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Jun 16, 2021
The naivety and development of the main couple is good. The scenery is beautiful and the club building is interesting. Even all dirty and filthy, the way in which students work in harmony and are interested in different things is really cool. They enjoy studying and value the culture. And speaking of culture, the story is also about the consequences of the world war, in addition to portraying the navy (although these are not the focus).

The soundtrack is beautiful and we can count on "Sukiyaki", wonderful song made by Kyu Sakamoto, who sadly died in a plane crash. There are many small details that go ...
May 30, 2021
Canis Series (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/? chp)
Problems with the mafia, love at first sight, an unnecessary female character (in other words, just another generic girl with no personality that serves to fulfill screen time). Maybe I read too many manga, because everything went so exhaustively and predictably that I couldn't finish it. They said the characters have depth... I wonder where?

The idea of ​​stroking the heads of those who are "broken" is indeed an interesting one, but here's a question for you: if you find out that your parents died, no matter how stupid they were, you would just smile and go on with your life? And why would you suddenly ...
Aug 2, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (66/? chp)
My relationship with this manga is extremely complicated. The way Morinaga literally raped and only thinks about sex all the time (literally, for him, love is all about sex), it pissed me off. Not to mention that history never moves; when everything seems to be going, it comes back.

The question is ... so why did I keep reading anyway? The answer is simple: Senpai. He is a lovely character (as well as handsome), watching him evolve was satisfying. And I became so attached to him that giving up this show was difficult. Today, however, I am officially putting this manga aside. Things could have been ...
Aug 2, 2020
The synopsis and cover alone are VERY good, but I didn't expect that I would fall in love with this manga so much! It made me laugh, cry and scream horrors in my room xD Arte 1000/10, Qaltaga is the most delicious and cute seme I have ever met. And Ryou is also very handsome, his body and face are very masculine (which I absolutely love, I hate ukes who look like girls). Together, they caused an explosion of beauty and cuteness.

Okay, let's go step by step ... The beginning seems a little biased - predictable -, although quite funny. Ryou takes care of taking ...
May 26, 2020
An anime that at the beginning suggests that the end will have an incredible performance with the protagonist flying into the air, full of acrobatics and adrenaline. Buuuuut, it doesn't. Although the anime's proposal was cheerleaders, the focus is different. But calm down, I also have positive reviews.

I believe that the strength point of this anime was the development of the characters. Seriously, each of the 16 members has a well-built personality! Not to mention that everyone has a very diverse appearance (a chinese, a chubby, delinquent, effeminate, with afro hair... anyway). And in those 12 episodes alone, they were better developed than many famous ...
May 13, 2020
Jie Yao (Anime) add
First of all, I love chinese culture, but I also hate it. Censoring a kiss scene? Same? It annoys me. It is really annoying to watch a BL without explicit romance (this implies that it is a any friendship). But that's okay, except for that, Jie Yao surprised me!

As soon as the opening started - a lovely chinese jazz - I freaked out inside: shit, there's something really good about this anime! The soundtrack is quite reasonable, but it fits perfectly all the time. The chinese accent is also very pleasant to hear.

Art is a little unstable, but it's not bad. Jian Yu is really ...
Apr 29, 2020
Mob is a very cool anime and totally different from One Punch Man (who claims the opposite has serious discernment problems). And the first episode couldn't get any better; introduced us to the best character in the series from the beginning, Reigen Arataka. I confess that he made the anime 1,000 times more interesting, but I'll go into more detail later.

The fights are undoubtedly very intense and it's fun to see how Mob, who is such a listless character, really has a multitude of emotions inside. He always wondered what he should do, and I think that represents us as a teenager.

The comedy is good ...
Apr 14, 2020
[Warning, this review may contain minor spoilers]

Kimetsu's start at Yaiba was very weak and predictable. I believe it was a bad start for such a spectacular anime! They wanted to impress viewers as soon as the story started. But I didn't really feel bad for Tanjiro's family, because I didn't have enough time to empathize with her. It was really a very quick, instantaneous thing. So I misjudged Kimetsu: "a sensationalist anime with tragic cliché scenes". And my friends, I regret very much for thinking so.

Anyway, I decided to leave that aside and continue the story. The sibling relationship between Nezuko and Tanjiro is a ...
Apr 5, 2020
Warning: this review contains spoilers, because there's no way to talk about Hotaru no Haka without mentioning the events..

This is a very peculiar film by Studio Ghibli, with an unhappy ending and a disastrous setting. It takes place in World War II from the point of view of Seita and Setsuko, two Japanese children. Remember this well: TWO CHILDREN. A very small girl and a young man who must be at most 15 years old.

As far as this studio is concerned, I never thought I would see such a heavy scene at the beginning; that is, a decomposing body. The story goes on and the ...
Mar 24, 2020
Rush! (Manga) add
This manga is so much cute. I love rebellious gays (delinquents) and this story was a find for me! It goes soooo much beyond sex, although that has also been portrayed. It's about caring, sharing time with one another, giving advice and going through problems together. Not to mention that he is very unpredictable, breaks yaoi standards (in the second story, the character that appears to be Seme is actually Uke, that was great).

The art is very good and the mood is loud hahahahahaha I laughed too much with the first story, and the second one also brought me some smiles. The crazy guy wanted ...

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