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Jul 4, 2021
HigeHiro is the embodiment of a series with good intent proceeding to then absolutely shit on them while being comically unaware of its failings. It covers a highschool runaway turned prostitute by the name of Sayu, who crashes in at the place of our resident main MC Yoshida, starting a rather heartwarming story about her increasingly finding family in Yoshida as well as others and becoming more and more self-sufficient on her own. This works for the first stretch of the series, but runs into numerous issues even early on that only become more and more exacerbated.

Even early into the show, there's a heavy emphasis read more
Jun 27, 2021
Mashiro no Oto - also known by its English name "Those Snow White Notes", and will be henceforth referred to as MnO for convenience - is a story of overcoming loss, living up to a past legacy, improvising on the past no matter how painful it may be, forming connections with people, and how to compromise traditionalism with modernity. It's a multilayered yet simple story told very effectively, with a handful of hiccups along the way that don't take away from how incredible the show is.

MnO's strength comes at its specific focus on its central main lead in Setsu, who beyond a shadow of doubt read more
Jun 16, 2021
Bottom Tier Tomozaki is a series about how best to use limited experiences - in this instance, video games - as best to be empathetic and connect with people. Its central narrative is focused on Tomozaki, an incredibly cringeworthy, introverted teenager who has more or less given up on life in general in favor of escapism. This only changes when he one day has an offline meeting with Hinami, an incredibly popular classmate who unbeknownst to him is the second best player in said game and harbors and inferiority complex over the fact she can't seem to beat him. Her immaturity and childishness in losing read more
Apr 7, 2021
This review will spoil the Attack on Titan manga. I do not consider this a series worth not spoiling, but it's clear many people do, so you have been warned. I will also be drawing comparisons with Berserk and Code Geass, so I expect the reader to be familiar with those as well, or just not care about spoilers for those series.

Attack on Titan is perhaps the most iconic breakout series of the 2010s, and was in many circles synonymous with anime and manga to casual viewers/readers at the peak of its popularity. This success happened for various reasons; the premise is immediately intriguing to read more
Mar 22, 2021
The isekai genre has been a source of neverending torment for animanga fans for almost a decade now, with blatant, boring and offensive escapist garbage coming out in droves every single season. Few would defend this trend beyond a handful of exceptions that are deemed to be interesting enough to stand out from the crowd, ranging from comedies like Konosuba, Maou-sama or Hamefura, stories that use the setting to tell a legitimate story like Log Horizon or commentaries about escapism and finding self worth (though not a fan of the show) like Re:Zero. The isekai genre's history is long and complex, having roots in having read more
Mar 22, 2021
If someone were to strictly define Horimiya by the conventions it follows, there's very little to mention that hasn't been tackled in other romance series; the series is a romantic comedy with increasing emphasis on comedy over the romance as the series goes on. There are various typical themes revolving around the characters and their ability (or lack thereof) to connect, resulting in miscommunications as they struggle to empathize with one another, usually resulting in various shades of drama that take up portions of the manga. What sets Horimiya apart from its competition - and is the main reason for its massive success and read more
Mar 5, 2021
Love Me for Who I am is a series that treats its characters as devices to the identities that they identify as rather than letting them breathe as characters with any level of independence from whatever point the story wants to make. All discussion surrounding gender and the various identities the character have are cloaked in a level of discourse more befitting the angst you'd find off people whining about non-issues on Twitter instead of given any level of nuance - any character that in any way likes another character for a reason the narrative sees as negative is portrayed in a shallow, stereotypical light read more
Jan 23, 2021
It's difficult to talk about someone's own happiness and what that means relative to their financial wealth. People often say that money can't buy happiness, and yet this saying betrays just how utterly miserable being poverty-stricken can be - everything from personal relationships to material belongings to familial security can be taken away from you, with a reality that what little you have can be stolen at any second. Hayate Ayasaki lives one such life where he works day in day out, sacrifices any and all connections he may form with others in order to have a better future away from his parents, only for read more
Dec 22, 2020
Tatsuki Fujimoto is one of the most prominent and prolific writers out of Shonen Jump in recent memory, and it takes nothing to understand why considering how his writing stands out as being considerably more adult - both in theme handling and presentation - than the comparatively more basic presentation exemplified by many of the other series in the magazine. Before Chainsaw Man gave Fujimoto his infamy and notoriety, Fire Punch was an exceptionally overhyped series among various groups of readers for standing out and telling a more gloomy, dark story about a man who seemingly desires revenge over the woman who murdered his sister. read more
Dec 18, 2020
Wandering Witch is a story about finding purpose through experiences and trying to move above and beyond them in order to approach them in the best way possible, only to struggle and keep failing, only to keep doing them over and over again. Its clear source of inspiration - as well as the most apt series to compare it to - is Kino's Journey, but whereas Kino is mostly stationary in her approach towards the various people and locations she encounters, Elaina attempts to react on a case by case basis. In many ways, this makes Elaina reactionary, and this sets the tone for the read more