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Dec 31, 2013
Sometimes it's difficult to know before going into a series if you will enjoy it or not. Sometimes it's a mistake, and sometimes it doesn't matter. I waited until this series/season was complete before I gave it a look, and really I am glad I waited. I started watching this at 10pm on a Saturday night. I figured I would watch a couple of episodes then call it a night, but 14 episodes later the series finally took enough of a break for me to go to sleep. It was surprisingly addictive, unexpected and wonderful. It is based on an ongoing Manga (which I read ...
Aug 18, 2013
Senyuu. (Anime) add
How could something so epicly funny be so epicly short? Senyuu answers that question, after the first episode it's hard to resist it's satirical slapstick comedy that is incredibly short and sweet. It takes the classic hero knight story and turns it on it's ear. The only problem I have with this series is the length of each episode. 5 minutes becomes 2.5 of actual episode once the credits have been accounted for, but that's part of the humorous appeal. This is one of those special series, and I look forward to watching season 2.

If you like knights, demonlords, old perverts and constant slapstick satirical ...
Aug 18, 2013
Bounen no Xamdou is one of those series that took me by surprise. It was on my to watch list for a while, and I really trudged my way through a few misses before I found this one. It's hard to get a gist for what you're going to see by reading a synopsis, because it is a character driven story from start to finish. The overall story isn't bad, but it's really about the people in the story and their relationships with eachother. I was impressed, and it had a satisfying ending as well. Definitely this was a great series.

It starts our looking like ...
Aug 17, 2013
Deadman Wonderland is a pretty memorable Manga series. It is extremely graphic at times, and it has a very dark theme from start to finish. When a story is based on a prison that has a secret super powered inmate fighting ring it's not about to win happiest story of the year award. The super powered fighting comes at a price, and to be honest, there's not much in this story that doesn't have a price associated with it. I found myself feeling for the main characters, and that includes the bad guys as well.

Overall I was impressed with the artwork in this series. The ...
Aug 17, 2013
This series is roughly based on one thousand and one arabian nights. Characters like Aladdin, Ali Babba and Sin Bad are main characters. It's not closely linked to, but the theme is taken from some great classic tales.The series is adapted from a Manga series, and I highly recommend reading it as well.

Magi is a series that started out very promising. It's based on an ongoing weekly manga series. The story is a little truncated compared to the manga, and it's pacing is set a little too fast at times. It's quality effectively is great at times, but it does drop occasionally. Overall it's a ...
Jul 29, 2013
I want to start by saying that I am a huge one piece fan. It is my favorite manga and anime series hands down. I normally don't like filler or movies inspired by series, but this one I was looking forward to. I really liked Strong World, so since Oda was involved in this, I hoped it would be as good as movie 10. Was it? Not really, but it wasn't a horrible movie either. I have to say it was pretty good and worth watching.

Anybody following the manga series knows that they have made some adjustments after the time skip. They put the characters ...
Jul 27, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Vividred Operation was a weird series to watch. I really enjoyed it's message about friendship. I thought the idea of forgiving and identifying with your enemy was great. The daily life portions of the series were pretty entertaining and it wasn't too bad. It has some decent comedy as well.

Then the action scenes started... I was speechless. Not in a good way, mind you, but in a "why the heck am I watching this cheesy *$#^% ?" sort of way. This is another series that really sits well with preteens (I would think) but not for the late teen or older. It has a lot ...
Jul 27, 2013
Senran Kagura (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Senran Kagura drowns itself in it's own mediocrity. It has most of the basic elements in the series, but it falls short in most areas and never quite delivers. I held on through the story, but 12 episodes was more than enough, in fact, I wish it was halved. At times I enjoyed it, and others I couldn't wait for the episode to end.

I'll keep it short and sweet. It really had a volatile mix of ingredients. It had good artwork, but they focused too much on sex appeal and didn't put enough attention into anything else. The sound was tolerable, but I wish ...
Apr 1, 2013
Ixion Saga DT (Anime) add
Ixion Saga DT is a satirical comedy with just the right amount of slapstick to please and not annoy. It has a great cast of characters, and plenty of mini story lines to please the casual anime viewer. It even has an appropriate ending for the series which seems to really be lacking these days.

This satirical comedy is fantasy based. It's a simple plot, but it works well enough. Basically Kon gets transported from sitting at his computer playing video games to a different world. In this new world he's supposed to save it somehow by using his hyperion powers. He is in no way ...
Mar 31, 2013
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha has an interesting concept. It takes a look at economic and social issues during a medieval themed period, and it focuses on the "behind the scenes" sort of events. Again, it's an interesting concept, and at times I really liked it a lot. The ending was very disappointing, and it dropped my opinion of it dramatically. I simply want to warn that this story really doesn't have an ending and will most likely leave you expecting more (notice I didn't say wanting, but expecting). I did like this story (I figured I should say that much). I did look forward to it ...

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