May 3, 2020
pandaismnxx (All reviews)
Hi, this is my first manga review in here. I found this manga by chance and amazed by author's portrayal of relationship with mental illnesses. At first, the intro seems not much to tell but as the story progressed, I really like how the characters develop. I thought this will be another manga who glorified mental illnesses as a topic (which I found hypocrite) but surprisingly, it touched my heart sincerely to see Yokoi and Saitou build up their relationship.

I put 10/10 for the story. I find it rare to convey the life of mental illnesses, especially to make it so thoughtful. Not only about living mental illness, the story also able to understand how other people dealing with people who have those kind of hardship.

I have no complain about the art, although I don't really adore Saitou's hairstyle.

I kinda agitate at first to put 8/10 for the character because in the beginning, I cannot really like both Yokoi and Saitou's personality. Yet, as the story progressed, the character development is changing my perspective. I began to found more personality from both of them, and side-characters, that I really like.

Although i really want to put 10/10 for enjoyement in reading this manga, I dismiss one point just because I am still anticipate the development between two main characters.

All in all, this is really a manga worth recommending. I can't wait to see the next chapter soon.