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Say I Love You.

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Dec 8, 2009
Dorothea (All reviews)
A girl who's never made friends before and who has given up on people is suddenly befriended by the most charismatic, popular boy in school. Sure, it's very shoujo-ish, but it stands out because it's so well done. Standard "episodes" like The First Kiss and The Overnight Trip and The Interfering Playboy are treated with surprising originality and depth. It's also more mature, but the "smut" isn't gratuitous; it's refreshing reading a manga like this that isn't about the heroine accepting the hero's feelings but about the progression of their very real, romantic relationship. Early on, they start dating, and THAT'S read more
Jul 21, 2009
tsvkinos (All reviews)
I've only read four chapters of this manga so far and I'm dying for more. At first, it was the art that compelled me to this manga. I especially love the way Hazuki Kanae draws hair and makes each and every character look so individual.

Beyond the way the characters are drawn it’s easy to tell that their personalities will come out in further chapters if they have not already. I’m in love with the characters and especially fond of Mei, a girl who reminds me so much of myself.

There's not much to say about the plot, and I'm rating this manga mostly on my read more

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