Feb 22, 2013
explicit707 (All reviews)
Naruto: Movie 2 - Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chiteiiseki Dattebayo! starts out better than the first movie. In fact, I thought the beginning really showed promise. Narutos first encounter with Temujin was really exciting and a really cool idea. That's really where the fun ended for me, and then the choice of story and characters lost me through the middle of the movie. I found this particular movie had a lot of potential compared to the first one, but I feel it fell flat and was a little bit of a let down. Even though I went in expecting a bad movie, it found a way to get my hopes up and then smash them again.

Like the other movies, this one doesn't fit in with the original story very well. It is a mediocre story, but I liked it a little more than the first movie. It was lacking in a lot of areas, but it did have a really interesting premise. I loved the fact that there was an armored fighter from another land (I mean that's the whole reason I gave this movie a try), and his first encounter with Naruto was pretty fun to watch. Though from there I found the story to be a little dry, and I was quite frankly bored at times. It's art and sound were ok, and I was a big fan of Gaara at that time so I was curious what they would do with him, but all in all it wasn't what I had hoped for. Thanks to this movie I ended up skipping the third from the original "Naruto" series.

Let me be clear in that this is 100% a filler/side story and it's not for everyone. My advice is to look at the list of characters in this movie and decide if they are characters you can watch no matter what. Keep in mind that like the last few seasons of the original series, this is mediocre at best compared to the canon story that everyone loves. I advise passing, but again, it depends on how tolerable you are to side stories.