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Girlfriend, Girlfriend

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Jun 9, 2020
TenRX (All reviews)
Before reading this review please understand that any Manga don't have to be a serious genre or having real life stuff to be enjoyable; or better said, the purpose of the mangaka on Kanojo mo Kanojo is not about getting serious at all but have a lot of comedy and a great gag manga like Aho Girl was.

Kanojo mo Kanojo is another of those Romcom that ase more focused on the comical part, similar to a gag manga the purpose is to crack a smile to the reader without much thought on who is loving who.

Story is about our male MC (Naoya Mukai), enjoying read more
Apr 21, 2020
PolarStHudson (All reviews)

Some would say that the beginning of the story moves quickly and I'd be one to agree. However, I don't believe this was an accident by the writers. The premise of the story is a flip on the harem genre, so it makes sense that the writer sped things up to an almost astronomical speed, because a normal harem story would take volumes for the character to even confess their feelings if at all. It was also funny to see this so it being a comedy fits perfectly.

It was refreshing to see a character who decides what he wants and isn't afraid to speak read more

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