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Feb 25, 2015
ImmortalTurnip (All reviews)
When I first started reading this manga I found that it was a lot like an anime I had recently watched (Dangan Ronpa) which put me of initially, however, I soon got gripped into this series! The characters develop smoothly and in a way that make you ask yourself, 'Who can I trust?' which is something I personally enjoy.

Would I recommend this series? Yes! The ending is extraordinary and the plot develops at a steady pace which leaves the reader wanting more.
Mar 6, 2012
Healiel (All reviews)
If you could - would you choose to save everyone? Especially if there was no guarantee they would save you?

Moral questions I couldn't instantly find the answer to present themselves again and again in this manga. And each one is more disturbing than the one before it.
Starting from the creepy masks right down to the reason why they all find themselves in that room. It all seems like a twisted game, and to be honest - that is exactly what it is.
Added to that is the question of the 'crimes' these people have committed. Given the hero's crime, it isn't exactly sure what read more

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