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Magical Sempai

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Nov 3, 2017
Vakari (All reviews)
You'll know whether you like Tejina-Senpai by the time you finish the first chapter. It is a very straightforward gag manga with a fair bit of ecchi. How much you like Senpai will determine how much you like the manga. Most of the comedy comes from how she loves and constantly tries to do magic tricks but gets too nervous to them properly in front of people. I adore Senpai, so I love the manga. I also think the art is really good for this type of manga, effortlessly switching between comedic and attractive. If you have a low tolerance for ecchi, you might give read more
Jul 24, 2023
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: A solid though repetitive comedy manga about screwing up magic tricks.

This manga is a comedy manga about a high school magic club. It’s not a 4-koma, but it feels a lot like one due to each chapter being divided into very distinct 1-2 page segments, the vast majority of which are centered around a single gag. The primary focus in terms of comedy arises from the fact that the president of the magic club despite being decent at magic, has such a strong case of stage fright that in the presence of just a single other person she’s unable to perform even the simplest read more

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