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Mar 31, 2018
gorongo (All reviews)
An unusual love story between student-student relationship. About a girl suddenly confessed to a boy in the train station. That’s it? No.

I have read many shit shoujo mangas out here. This one has really interesting premise. It has quite simple environment set up, everyday school life story but well-build as a whole and more complex.
In few first chapters, the setting located in the train station. I can say that the train station used as basic/starting line to build up some necessary point then changed to school which is become the environment I like so far.
Main selling, and major point in this manga is, read more
Jun 17, 2016
Blumenkranzzz (All reviews)
I really can't say much as so far, only 2 chapters have been scanlated. But, I just had to talk about this. This manga is a comeback from Robiko, the author of the wonderful Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and I have to say, this new manga is very promising. First of all, its premise is balls-to-the-wall hilarious! With just the first two chapters, you will already find yourself laughing. The characters' banter is great and there is so much for this manga to develop. I am so excited for how it will turn out, and I am expecting a lot since Robiko is one of my read more

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