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I'm in Love and It's the End of the World

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Apr 1, 2018
La-Plume (All reviews)
Personal Rate: 6
Overall Rate based on the different criteria: 6.25 rounded down to 6

So Taiyou no Ie brought me here.... It was a bit of a letdown. While I found its predecessor utterly charming, this one fell a bit flat although, it's a pretty nice read if you're looking for something light in-between shounens.

Note: I'll be re-using parts of my initial review on Taiyou no Ie.

Story: 5
Art: 8
Character: 6
Enjoyment: 6
Overall 6

Story: 5

Not much to say. Classical slice of life, my main issue is that mostly a whole plot is constructed around a character who suffers from some sort of inferiority complex over her twin read more

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