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Mar 25, 2023
Adaptations are difficult to translate from medium to medium, and this is perhaps best exemplified with Otonari, a series reliant on small day to day interactions, character subtlety and perhaps most importantly, the bridging of its two main characters with a strong emphasis on the passage of time and their increased comfort with one another. The light novels largely are told in a semi-episodic format, telling of Amane and Mahiru’s lives together with those emphases in mind, and Project No. 9 don’t do too bad of a job bringing that to life…albeit with some nuances that make it not quite as touching as its light ...
Mar 25, 2023
This review will casually spoil points about the Trails video game series's overarching narrative, as it does take place at a point when 7 whole games chronologically come out before this anime, with it being a side story of a particular arc (with 2 games happening before the side story, and 2-3 games after it depending on your calculations) that it spoils casually on its own anyway. If you want to ask if Trails as a video game series is worth it, it absolutely is, and I'd implore anyone with the time and commitment to play the games to do so; here's a guide as ...
Mar 10, 2023
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Episodic series are complicated. On one hand, there's a huge degree of freedom that can go into them that you don't obtain quite as easily in semi-episodic or comparatively linear narratives, but on the other they run the risk of running dry due to a lack of variety in their narratives, uninteresting subplots or characters that remain stagnant throughout the show's run.

Cowboy Bebop is interesting because in many ways it encapsulates both the best and worst things about episodic series within its runtime.

The premise is simple enough and works perfectly for the kind of story Cowboy Bebop is - one about these drifting mercenaries simply ...
Jun 2, 2022
SSSS.Gridman (Anime) add
This review will contain spoilers for the entirety of SSSS Gridman. You have been warned.

SSSS Gridman being a loosely related sequel to a tokusatsu show even people within the toku fanbase have largely not seen or taken an interest in randomly being adapted in 2018 raised very few alarm bells - while Trigger did showcase a short that was done in tribute to Gridman a few years prior, Gridman itself was an anomaly in every respect, with only a few curious eyes wanting to check it out in 2018.

Little did people know that what we'd get out of Gridman is the kickstart of a subfranchise ...
Apr 28, 2022
86 Part 2 (Anime) add
86 S1 was a stellar exploration of ethnic nationalism and fascism - how as the worthless scourge it is, it creates conspirators out of an entire society living within a state's borders, with the citizenry either accepting the new status quo and wrestling with revisionism on display, or by rejecting it (as Lena does and did) and choosing ostracization and alienation by both society and the state at large, effectively choosing a path of rebellion. S1 makes clear the point that while the ethnic Alba are largely racist and revisionist, it's due to factors outside of their control and in many ways are themselves victims ...
Nov 22, 2021
Preliminary (214/? chp)
The series "Kanojo, Okarishimasu" is a high brow commentary on the nature of the rental girlfriend service, critiquing the very nature of young adulthood and the material nature of chasing carnal desires. The main character, Kazuya, is a young lad who desperately like many a man his age desires nothing more than to chase skirts, only for him to fall in love with his rental girlfriend - who is someone who symbolically and poetically desires to be an actress, a role consistent with her rental girlfriend role where she acts (haha, get it) affections. What follows is Kazuya's endeavors to break out of his superficial ...
Nov 4, 2021
86 (Anime) add
The first season of 86 is a scathing critique of ethnic nationalism and its connotations, those being that it lends itself to the mistreatment and othering of groups of people that do not fall under the main (or dominant) ethnicity of the state. It shows the incredible ease at which people not only accept racism against another group, but also are willing to neglect doing the right thing (even when such a thing is readily obvious for huge segments of society) for the sake of wider conformity. This multilayered approach to how racism, discrimination and war is portrayed - complimented by excellent writing, phenomenal direction ...
Jul 4, 2021
HigeHiro is the embodiment of a series with good intent proceeding to then absolutely shit on them while being comically unaware of its failings. It covers a highschool runaway turned prostitute by the name of Sayu, who crashes in at the place of our resident main MC Yoshida, starting a rather heartwarming story about her increasingly finding family in Yoshida as well as others and becoming more and more self-sufficient on her own. This works for the first stretch of the series, but runs into numerous issues even early on that only become more and more exacerbated.

Even early into the show, there's a heavy emphasis ...
Jun 27, 2021
Mashiro no Oto - also known by its English name "Those Snow White Notes", and will be henceforth referred to as MnO for convenience - is a story of overcoming loss, living up to a past legacy, improvising on the past no matter how painful it may be, forming connections with people, and how to compromise traditionalism with modernity. It's a multilayered yet simple story told very effectively, with a handful of hiccups along the way that don't take away from how incredible the show is.

MnO's strength comes at its specific focus on its central main lead in Setsu, who beyond a shadow of doubt ...
Jun 16, 2021
Bottom Tier Tomozaki is a series about how best to use limited experiences - in this instance, video games - as best to be empathetic and connect with people. Its central narrative is focused on Tomozaki, an incredibly cringeworthy, introverted teenager who has more or less given up on life in general in favor of escapism. This only changes when he one day has an offline meeting with Hinami, an incredibly popular classmate who unbeknownst to him is the second best player in said game and harbors and inferiority complex over the fact she can't seem to beat him. Her immaturity and childishness in losing ...

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