May 26, 2020
Angelo_McGee (All reviews)
An anime that at the beginning suggests that the end will have an incredible performance with the protagonist flying into the air, full of acrobatics and adrenaline. Buuuuut, it doesn't. Although the anime's proposal was cheerleaders, the focus is different. But calm down, I also have positive reviews.

I believe that the strength point of this anime was the development of the characters. Seriously, each of the 16 members has a well-built personality! Not to mention that everyone has a very diverse appearance (a chinese, a chubby, delinquent, effeminate, with afro hair... anyway). And in those 12 episodes alone, they were better developed than many famous animes. This made me very happy. Are some a little generic? Yes. But not all. I confess that I felt a little angry at Haru, excessive shyness irritates me. He couldn't even speak to his own sister, that sucks. So I prefer to think that Kazu is the real protagonist. As soon as I finished watching, there was a slight squeeze in my heart, because I will miss them.

The art is relatively simple, but pretty. Sometimes she gets a little relaxed, but nothing that gets in the way of the story. The soundtrack is very pleasant (especially in the comical part). A very unexpected thing happened also in the penultimate episode with a girl named Chihiro. I didn't know if I laughing or hiding my face in some hole HAHAHAHAHAHAH I won't tell you because it is clearly spoiler. But I already tell you that you too will be surprised.

About the end, it was great and at the same time terrible. Great because all the members had their screen time. Terrible because during all that time they were training like convicts, but they did not show anything exceptional during the presentation. Not to mention that they didn't even disclose the final result of the competition. The sporting genre has become the second priority in history (extremely disappointing). But anyway, now I at least know that cheerleader is a really cool thing. Before I thought it was shit done by annoying teenagers, it was interesting to have another perspective on the subject.