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Bakuretsu Tenshi

Bakuretsu Tenshi

Alternative Titles

English: Burst Angel
Japanese: 爆裂天使


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: May 6, 2004 to Sep 14, 2004
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Recommendations Submitted by Users

Girls with guns. Both lead characters look similiar, have special abilities, and protect their not so skilled friend. Both use weapons for their professions.
Girls with guns and lots of action!
Girls with guns, familiar relationships, good gunfights, a journey of self-discovery.
both are mecha anime but while Bacuretsu is more serious FMP has more comedy involved.
Both series are at their hearts "shoot em up" gun shows, with lots of action. However both have some sci-fi elements (more in Burst Angel, which has mechas), and a few other strong elements as well. For example Burst Angel has a very "western" feel to it, while Speed Grapher has a more "supernatural" and "crime- drama" feeling to it. Speed Grapher is more sexual and a little more mature then Burst Angel (not that Burst Angel is for's not really). Both series are fun shows with great "Girls with Guns" action, and strong female characters. Speed Grapher is darker then Burst Angel. Both series are lots of fun, very gritty, and the animation and character desings are very similur. Both series are dubbed by FUNimation. Most importantly both Speed Grapher and Burst Angel were animated/created by Studio Gonzo.

If you like one, you will probally like the other!
reportRecommended by Prede - Add to favorites
The bubbly characters, loving relationships and hilarious sisterly ridiculing... it's all here with a few giant spoonfuls of awesomeness.
Aside form charactersdesign similarities. Burst Angel is alot like evangelion. Sei is like Misato, Tachibana like shinji ( just not as emotional). Has mechas, action, searches for a deep understanding of oneself. Instead of angels you have searches for glowing brains. First episode are similar in the way both come to a new agency and experience action right away
If you're a fan of Yoko and fan service, Bakuretsu Tenshi's Meg will drive you crazy!
it is another anime with some really kick ass people in it that is right up the ally of guns and cool action sequences
reportRecommended by arkin - Add to favorites
Both are very much fun to watch and have a rag tag team that will blow your mind!
Both animes involve a lot of really amazing shooting/gunwork, and have main characters that have almost split personalities; a really tough, cool side, and a goofy or unexpected side. Also, both Vash and Jo have pasts that are unusual/mysterious for a lot of the series, and those pasts platy integral roles in how each series develops.
Both have the same art style and take place in a futuristic setting.

Solty Rei is more drama and character development,while Burst Angel is more action focused though.
Mecha is pretty common in battle and the killing spree is another. Story-wise, it's pretty even in depth and both the main characters are like weapons being programmed to kill whoever stands in their way. 'Bakuretsu Tenshi' has more modern fighting with advanced technologies, 'Betterman' on the other hand puts its interest on the impossible which is transformation. While watching both series, all you want to see the MCs do is to take down enemies as many as they can and that is the main pleasure of the series.
Both series focus around a team of girls in cyberpunk / future Tokyo, but here's a breakdown of their most similar characteristics.

BGCT = Burst Angel (near future)
year 2040 = year 2050
Priss = Jo (rebel/lone wolf)
Linna = Meg (normal girl from the country)
Nene = Amy (youngest girl, genius computer hacker)
Sylia = Sei (the leader that has some rich resources)
Mackey = Kyohei (wimpy teenage boy that hangs around)
Galatea = Maria (mysterious but powerful rival related to one of the main characters)
Nigel = Leo (older mechanic dude, although there’s also a guy named Leon in BGC)
AD Police = RAPT, Osaka Police (rival police force)
Leon, Daley = Takane (police detectives)
Boomers (humanoid robots) that have gone rogue (go crazy and attack people) = mutated monsters and mechs that go crazy and attack people
Destroy monster by crushing its heart = destroy monster by crushing its glowing green brain
Mobile Pit = Sei’s trailer (big van that moves around)
Genom = RAPT / Hinode Labs (corporation with secrets)
vigilante force = mercenaries (public perception)
hard suit (main combat item) & Moto Slave (Priss’s motorcycle & suit) = Django (Jo's mech)
Priss rides a motorcycle = Takane rides a motorcycle.
skin-tight uniforms and fanservice shots = revealing clothing and more bouncing boobs (usual fanservice/nudity)
One of Hilary Haag (Nene)'s early major voice roles = One of Megumi Toyoguchi (Meg)'s early major voice roles

Main differences:
Girls in special combat mechs called “hard suits” – girls with guns, and one large mech.
All girls fight – only Jo really fights, Amy never fights, Sei and Meg use guns, Meg gets captured a lot.
Late 1990s AIC graphics – Gonzo CG mech fights.
Girls age range from 18 to 24 - girls age range from 11 to 19
Girls all have regular jobs – girls only have jobs within the group
potential love-interests (Leon / Priss being the most obvious) - we're just really good friends (Meg and Jo)
Well-defined bad guys (Mason, Rosenkroitz) early on in the series - bad guys and rivals only in short term arcs and final one (Maria and Glenford)

I'd recommend watching Burst Angel first and then Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 afterwards, and you can see how the latter is that much deeper, but the former is still quite entertaining.
reportRecommended by Angus - Add to favorites
Both are cyberpunk anime set in futuristic versions of Tokyo and center around the deeds of female vigilantes-type groups. Both series also contain elements of mecha - Jo with Django and The Knight Sabers with their power suits. The characters also have rough personality/role equivilents; Sei being Sylia, Jo being Priss, Meg being Linna and Amy being Nene.
Girls with guns? Anyone? Both shares a good quality of action packed scenes. So if you're into some action, then you may want to check out Bayonetta.
Hot women, mechs, and lots of action. all you ever wanted in an anime these shows deliver.
Very similar in motives + action,comedy.
reportRecommended by dec - Add to favorites
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