with her grand plans how to prepare world for it's better future..."

This show read more
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Aug 16, 2013

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.
Reading the words education really scared me off at first sight. I'm ashamed for saying so, but it was also why i left it to rest before even considering it a anime valuable to watch.
Although the first episode is extremely.... Cheesy, it rolls into a story that's amazing to follow. Why? Well, simply because they make the story very, very believable due stable and realistic ''regulations''.
What i'm trying to say? What i'm trying to say is that almost every action anime is based on one or more protagonists which are not envolved with the politics and the situation globally over the country.
In Maoyuu read more
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Feb 11, 2013
First of all, this is not your typical fantasy series. If you're looking for some grand quest with a cool hero and a funny heroine...keep searching.

That said, there is a clear plot here. And the characters are totally fun. The hero is the stereotypical fighter with a strong belief in justice and a kind heart. But you love him almost instantly because he's not brash, only a little reckless, and willing to learn whatever he doesn't know. The Demon Queen (the other protagonist) is intelligent, calculating, and strangely naive when it comes to men and relationships. She's totally funny, too, because you never know read more
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Nov 27, 2013
people out there must be wondering about this anime and all its concepts.......

the story of this anime is pretty funny and commercial when it starts off. but everything is slow moving and it has to do more with war and deal and merchants more than romance. sure theres a dash here and there where the demon king so called is all over the hero and the knight as well and many other girls but that's like only for a minute or 3. other than that the story was really slow and would make a great movie if it were put into read more
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Apr 15, 2013
this is not a review, rather an honest comment. If you want to know what the story about read the summary or other reviews about this anime.

What I Like:

- The storyline
most people find themselves hard to understand what the story are about (all my friends seem so) but no for me. Maybe because I've played tons of RPG and strategy games that I can easily grasp what this anime tries to convey from the first two episodes.
-The soundtracks
the soundtracks help me immerse myself into the 'world' for this type of anime. As how the soundtracks for RPG games are very important, as well as this..well read more
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Feb 18, 2013
Right from the get go I spared no time download this thing after seeing Jun and Ami as the two lead voice acting roles.I'm not kidding, I grabbed a drink and sat the hell down and was watching it in less than a few minutes. Being a huge enthusiast of Code Geass I couldn't wait to see what sort of antics "Lelouch" and big breasted "Kallen" were going to get into here. Right from the first episode I was guaranteed to watch the next, and this anime does the good job of actually getting you to care.

Story - 8

I find this anime to have read more
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Feb 14, 2013
I really liked this anime. First thing I liked about this anime is the art. It has a different style making it stand out from the other animes this season. Second is it has a great combination of romance, action, magic and comedy. By having this great mix, it makes you fall deep into the story without making you bored. It also includes lessons about real life economics which are well integrated in the story, thus making you learn something from just watching anime.
Another thing is it has great Seiyuus which makes it more interesting.
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Mar 31, 2013
I finished it yesterday so it's all fresh.
No spoilers.
I loved Maoyuu Maou Yuusha since the first episode. It's really like Spice and Wolf so that's why I came here at first.
The story is really interesting, and well-developed, like the characters. I would just like to say that sometimes i'ts getting difficult to follow their dialogues, and you feel like you're not intelligent enough to understand anything (might just be me though..)
The art is wonderful, in HD it's just a pleasure to watch.
I'm not really good to express my feelings in words, especially in English, but I feel that this anime is underrated in MAL and read more
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Apr 1, 2013
_--{Short and sweet reviews for the average anime fan!}--_

If I had anything to say about this series it would be that it was good.
Not exceptional, not great, just good.
I give it a score of "something I'd watch while eating/something I would stay up all night watching"

Though there are some good things to say about Maou no Yuusha. It has great animation (BOOOOOOBS) and changes things up a bit by putting a large focus on... economics and learning. If you love Spice and Wolf like I do, you'll find something to like here. OH THE JOYS OF ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION DURING TIMES OF WAR.

As for read more
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Mar 30, 2013
Maoyuu Mao Yuusha: An Economically Sound Series

When I first heard about this series, I had mixed reactions. The first thing that caught me off-guard was that this series was being produced by Arms, an animation company profoundly known for their hentai and ecchi series. Although, I guess I shouldn't have considered that a turn-off considering a few of their non-ecchi/hentai series that they produced are Elfen Lied and Genshiken...and those two series turned out alright. The other thing that caught my attention was it was being directed by Takeo Takahashi. Takahashi is mostly known for producing hentai, but one of his most profound direction works read more
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Feb 16, 2013
this anime lacked pace this is where i'll start with its slow as hell they go of on a tangent that doesn't need too be explored in the series and the plot develops incredibly slow the charactors may be something if given the chance too develop but since i see its a 12 episode anime i doubt it if you have the ability too stomach thru a few episodes it gets better but the first 4-5 episodes are beyond tedious
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May 18, 2013
hmm...I don't usually write reviews...but for this anime...which I liked so much...and seems to be so underrated...I just felt like I had to...

Now here goes my basic - no spoiler summary...

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (MMY from here-forth ) is an anime set in a fantasy - Medieval Europe where peole are at war with demons(kind of like humanoid animal mutants). There's some magic and teleportation in the mix.

Over all, biggest regret is how short it is...12 episodes is simply not enough for everything that happened there..they needed at least 26...some character backgrounds, prequels detailing war, action filled episodes... and most of all...this anime feels unfinished...I read more
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Mar 1, 2013
I highly recommend checking this Anime out! It's my current joy this season.

3 reason why you might like this: has a demon/human related plot line

2. It has great animation, music and sound. (reminds me of the anime: Spice and Wolf)

3. very suspenseful, I feel like I want to watch more after every episode.

It's unfortunate it's skips a lot of the action sequences.

It's mostly told in the perspective of "events" rather than the norm and the story is not laid out (in other words, they don't just tell you this this and this, the characters would talk to each other and you would read more
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Mar 30, 2013
The basic premise of this anime is a fantasy world, where humans and demons are at war, the demon king convinces the legendary hero to instead form an alliance to end the war in a more peaceful way. While there is some jiggling from time to time, the fanservice isn’t really the focal point of any one episode, so if you’re looking for less plot, you might want to check out Senran Kagura instead. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is mostly about the economics of the anime’s setting, a world very similar to the middle ages in Europe except that there is also the fantasy element of read more
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