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  • Manga Score: 7.89
  • Author: Souhachi Hagimoto, Renji Morita
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Volumes: 12
  • DB title: Asper Kanojo
  • Rating: 16 and up
  • Genres: DramaPsychological
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That's My Atypical Girl

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May 3, 2020
pandaismnxx (All reviews)
Hi, this is my first manga review in here. I found this manga by chance and amazed by author's portrayal of relationship with mental illnesses. At first, the intro seems not much to tell but as the story progressed, I really like how the characters develop. I thought this will be another manga who glorified mental illnesses as a topic (which I found hypocrite) but surprisingly, it touched my heart sincerely to see Yokoi and Saitou build up their relationship.

I put 10/10 for the story. I find it rare to convey the life of mental illnesses, especially to make it so thoughtful. Not only read more
Nov 5, 2023
henrijetica (All reviews)
While it is admirable to try to include a character with a disability in a romance designed for a general audience, I think that this manga mostly ends up stigmatizing mental illness. I am conflicted whether it was the author's intention for the manga to come off this way, but it just ended up feeling like the main female love interest was there as a damsel in distress being constantly saved by the allistic protagonist. If you struggled with mental illness, this manga can be quite triggering as it contains pretty explicit images of sh and s****de. It also doesn't help that the disabled female read more

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