Apr 21, 2020
PolarStHudson (All reviews)

Some would say that the beginning of the story moves quickly and I'd be one to agree. However, I don't believe this was an accident by the writers. The premise of the story is a flip on the harem genre, so it makes sense that the writer sped things up to an almost astronomical speed, because a normal harem story would take volumes for the character to even confess their feelings if at all. It was also funny to see this so it being a comedy fits perfectly.

It was refreshing to see a character who decides what he wants and isn't afraid to speak his mind.




The main character is refreshing. He's bold and isn't afraid to say what's on his mind.

The main girl is a generic wifu, but her rival is where things become truly interesting. She's also very bold and is usually moving just as fast as the lead character. It's not something you see too much in a rival.


Such a refreshing read. It's a comedy so just enjoy the ride!