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Accurate Portrayals of Contemporary Life

Jul 04 2022, 12:24 PM | Updated Sep 8, 8:16 AM
Manga that I really like. These entries are generally josei and gekiga series that aim to accurately portray contemporary life. I'll update this occasionally, and I'm open to reccomendations. No entry should rely too much on genre tropes or be fantastical.

I'm not opposed to including series published in shonen or seinen magazines, such as Inu wo Kau. But most series from such magazines are genre works, focused on being fantastical and giving an idealized view of the world. Many of these works deal with sexual themes, such as sexual assault or LBGTQ+ characters. I'm also using "contemporary" to mean the last 50 or so years. Not entirely accurate I know, but "not fantastical" doesn't have the same ring to it I feel.

Not all of these are fully translated.
Tokyo Girls Bravo
Manga, 2 vol, 1993 Me:- Author:8
Teens, Fashion, Tokyo
Dousei Jidai
Manga, 6 vol, 1972 Me:- Author:9
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai suru
Manga, 17 vol, 1992 Me:- Author:10
Sexual Violence
River's Edge
Manga, 1 vol, 1993 Me:- Author:9
Inu wo Kau
Manga, 1 vol, 1991 Me:- Author:9
Iguana no Musume
Manga, 1 vol, 1991 Me:- Author:9


1122: For a Happy Marriage

Manga, 7 vol, 2016 Me:- Author:9

Otouto no Otto

My Brother's Husband

Otouto no Otto
Manga, 4 vol, 2014 Me:- Author:9
Family relations
High Teen Boogie
Manga, 26 vol, 1978 Me:- Author:8
More heighetened than the others, I will admit that, it's very genre heavy, with delinquents and all. But I like it so much that I decided to include it anyways.

Sekishoku Elegy

Red Colored Elegy

Sekishoku Elegy
Manga, 1 vol, 1969 Me:- Author:8

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