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Dec 13, 2012
Preliminary (10/25 eps)
In a world where labyrinths, heroes and slavery exist side by side, Magi attempts to create an understanding of this sphere while bringing to life my childhood favorite characters.

In some ways, Magi is absolutely brilliant. Its music is gorgeous and I regularly feel dreamy while watching the show thanks to its spectacular background music. The character designs are adorable, and for someone who regularly complains about the lack of strong female characters in a show, Magi has turned out to be something I can point people towards should they want to see strong female characters.

The main story line seems to be following one that would ...
Mar 6, 2012
Judge (Manga) add
Preliminary (11/32 chp)
If you could - would you choose to save everyone? Especially if there was no guarantee they would save you?

Moral questions I couldn't instantly find the answer to present themselves again and again in this manga. And each one is more disturbing than the one before it.
Starting from the creepy masks right down to the reason why they all find themselves in that room. It all seems like a twisted game, and to be honest - that is exactly what it is.
Added to that is the question of the 'crimes' these people have committed. Given the hero's crime, it isn't exactly sure what ...
Mar 6, 2012
Another (Anime) add
Preliminary (9/12 eps)

I started watching this series yesterday, and so far I'm into the ninth episode. Usually, I tend to back out from stories like this, but there was something about the mystery in this story that made me sit down and watch it through. I literally couldn't take my eyes off the screen until I had finished all I had.

The story pulls you in from the very first episode, and it keeps making you second guess everything, only to find yourself mind-warped once the story starts to finally tell you what's going on. I found myself staring at the screen, my mouth opened wide some ...